Wii are ready, are you?

So excited we are getting a Wii for Christmas! Well, Hubby went and got it this morning and it will be our gift to each other as well as Little Hauss - a family gift if you will. I refused to pay full price for it and have been seeing deals here and there, but I couldn't get to the store in time to get one of the 10 they had or by the time I did go, they were gone.
Luckily, I got an email last night from Toys R Us and they were offering a gift card when you bought the console TODAY! Lucky for us that Hubby could go after he got home from work about 7:30 this morning!!! He also got very lucky and was able to use the gift card right after purchasing the Wii! Usually, they make you wait about 6 hrs or so before it will be activated. I guess the store clerk was in a giving spirit!
So, he walked out with the Wii, extra controller and an extra game!
Little Hauss will be so excited! We are thrilled because we've both wanted one for about a year now. I guess now we'll be asking for games and Wii Fit!
Family Game Night here we come!!!!!