Ok....So took Little Hauss to the Doctor Wednesday (another 1/2 day off work) but anywho, it was legit! Double Ear Infections!!! Boo! But we are now resting comfortably and sleeping soundly through the night!! I was so out of sorts getting up every hour or so to console him (poor baby) 3 nights in a row!! Good news is that he's old enough to TELL me his ears hurt! I was secretly thinking he was just pulling any stunt to crawl in bed with me in the middle of the night with the added bonus of sleep deprivation! Bad Mommy, I know! So, after a weekend of fever and a typical cold, he was fine. Back to school on Tuesday, me back to work, and all is good....notsomuch! So, off to the doctor we go after "boff my ears hurt when I lay on your pillow"!!!

While at the doctor's office, he was an angel and quite the ham (typical)! He was matter of factly telling the nurse he didn't want to take off his shirt!! Haha. I guess he remembers that from last time...no idea. But they weighed him....a whopping 48 or 49 pounds! I couldn't see the number too well before she moved it - that was with all his clothes and shoes on, but still...WOW!!! I kept him there to measure him and it was close to 43 inches (remember he did have shoes on), but WHOA!!!! I knew he was growing, but that's almost 2 inches in 5 months! I was so excited to start shopping ahead for next fall, but I guess I'll have to buy a size larger than I first thought. At this rate, he's going to be taller than me by age 5!
Other than the size, hence his name, he was quite the conversationalist...no surprise there...have you met his mother? haha! But, even the doctor was very impressed!!!

So, a few other things he's been saying and doing! He winks! His daddy taught him that one! And he shrugs his shoulders! Too cute. He's saying things like, "you make me nuts" or "oh my gracious"!!! I don't know if he's putting two sayings together or not because I really can't recall either of us saying these. He's super duper independent...getting his own drinks and snacks. Helps feed the dogs, "helps" with the fire - puts gloves on and gets small sticks, reads us stories (this is one of my favorites), and just is getting so grown up. I don't think I can handle this!!!!

Oh, and a side note: I decided on Laundry! Hubby is thrilled beyond words....however, I think in the process I might give up dishes! ha!


Decisions, Decisions!

I have to make a decision, TODAY about what I'm going to give up or take on for Lent! I know in an earlier post, I mentioned giving up alcohol, but the thing is, I can't even tell you the last time I had a sip! SO, if it wasn't that hard to give up without even trying, then I really should reconsider! I have a few thoughts, but haven't made a final decision.

1 - ONE cup of coffee per day! That's it, no more! THIS includes NO afternoon soft drinks or caffienated beverages. I have pretty much cut out sodas anyway, but I'm a coffee girl in the AM...usually working on 3-4 cups before noon! I thought about going cold turkey, but with a HUGE audit coming up at work, my boss forbid me!!! She said she needed happy, productive Hokie Girl, NOT grumpy STELLA!!!!

2 - do the laundry. Don't laugh. This would be extremely hard for me, ya know, since my laundry skills pretty much consist of throwing dirtys in the hamper!!! I occassionaly will put water, soap and items into the machine....and that's ALL folks! Hubby does it...I'm spoiled...so what! So, I could take on that daunting task, because it would be difficult for me....either that, or we'd run out of things in a couple weeks!

3 - Stop biting my nails. Nervous habit, it sucks, I know. I CAN and HAVE grown them out and they do look fabulous!!! But, I just get in a zone and don't even realize I'm doing it sometimes!!! So, that would be hard....think I might try this one anyway....hmmmm?

4 - A goal of exercising 5 times a week. I'm at the gym about 3 times as it is, but this would push me! I would HAVE to make time for it.

5 - Not spending extra money......besides on the necessities! I've done this before in college and it was hard! Now, I'm more frugal anyway, so I'm not sure if its the best one. I also don't splurge on coffee out a lot - just every once in a while!

Any suggestions? I'm kind of at a loss here! I want it to count, but I'm having a hard time with things that would really make a difference to my everyday!


Got my camera back!!

FINALLY got my camera back and had a chance to upload evidence of all the fun times we had in ATL. These are some from the Children's Interactive Museum!!! Little Huass enjoyed himself very much and was fascinated by this water pully system thing!

I know I've said it before, but I highly reccommend this if you are in the area of downtown Atlanta, but I bet they have similar types of museums in bigger cities!

Free Prints!!!! Hurry!

Shutterfly is offereing 50 FREE PRINTS and it ends TODAY!!!!

If you already have an account, great, just enter 50FREEPRINTS in your checkout/special offers. IF NOT, then sign up today to get these 50 prints as well as 25 free for joining!



I'm not an English Major!

With that said, I usually do a pretty good job of writing and proof reading. Especially if OTHER people are going to see it, say 28 other people!!!! I'm talking about invitations! I was so excited about finding the graphic to put on some baby shower invitations, that I missed the date! Yes, I put a date on there, but it just so happened to be the wrong date! Hopefully the people that get the invitations won't be that clueless!! I mean, I put it was Sunday, March 20! It was supposed to be the 29th!!! I can't help it that my laptop didn't save the invitations I worked so hard on and when I tried to find them to print, GONE!!! I was forced to remake them, PRONTO!
It also doesn't help that the zero is next to the 9 on the keyboard!!! I printed them out, stuffed them in envelopes, addressed them, stamped them and sent them on their way! I put one on MY refrigerator and didn't even notice! Even got a call from a fellow hostess how good they were!!! **she didn't notice the date misap either** Only when she got a call from the Mother in-law of the Honoree, did we all figure it out! SO, today was spent making correction postcards to give the invitees the correct date! Fun times!

So, there is a reason for proofing your work. Note to self: have someone else proof your work for you!!!!



What a good movie. Hubby and I were invited to see it last night with some friends at their church. They are starting a couples series and kicked it off with the movie. I'd seen the trailers for it earlier this year and thought it would be a good chick flick and never thought of Hubby even wanting to see it, but it is meant for couples to watch together. It was inspirational and just a good overall movie. I highly reccommend anyone (married or not) to see it.



Ya know when you have tons to do and you get in your car and start going. Then magically, you are where you need to be but can't recall anything from the ride! Yeah, autopilot. That's me today in a nutshell!

Dry Spell

I've been MIA for the past few days, which is so unlike me, and I apologize! I've hit a dry spell. NOT that kind of dry spell...get your minds out of the gutter!!! A blogging dry spell. Writer's block if you will.
This past week I haven't had time to get my blog crack fixes or time (or enough material) to post.
I could ramble on about work, home, Little Hauss, but it seriously might put you in a coma. Life has been THAT boring lately, not saying we weren't plenty crazy busy, but just basic family stuff!

One thing from Wednesday: I had to attend training and working with all Law Enforcement types, everything was in military time! I don't do military time!!! Therefore, I was so excited our training was only a few hours with lunch included!!! Yay, get out from behind the desk for a bit AND food....Sweet! NOT! It was until 4!!! Yeah, I'm a goofball. AND I don't work until 4....I get off at 3, but had to stay, which was no big deal, but it caused me to miss swimming. Poo!

At least today is Friday and I'm off!!!! Promise more later!!! Pinky swear!


Tech Savvy

I love my technology, I really do! Hubby thinks I'm narotic about my laptop, but I love my online time. I'm actually trying to cut back. Wow, that sounds so bad! Like I'm a crackhead! Oh well, it kind of is like my little addiction and soooooooo much better than a crackhead!!!! I'm just pointing that out!

With that said, I love my facebook too! I love to catch up with friends, mostly the photos they post of their kids and such! Its a great tool to rekindle a long lost friendship or just keep in touch with grade school friends, college buddies, etc.

Here's what I don't like. I am missing the personalization. I write on others walls and comment on photos, but I long for a good old fashioned E-mail! That's sounds so crazy. A written letter must be ancient times I guess if I'm referring to an E-mail as old fashioned! I mean, I don't deny that I am just as interested in what SusieQ wrote on Johnny's wall, but if its something fairly personal or even not, I just sometimes want the privacy of a conversation between two friends. I just miss it! Do you?


Betty Crocker

I'm not sure if I've said it, but I'm not a baker. I cook. There is a huge difference! Now, I still attempt to bake every now and then. I will not give up!
So, yesterday was one of those days. I made blueberry muffins....from scratch! Really, not that hard but I made a mess of flour and sugar and all that baking stuff and had about a kazillion dishes to prove it!
I just found a recipe via google....my favorite! It was a blueberry muffin with struesel topping. YUM! I had all said ingredients and started mixing. I did everything the way it said. I pulled them out of the oven and bam, sunk in centers and struesel topping spread out over the entire top of my muffin pan! Well, they were delish! Just not very appealing! I'm pretty sure next time,because I don't give up and will make them again attitude of mine, I will maybe use less of the topping. OR might leave it off completely.

Side note: I did make a chicken pot pie for hubby and my parents last night that was to die for!! AND I even embelished with heart shaped cutouts in the crust! That was appealing and yummy! Can't wait to have leftovers for lunch today!


I can smell the salty air!

I LOVE the beach. I love the smell of the salt air, the sand between my toes, the sound of the ocean, and a nice cold beer to go along with all of that while reading a trashy book!

So, I've already got THREE trips planned to the beach. They are only long weekends, but still, its the beach! TWO of them are just me and girlfriends!!! They are in April, June and August! I'm hoping that I can squeeze one or two more long weekends in there somewhere! We'll see! Hubby is all for it, so I'm gonna work on it!

It works out well for me that my in-laws own a condo so a place is not hard to come by!!! I just love to take Little Hauss there at least once or twice a year to let him enjoy what I love so much! AND my father-in-law has a boat, so that makes it super fun when we go with them!

I vow to get SOME Christmas shopping done while I am there. I say this every year, and manage to buy nothing for anyone else but myself or Little Hauss, but I've already got some ideas, so I am hoping to take advantage of the outlets! Remember I'm a planner.....don't judge!


I love a good deal

I've always loved finding a great deal! It might be on simple household items, dining, or even a really big ticket item like an appliance. Hubby used to say I would spend I've added a link to my sidebar to Money Saving Mom. She does a lot of the research for me so I don't have to spend time doing it myself, but still get to save all the money!

Times are tough right now, for everyone! I love to cook and we eat at home 90% of all our meals. Its a treat for us to go out and when we do, we frequent somewhere fairly casual and family friendly (interpretation: fairly inexpensive). Money saving mom has an awesome coupon for TGIFridays right now. Buy One Get One Free entrees. You must use it by March 1st, and cannot be used this Saturday (Valentine's Day in case you live in a different world). I just love one night of someone else cooking for me and cleaning up my mess (well, Hubby usually cleans the mess, but still!)

Another great deal I stumbled upon is 2 meals for $12.99 at Logan's Road House on Mondays and Tuesdays - ALL DAY! AND bonus, kids eat for $2.00!!! Can't beat that.

So, one more thing. If you aren't into cutting actual coupons from your Sunday paper ads, then try this to download electronic ones right to your store discount card. Fun stuff. NOTE: You can double up if you have a paper coupon AND electronic one for the same product.

Start Saving!!!



I'm addicted and I know you are too. To what you might ask? BLOG crack! You know, you get to work and have to have your coffee and check up on your faves every morning! We all do it and there is nothing to be ashamed of! Hubby used to think I was a nut job with my blog addiction, but now he really likes it (mine). I don't have a clue if he checks in on any of my blog friends (note to self: ask Hubby about other blogs).
It is actually strengthend our relationship in a wierd way. Its my therapy. I vent, cuss, whine, ponder and whatnot on my blog. Its MY blog, MY world! I don't bother him with ramblings of things out of my control or things that are irritating the life out of me.....he just reads about it and knows! I think he prefers this method versus my loud mouth spouting off like a fountain! I don't think he's listening half the time anyway! So, this works for us. AND, he's very aware of my mood when he comes home....a nice change for any man in this situation.....never know what you're walking into with all the estrogen surrounding you!
So, a good friend and fellow blogger have been feeding an addiction. KPC from Look There's a Chicken and I are fueling a fire too big for our control. Apparently, we are not offering up enough blog crack to fulfill the cravings for a friend. She is constantly asking for more. AND, we LOVE IT!! Its nice to know that you are entertaining someone on your daily rantings!
So, we've suckered her in. She's a hoot but doesn't even realize her blog potential! Please check out our friend JR911 at Fruit Snacks and A Glock.

Another new blog I am attached to is Two Limes Please. She is a friend of mine from way back in the day! I can't wait to get to know these girls even more....and I'm sure within a few posts, get addicted to even more blog crack!



What will you give up?? or set a goal to accomplish?

IF you celebrate Lent, then what will it be? We do, so every year, I try something harder.
I've been thinking of this for a few weeks now and trying to decide what I will go without for the weeks of Lent season. I've come to a conclusion.....


Now, as some of you know, this will be quite a task!!! I love my adult juice! A LOT!!! So, I figured this would be a true testiment to my faith and willingness to do without. I have done chocolate, caffiene, all sweets, fast food, etc in the past. I've also done things such as not biting my nails or not cussing! Well, all of those were just fine, but none have been as hard to get through as I imagine this time will be. I'm starting to sound like an alcoholic! Well, it will be difficult. I love a cold beer out with friends or a glass of wine and a bath to wind down, so I guess we'll see!

The other component I'm adding in, is to committ to exercising 5 times a week. I'm on a good schedule now at 3-4, but would like to intensify it if I can manage.

It starts on the 25th (Ash Wendnesday) and goes through Easter!!! I pray I can make it!


What am I thinking?

Well, a while back, I mentioned that I might be starting another new adventure. School. To become a teacher. I have thought about it a lot over the years and just never was ready to committ. Well, I'm pretty sure I'm ready now. I don't know why now of all times. It seems that every time I consider the possibility, there is something more demanding or time consuming in my life.
For starters, I graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor's degree in something far from teachable! Hospitality and Tourism Management. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVED LOVED LOVED my major, but knew that unless I wanted to work every night, weekend, and holiday, that I wasn't going to be in that field. I settled for something quite mundane and very safe.....a bank teller! NOW, my father wasn't too thrilled with this employment status given that he just forked out 5 years of tuition so I could just settle for a job that didn't require any type of degree! With that said, I loved that job. I felt like an adult. I was married and completely clueless to the real world and how to manage a life with another person to be accountable for. It took a while for me to adjust to the fact that there were TWO of us and that things like blinds and towels took the place of new purses and funky shoes! I mean, really, I was so used to having my own money, my own expenses and doing exactly what I wanted with it, but then learning to share was a challenge, to say the least!
So, that was the first time I thought of going back to school. I mean, why not? Working and starting a life with Hubby were the only responsibilites I had....but I talked myself out of because I just got out of school. I wanted to relish in the real world for a while! What was I thinking?
So, within 7 months of marriage, we bought our first house. I took on a new challenge of Real Estate...working with an agent as an assistant and had a license, with the hope of selling someday. I realized too late that it was not my cup of tea, but I stayed on as the assistant becasue I enjoyed that aspect of the job, but just couldn't see myself as a full time agent!!! NOW, I did do a lot of thinking prior to this....months and months of debating what type of risk this would be for us and took the plunge. I will say that I'm so glad I did it when I did and came to the conclusion that I needed something else partly because of the way the market is now and partly because I would have always wondered. So, that was the next time I thought about getting a teaching license.
In the mean time of all this, I was a substitute teacher.....on call on my off days. I loved it every time I got to go into the schools. I still do....I sub on Fridays if I can! Everyone would ask if I were in school or thinking about it, and everytime my answer was the same, NO. I just loved to sub!
Well, deep down I had thought about it, but just couldn't think of a good time to do it......then I got pregnant and we moved into a new house! Well, wouldn't you know, I thought about it then too. I was leaving the real estate firm after Little Hauss was born and instead of going to school, thought I would do best for our family, and got a full time job in a Real Estate law firm. Things took a dive there and before I got laid off, I left and went to another firm.....all the while thinking about going back to school. I thought that if things were going to be like this and just praying to keep a job (especially in that market), then what did I have to lose? Well, my fear came true and I did get laid off from that place and stayed home for 8 months! I really considered it then....but couldn't justify the cost and taking away precious time with Little Hauss. I felt that God gave me an opportunity to spend that time with him, so I didn't want to let it go.
Well, lo and behold, now, with more changes in our lives, I'm ready to do it!!! Go back to school.....it is a huge committment but Hubby is so supportive. I guess now, even with all the changes we've had and will go through soon, I am ready and dedicated to this goal. I mean, who in their right mind has all this time to take on such a huge responsibility (previous 7 years) and decides to do it when there is more at stake? Oh well, I'm doing it!
Maybe it has something to do with finally doing something for myself for the long run and being fulfilled or maybe its turning 30 this year and wanting to be more stable.....or I'm just a crazy nut job. I think that might be it!!!!
Either way, in a year and a half, I'll have something to show for it!!! I can't wait!!


Fins and a Cap

These are two of my new favorite things. Swim Cap and Fins! I'm like a fish! Loving some swim workouts this week. I'm even considering joining the local swim team for the summer!! Hmmm...we'll see!

So, I've always loved the water. Loved to swim. I've utilized the YMCA pool on occassion for some laps, but never really done much else. Well, I was in for a shocker earlier this week. I met one of my friends, who is the Y's swim team coach, and she gave me a workout that I'm still recovering from! I thought I would hate to disappoint her on Tuesday, so I went on Monday for a few, ahem, 20 laps! I was so proud of myself. Until the next morning when I had lower back pain and soreness in muscles I forgot I even had!

Since my knee surgery back in the high school days, I've had issues with the breast stroke kick. SO, she gave me the idea to do the stroke but use a freestyle or butterfly kick with it. Its great, but it really gives my lower back a workout! Too bad it can't go lower and work off some of my arse!!

So, we met for about 45 mins and I was worn out. She had me doing butterfly!!!! Um, yeah, I'm not gliding quite yet, but I'm definitely learning. I never in a gazillion years thought I would ever swim the butterfly, but it really isn't as hard as you think if you do it in stages!! We also did kicking sprints, and lots of laps with different combo strokes!!

I coerced her to meeting me today for another workout and she proceeded to teach me how to "start" a backstroke. Ya know, since I was gonna have to know for the summer league. Well, wouldn't you know that I went and did myself a back flip!!! I jumped back and before I thought to straighten out and do my little dolphin kicking thing, I saw the bottom of the pool and I was up and out of the water again!!! I just had to stop and laugh at myself! Needless to say, I'll have to work on that!

Now that I'm all Michael Phelpsish, without the bong attached to my face of course, I am going to have to do some shopping for a cute pink swim cap! I do know that they make those, however, they do NOT make pink fins. Oh yea, I came right home and googled it. They do come in a variety of cute colors so I'll have to see what I can find! I might have to look for a new swimsuit as well, but that's just something that will be depressing!!! Yuck!!!

The fins are my new best friends in the water! I obviously can't use them in competition, but they are NICE when you just need a little break from working so hard in practice. AND they've been very useful for working on my butterfly kick!

Well, off to shower....I still smell like chlorine!


I've named her Stella. Ya know, My inner-bitch! I felt that she deserved a proper identity! It took a while to name her - actually longer than I expected. There are just some names that remind me of people I don't like, names that I would never name a child of mine, etc., so I just assumed it would be easy. Notsomuch! I'm not sure how I came to Stella, but it feels right and I don't know anyone by that name, so I can't associate it with a good or bad person!

So, Stella is simmering today - for now. As far as yesterday, that is a whole different story. I really had my hands full trying to control her! She was about to unleash on a poor unsuspecting soul (more than likely Hubby) with no fault of his own! Work is very stressful right now. We have a huge audit coming up for my department and of course, that's my job....getting all the documentation prepared for it! There are 3 of us that work on this and I know better that the other employees don't necessarily hate ME, but my job! I have to remind myselves of this fact - ALOT!

I'm a bubbly person. I have lots of friends. I am generally in a good mood. Others either love me or hate me....more of the loving, but there are still some that dislike the fact that I can be so freakin' happy, especially in the mornings! I had a guy I worked with once tell me that he just didn't like me at first because he thought there is just no way someone could be that happy that early in the morning....every morning!!! Then after a few weeks, he just realized that it was my personality and he loved me for who I was!

So, being the happy go luck self that I am, I try to carry that over into all aspects of my life. I love to give, help, make you smile, and all that fluffy stuff!! I love to make you feel special and encourage productivity with treats and goodies that I've made! I've tried to embrace my job with this as well. Because of the fact that the others dislike my actual position/department, I've really made an effort to make the task more bearable. I've given out baked goods, treat bags, and when communicating, I try to send warm and fuzzies via email and over the phone. Most of the recipients are welcoming of this approach. They realize that yes, I am infact needing something, or a lot of somethings, but they are more apt to give it (sooner rather than later) when I am just so nice - they can't say no! However, there is always a bad seed. Now, I'm never rude or condescending over the phone or in an email at work. I've always been professional and courteous. Sometimes I'm more direct so to speak in asking for what I need and do leave out the "fluff", but I'm never malicious! Some people are just more sensative to this than others. I've learned that the hard way this week. AND, I've learned that I need to be the bigger person and accept that this might never change. I am still working on this!

So, yesterday, Stella was getting really fired up and starting to boil....but I managed to calm her down to a simmer. She almost came to a hault as of last night. I mean, she's still there, deep down, but just waiting patiently.

Thanks to my girlies! We met for pizza and beer. Lots of beer. It's been a while. I'm trying to limit my intake of adult bevies so I can concentrate on losing some weight, but I can't cold turkey the stuff! I mean, it would feel so neglected if I just stopped partaking! Wouldn't dare let that happen, so for now, I am only indulging occassionally. BUT, I must say, beer, pizza, and your girlies makes everything better....did I mention beer? Just making sure!

So, after hanging out with them (and the beer), I felt so much more relaxed and confident that I was still the happy go lucky girl I usually am. Today is a new day and I have tomorrow off. I am definitely excited about some me time!


Poor Poor Pitiful Ol' Me!

Whatever, suck it up and stop you're whining! Right? Right! I gotta put my big girl panties on and just deal with it! What is "it" you ask? Oh, just everything.

I'm pretty sure my inner bitch is just itching to come out....well, I guess she's always out, but I'm usually really good at controlling her! Notsomuch lately. I've said things, done things and just plain don't care! I'm whining and complaining and if given the chance I might just go and say something I really mean to someone I really don't care for. Yes, I really do mean that. In case you haven't figure it out yet, I don't sugar coat. I don't "play along" to help shield your feelings and confrontation doesn't scare me. I really am not "rude" per se, well, at least I don't think I am. I say what I mean, straight up and if you're a big girl (or boy) then you should be able to deal! If not, then tell me - TO MY FACE! Don't act all scared and then run your mouth behind my back! I know people....and they LOVE me!
My mind is like an open book.....and I forget to censor myself sometimes! Oops, sorry! Well, sometimes I really am. I really don't intend to hurt anyone's feelings on purpose AND if that happens I will woman up and apologize. My mamma taught me right! I can't say the same for the rest of your mammas! I'm just saying....
Well, I've tamed her for now, but just wait, it could all blow at any given time! Just be on the lookout....you've been warned!