Enjoying Life

I know it has been too long...I apologize! We are just having so much fun lately! M&M is growing up and such a big girl now. Eating real food, trying really hard to sit up and her new favorite - motormouth! It's really sweet until she's in the middle of eating and spits all over you!!! LH is getting ready to celebrate his 100th day in school! Apparently it's a big deal in Kindergarten! Also, he will get to have his first Carnival in March. I'm actually working very hard on the planning...maybe a little too hard! I'm afraid if I keep helping so much the first year, I'll be the chairperson by 2nd grade!
I've decided to make my own baby food for the most part and it is so much fun! I found a great website that gives great tips on recipes and how to cook, puree, store, freeze and reheat all the food for all the stages. It is surprising easy! I just made some last night while I was cooking dinner, so it really wasn't any extra effort. I made butternut squash, sweet potato, and applesauce. I couldn't believe how much food I got from just a few vegetables and fruit. I put the squash in ice trays then froze it-it made 3 full trays! Then I got at least a cup and a half of sweet potatoes from one potato and about a cup of applesauce from 2 small apples!!
She LOVES it. She's been really enjoying eating "real" food. She gobbles it up and it really is helping her sleep through the night! We are on the 4th straight night of her sleeping from about 8 to 5!!! Its been amazing! However, I am not! I wonder how long it will take me to stop waking up every few hours to check on her!!!
I'll post pics soon...promise!!! The "cheeks" are amazing!


Snow Delay?

I have had way too much faith in the local weather people lately. I guess when they get it right a few times in a row, one starts to actually believe what they are saying. Well, I should have known it wouldn't last forever.

Now, I'm not being a hypocrite per se, but I really was wanting snow. Not for the fun of it, but for a day off. I am purely exhausted. M&M is making me insane. If she wasn't so darn stinkin' cute, I would probably be more upset about her waking me up all hours of the night.
If anything, this was one thing I didn't have to worry about with LH. He slept through the night around 10 weeks. She's still waking up at least once but lately, its been more.
I just wanted an excuse to rest. I feel guilty taking a day off.
They were calling for inches upon inches. My parents got dumped on in Atlanta yesterday and the whole city shut down, so I just figured we would get it too! Well, we got a dusting, but the schools were still 2 hours late. I guess because temps are so low they were concerned with freezing and such, but I was happy! I got up long enough to make a bottle, check the news, and back to bed I went. Hubby fed Miss Priss and took care of LH before I woke up at 8! It was so nice and on top of that she only woke up ONCE last night! So, I finally feel like I've actually gotten some rest!


Revenue Boost?

Well, that is what the stores at the mall must need I'm assuming. I guess they didn't have the boom in sales they thought they would throughout the holidays because I just got a phone call from a store reminding me that a promotion starts this week. Thanks I think.
What? Ok.
I didn't get a call last time - so not sure why I did today.
Most likely, I would have forgotten. Now that I've been reminded, I'm sure Hubby will be less than thrilled that I'll want to run out there and spend some money on stuff that we don't necessarily need. And then I'll try to convince him it was such a great deal and look at how much I saved, which his response will be: if you didn't go at all, you would have saved more! Aghhh - the voice of reason. I don't listen very well!
The most disappointing part is that I have been anxiously awaiting a phone call and I was totally bummed when I answered an unknown number expecting one thing and getting a friendly reminder for a sale! Boo!



Not ready at all!
M&M is growing up......and way too fast!
She ate cereal for the first time, she played in her exersaucer for the first time, AND if that wasn't enough, she ROLLED over....What???
I don't want her to be all big and grown up. I want her to stay small!
Sad Face!


M&M is 4 months old

Miss Priss is 4 months old now....
We went to the doctor today and all is well!
She's had a cold and been waking up a bit throughout the night (every night) but we just have to let it run its course. I'm hoping it runs out soon because I'm exhausted. She got some shots and has been napping all day as expected, but she's been so good.

Her stats:
15 lbs. 12 oz. (90th percentile)
25 inches (75th percentile)
Happy, Healthy and just perfect!


WE WON!!!!!!

Victory is sooooooo sweet! Even more so when you are up against your very competetive husband! We played Taboo - girls vs. boys! It was incredibly fun. So much so, we stayed up way too late both nights. So late that by the time we were going to bed, little miss M&M was ready for her "middle of the night" feeding!
We are a tad obsessed with the game and we have another game night scheduled for this Saturday with the new version - all new words! If you haven't played, it is great.
Here is how it all went down:
Giddy with excitement over our win....and a few glasses of wine!

Uggghhh, NOT that again!!!! The boys were cringing....they knew they had been beat!
Gloating! Yes, I know that is totally inappropriate...but I rarely get the chance! Notice the sad face and head hanging in defeat???
Loser...sorry bud!

Poor thing....

Earlier in the night...when things were going well for the boys!
Yep, all smiles! They had no idea what the night would bring!

Down in the Holler

Ok, our house was great....log cabin, check, cozy, check, lots of ammenities (games, hot tub, theater room), check, easy access....um, not quite!
WOW....I was really scared as we turned into the driveway, if that is what you want to call it, because in the dark (when we finally arrived), it was just staring down into a pit! It was crazy!
This is the view from the road! This was the best picture I could take and as you can tell, it is straight down the side of the mountain....
And if the down in the holler, plus the steep driveway wasn't enough, this was the only staircase in the house....yep...you get dizzy just looking at it!!! Imagine, carrying pack and plays, toys, etc up and down, not to mention, kids that do NOT pay attention where they are going! Thankfully, no one was seriously injured!

Yep, that's the way in and out...notice we are stopped at the top of the "driveway" waiting our turn to get down and park. It was very strategic. One car had to get down, do a 50 point turn to face out as the other car waited. Then the second car had to park facing the house as there was no room to turn around. SO, upon leaving, the one car facing up had to leave and the second car then could "turn" around!
First night we were there a car that was staying at the house in the "middle" of the driveway (see the slats on the right side of the picture) - came down too far and had to BACK the entire way up the driveway!!!!!! I would have had a panic attack! Next time we will make sure to ask more about the way in and out of the cabin!

We are still baffled how the house was even built! And how in the world do you plow this???

Kiddin' Around

So much fun last weekend. I want to go back...well, I didn't really want to leave!
The kids were wonderful and had so much fun! They were constantly entertained between the Wii, Dsi's, board games, movies, air hockey, pool, the hot tub, and even their own skits/muscial entertainment! Of course, I captured it all!

Collaborating their Justin Beiber skit!

Playing with one of the many electronics!

Yay, a doodle pad!
Um, she still just likes chilling out watching everyone else!

Jugling act?
Hot mess but so much fun!!!! If it can be thrown, it will be, no matter if it's meant to be!

Hanging out in the hot tub! One of the highlights for them!

My chunky monkey! -the one in the diaper that is!

This is what we looked like all weekend....it was fabulous!

Our attempt at an outting! There was a 2 hour wait for TICKETS alone on the tram then another hour to actually get on it, not to mention a long wait to get back down, so we opted for lunch and then went back to the cabin!

And a board game....lounging in pjs! Did I mention it was wonderful????

Taking in a movie!

A game of air hockey!

Again, the outting that wasn't really...
Just hanging out trying to figure out what to do!

Bomb Shelter?

So, just in case you EVER need to have a stockpile of necessities for an emergency, just call me! I'll be able to set you up with enough food to last a really really long time!

I think we might have over packed??? Our trip was just for 3 days, but we planned on being in for every meal, so we didn't want to run out of food. Believe me, we didn't and we couldn't even eat what we brought. In fact, I only went to the grocery store when we got back to pick up eggs, milk and yogurt if that tells you anything.

Our table of quick access items - fruit and snacks!

Candy, sweets, etc....

Spices, crackers and of course marshmallows for hot chocolate

More staples - peanut butter, crackers and some toddler food!

Can you tell what our priorities were? Beer, more beer, wine, champagne, and some drinks for the kids. In addition, food to feed an army for about a month! HAHA!

Our bread corner - along with more sweets....

And can't forget the junk food!

We are crazy! We know this!
But it was still fun and I would probably do the same thing the next time!