Weather (Wo) Man

I guess the correct term is Meteorologist, but whatever....it's my blog, so I don't have to be politically correct if I don't want to! HA! (I'm pretty sure there are some hormones kicking in there, but I digress)

So, I love the weather...well, not always, but I guess I'm fascinated with it. I check it daily online and before I used to stalk the Weather Channel with updates every 8 minutes. I can't do that now because having a satelite doesn't allow you to access our little podunk town on the national weather service station and I really don't care too much about New York and Miami. I don't know why, but I just am a little over curious about the forcast. This might go hand in hand with some of my OCD tendencies and the need to plan everything well in advance. hmmmm? Something to ponder!

Well, I have decided today that I might be more like my grandmother than I ever thought. She's OBSESSED with the weather. It's bad. She cracks me up too because she rarely leaves the house. At least once a week I know of to get her hair did, but other than that, notsomuch. SO, for her to be totally consumed by the weather outside of her bubble just baffles me. BUT, If there is something happening, about to happen or just happened, she knows about it and she'll call you to tell you about it, especially if you are driving!!! Hold on if you are on the road. She has 3 daughters and more grandchildren than I can tell you but she will call every single one if she knows that you are even thinking about starting the ignition in your car! It doesn't matter if you are only driving down the road to the store or like my parents and us, getting ready for a road trip to visit her. She will burn up your phone talking about the rain, the clouds, the fog, you name it. She probably called my mom 10 times yesterday as she drove from GA to VA checking in to see if she had hit any rain yet. And then, when you tell her that you are driving, she exclaims " In the RAIN?" It's hilarious, but I know she's just concerned. I guess she forgot that since she started driving, they have made a few adjustments to vehicles like anti-lock brakes, windsheild wipers, fog lights and defrost systems! All those will aid a driver in most weather conditions. She's a sweet lady and I love her to pieces, but she should have been a weather woman!

So, now I feel like we are connected on a totally new level. I actually called my mom about 4 times yesterday while she was driving and I bet every single time, we discussed the weather! Now, that's calling the kettle black!