All Fixed Up

I got my subie back!!! And it sounds marvelous! My car guy LOVES me. Including labor, I got a new muffler, ball joint, alignment, and a few other piddly things for about $400! Labor alone can make a girl cry, and I did oh boy, but they were tears of JOY! My car is back AND it is street legal!!!! No more reject sticker on there!!!

I'm so glad I got my little car back because I've been hitching rides all over town for 2 days and stealing Hubby's BIG truck when I need some wheels! I love driving the truck but parking is a whole different story! I have to find a section with plenty of room to make sure I don't run over any other cars!!! Really, its that big!

So, we have lots to do today. Hubby is working this morning so we are on our own. No worries, I have a plan to clean out Little Haaus' toys and clothes. I ended up buying him some 5T pants yesterday and then made him try on the shorts we had from last summer and only 4 pairs fit!!! So, its about time to do some spring cleaning. Thank goodness I'll be going to the beach in about a month. I will need to do some shopping!

We also have a few errands.....we'll see how well he does with parting with toys before we decided if we'll venture out! Wish me luck!