We did it!!!!

We bought a Dodge Journey! It is a 2009 SXT, which is the next model up from the one we checked out yesterday. It has LOTS of bells and whistles that we are super excited about! This pic is kind of small, but it was taken from a cell phone!

So, yesterday, after I got home and checked my FB page, I had a few comments on my status of looking at cars - especially the one from a friend who sells Dodges! We called him and asked what they had and if anything would be worth it for us to come look at (we didn't want to waste his time or ours - the dealership was a good hour away). He had this one and was telling me all the cool features that it had and the price was right on! Hubby and I chatted about it last night and decided to go up there today to see it and LOVED it of course.

Everything was right on - price, trade in for the subie, and since we have such great credit, we actually got a lower payment that even we expected!!! If you thought I was excited about the basic model, this one sends me through the roof. It has stain and static resistant upolstry (hello, two kids = awesome), heated seats, 6 cly. engine, remote start (so nice for me since we don't have a garage), dual temp control, front seat storage (under the cushion) and even bluetooth!!!

I'm so excited that I'm higher off the ground, have more of an SUVish type vehicle again and it will last me a long time! It is going to be a great addition to our family.