Busy May-Bee?

I have a to-do list a mile long! I love my lists! They keep me sane as well as getting a little warm fuzzy when I cross something off! I write down things I did that weren't on the original list just so I can cross it off! Crazy I know!

So, today, I got off at 3, came home and made myself really comfortable on the couch and caught up on some FoodTV!!! I figured I deserved a little R&R!! Little Hauss is with the grandparents for the afternoon, so I had complete quiet!

Now that I have to be somewhere in a half an hour I'm realizing that I should have used my few hours of free time wisely.....oh well, I guess it'll wait until tomorrow!


Apparently I grind my teeth while I sleep! I say this because I just have to believe the dentist when he says such things since, duh, I'm asleep and he is a dentist! I noticed a few years ago, well, maybe more than a few, since Little Hauss is 3 1/2 now and I know that this started BLH (Before Little Hauss). I'm am choosing to say a few because I'm just not ready to admit that Little Hauss is more than a "few" years old....another story!
Ok. So, more than a few years ago, I started experiencing headaches when I woke up. I of course tried to self diagnose and treat - its a damn headache, deal with it like everyone else does - lots of advil/tylenol and a large soda! Nothing like a caffiene headache - which by the way, doesn't really present itself until about 11am, so I should have known that this was not the case sooner than I did.
I proceeded to "treat" or self medicate if you will, for a while, or as long as the pills allowed! When that "treatment" did not work so well, I just pretty much gave up. I just happened to go to the dentist for my normal 6 month checkup (yes, I go every 6 months) and that's when he told me the news. I grind and clench my teeth at night. He came to this conclusion by just looking at my teeth and without really asking if any other symptoms presented. He then asked me if I ever woke up with headaches. Well, yes, DR. I do! So there! Problem solved. I go back, get fitted for a mouth guard and we are on our merry way. Notsomuch!
First of all, I have NEVER had braces, a retainer, etc. I didn't need to wear mouth pieces for sleeping or whatever. This was definitely an eye opener! I was religous about this guard. It is made from acrylic and is not very comfortable. Since I am not used to this contrapment in my mouth, it causes me to salivate profusely and proceed to drool while sleeping - THANKS! It did work! No more headaches! But, the teeth were somewhat sensative in the morning.
After about a month or so, I realized it was missing - and then found PIECES of it scattered in the bedroom! Thanks to our little baby girl - aka our boxer dog Zoey!!! She thought she'd have a little $200 snack!!! NOT fun! I got it remade (at a discount thank goodness) so we were golden.
Well, we moved and I kind of never wore it again. I knew where it was, but thought I was good, so just left it in the drawer!!!
Do you know what happens when you do that? First of all, the grinding/clenching does NOT stop even though you feel better. The headaches come back and your teeth move ever so slightly!!! I know this because I have the headaches again AND now I can start to feel little "blemishes" on my teeth. I can't think of how to describe it really, but there is a change, and its enough that I've noticed!
So, last night, I dig deep in that drawer, find the guard, give it good scrub, and pop (or force) into my mouth and wince in pain from the tightness!!! OUCH! I'm shocked at just how much my teeth have shifted. OR, maybe it was always this tight, but since I was so good about wearing it, it just never bothered me that much!
Well, I figured I paid all that good money for it to help me so I might as well let it!!!
I guess I'm back to drooling on pillows, but its all worth it for the lack of pain!!!