Little snot...

My child needs an attitude adjustment at the ripe ol' age of 3 1/2.

My mom is in town and offered to pick him up early from school to play with her and then I would just run by after work to get him, but he had other plans in mind. He told her he didn't want to go home with her. He wanted his Papa. Well, Papa isn't picking him up today, so now, he was left at school by his Gigi and will be picked up my his notsohappy momma! Hope he enjoyed his extra hour of playtime with his friends, because he's not gonna love when I get there!

I could care less about him staying at school longer, but he will find out soon enough that he doesn't get to make those decisions.

Rules of the road?

What is the rule for mopeds??

I know how to deal with pedestrians and bycyclists, but mopeds? Seriously, if you can't reach the speed limit on whatever mode of transportation you choose to use (motorized), the get off the road! Don't wave me around you after I've been carefully trailing behind you at 10 miles LESS than the suggested limit for a couple of miles. Geez...

Listening Ears?

Are yours on? This is a typical question in our house.....usually aimed at our son, but I almost asked the Hubby last night.

I left the house in the morning giving him details of the evening events - not to surprise him - I thought I was being considerate and thoughtful as things would indeed be different from normal evenings. WRONG.....I think everything I told him followed me out the door because when I came home, he asked all kinds of things that I had already told him and acted like what I was saying was crazy!

Hubby, I love you dearly, and I do love to talk, but sometimes, despite what you think, there are important details that come out of my mouth that I would appreciate you giving half and ear to!

Ok, I've said my piece! Please forgive me for blog bashing you - his words, not mine!

I'll spare you....

Anymore countdowns for at least........a month!!! I can't completely stop it or I would risk you not remembering my birthday! I know some of you will be disappointed, but you'll be ok - I promise!!!

So, the test.....let's just say, the countdown for the next test continues!