Perfect Fit?

With Little Hauss in GA, we aren't getting to experience his fabulous funny stories and sayings everyday, but Gigi and Pop are!

Yesterday mom said she was in the shower when Little Hauss walked in the bathroom to go use the toilet (separated from rest of the bath area) and when he came out, he told her he tried on her booby holder!!!!!!!!! She said she about slipped and fell she laughed so hard! Let's hope he doesn't ever find my booby holder or we might not be able to find him!!!!


On the Bright Side

With all the sadness from the death of icons this week, I thought I would lift my spirits with an outing!

I got a mani/pedi with the MIL this morning! I think I will go shopping at the craft stores to see what inspiration I can gather for some new projects this week and then finish off the afternoon with a nap!

I have to be well rested because we are headed to the concert tonight! JR, I promise to take lots of pictures and get you a t-shirt! =)

Now, back to listening to my old Jackson 5 and the best of MJ!


Angel Pop Farewell

An Angel and the King of Pop all in one day.

Almost too much for this hokiegirl to handle.


Free At Last

He's gone. By my calculations, he'll be napping soon if not already! We wore his little butt out before he left!

He swam for over an hour and a half last night at the "big" pool and showed off his new diving skills as well as jumping off the big diving board for the first time (not to be confused with the high dive, but just a springier, taller board than he's used to). All this was after a birthday party at school with cupcakes! After listening to his ramblings and watching him just bounce off the walls, we asked him what kind of cupcake he had - um, brown, with brown topping! Caffeine OVERLOAD! He's good with sugar, notsomuch with chocolate! Good thing we found out before the pool - helped us make up our minds how long we would stay - as long as it took to wear him out!

Gigi was in luck too because today was "swim" day at school! They were swimming from 9-10:30, so she picked him up after that! He should be an angel for the ride down!

I can't believe he'll be gone for a week! We are excited for the time to ourselves, but we'll miss him! I'm pretty sure I'll keep myself busy enough the time will just fly by!


Camp GA, here he comes!

I'm so excited and so anxious all at the same time.

Gigi is taking Little Hauss back to GA tomorrow and he'll be there until NEXT Thursday! We will meet halfway for a swap then! She's been asking to have him for some time and she always said, when he was about 3 or 4 we'd be ready for it too! She was right! I will miss him dearly, but it will be nice to have some quiet evenings after work and to sleep in on a Saturday morning - watch me wake up at 6 anyway!
It works out great because we have a lot of stuff planned this weekend (imagine that) that we were going to need a sitter for anyway!
He's super duper excited and tells us everyday all the fun things they have in store! They will be teaming up with my mom's friends and their grandkids (all around the same age) for some adventures to the Children's Museum, pool, library puppet show, free movie, and even a picnic at the waterfall! They might even be able to squeeze in bowling!
Thanks Mom (and Dad - even though he'll only be around for the weekend)!


The Wedding Planner and then some

Just picture me as JLo in the movie the Wedding Planner only with shorter hair, a smaller arse (but definitely not smaller anything else) and no cute Dr. Steve to dance with me on that enchanted evening! But it was tons of fun!
Hubby is still thanking me for not dragging him along! Don't get me wrong, he would have loved to be there for the blessed event, but not for all the extras that he would surely have been coerced into. There were flowers to be cut, wired, arranged, and wrapped; yards of tulle to be cut and placed on everything, tables to be decorated; hair to curl and pin; and a marsh to dry up. Yep, the ceremony was outside at a quaint little Inn on Kent Island, MD, but the ground was mushy! The chairs would have sunk in and the poor bridesmaids would have gotten stuck! Luckily, after the day went on with plenty of sunshine, and a small rearrangement of seats, everything turned out perfect without mud splatters on the dress and sunken heels!
The bride is basically a surrogate little sister to me so I was glad to help her out and be there with the whole family to celebrate. It was such a fun and beautiful wedding (if I do say so myself)!
I was glad to be back home on Sunday with my boys! I'm sure they missed me, but that didn't stop them from having a great weekend. My parents were in town and there were all kinds of events going on that they could partake in. Mostly, Little Hauss was in the pool. He doesn't fall far from the tree on that one. I think we put in a good 10-12 hours pool time between Friday and Sunday. He's definitely taking after his mommy's side on the tanning! He's already darker than me and we're loading him up with 50+ SPF! He's also swimming!!!! Really swimming - with no floaties! He's so proud of himself.
Hubby also took Little Hauss to the local Relay for Life walk and let him run a few laps! He loved it and I think next year we will join a team as a family! We had a few memorials for our loved ones and they got to see them displayed.
All in all, it was a great weekend for the whole family!


Off again...

This time to Maryland! It should be a fairly relaxing weekend for me since I'll be Little Hauss and Hubby free for 4 days!
My bestie's little sis is getting married tomorrow so I'm riding up with their dad - just us, in a car all alone for 5 hours!!!! I'm sure he is trilled beyond belief and will either have me muzzled or sedated by the end of the trip!
I've been the "other" sister forever so he's completely used to my non stop yapping, but he's never been completely confined to a small space for that length of time with me before...should be fun!
Well, off to the store for some snacks before we head out...hope I can find some laughing cow travel packs!!!!
Back on Sunday!


Have you laughed today?

I know, cliche from that commercial, but seriously, have you tried the laughing cow cheese? YUMMY!
I think it might be my new favorite snack!


You might be a Redneck If....

Your wedding has a camouflage theme....
NO, this isn't some episode from CMT's My Redneck Wedding, but in fact a real deal Redneck Wedding right here in SW Virginia.
My co-worker's husband called her yesterday to inform her of the invite they received in the mail to her cousin's wedding (the groom). I knew it had to be good when she clasped her hand over her mouth to hide her hysterics and then started jotting down notes so she could make sure to remember to relay us all the details.
She finally informs us that her cousin, we'll call him Billy Bob, is getting married in late July to his longtime girlfriend, who we'll call Betty Jo. They already have a child together, so I guess they waited because they didn't want her walking down the aisle all preggers in her wedding dress. I mean, that would be so unlady like, not to mention kind of tacky.
First of all, the invite was printed on a full page with camouflage border. I tried so hard to scan it and show you, but it just wouldn't work, so this is what it says:
Billy Bob and Betty Jo
invites you to share in the Day of their Special Love for one another
with a Crazy Camoflage Wedding on
July 18, 2009
at there home at 2:00 pm
Dress in Camoflage or something comfortable
Please bring an outdoor chair and
your favorite dish if you like
RSVP by July 4th to...(insert phone number)
Leave Message
Direction to the house
Get on 81, take exit (insert number), (insert town name) exit
NO LIE!!!!! This is verbatum from the invitation. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, or lack there of! It had us choking back our cheerios this morning we were laughing so hard.
Ya'll think that's it, well, I've got more! Apparently, Billy Bob has NO TEETH. He had bad teeth, got them yanked a few years back by a quack dentist, went back to get something fixed, and the guy had retired!!!! Now, he does have dentures, but due to the bone fragments left in the bottom half of his mouth, he can only wear the top ones, and of course only for special occassions. I just would love to see this boy gummin' some wedding cake!
My friend is super duper excited to attend her dear ol' cousin's nuptuals in the hills of Virginia. We've already started planning her outfit. We are thinking of a camo skirt, matching headband and possibly a bright orange tanktop. I think the color will really complement her sunkissed skin with it being mid summer and all. Oh, and don't forget her combat boots. I think she might have to go to a surplus store for those. Gawd, I hope they have her size! She has tiny feet!
We even have her a back up date. You know, just in case her hubby and kids can't make it (or she doesn't want to subject her son and daughter to such a concept of non purity)! Our boss, the big man, is obsessed with the the CMT show, My Redneck Wedding. He is all about escorting if need be. He even has a big truck and some tractors, so you know they would make a grand entrance! Hell, he might even tag along with the whole famdamily as a distant cousin once removed from her dad's side (Billy Bob is on her mom's side) just to get a glimpse of this event. He has his outfit ready as well....it didn't take him long to come up with it.....overalls, straw hat, and bandana. Perfect if you ask me. I wonder if he'd go shirtless??? Hmmmmm, something to think about! He's really hoping for a tractor pull or mud pit!
Ok, so now the really important details. Proof! We've so kindly asked her to take TONS of pictures of this blessed event. I don't think the bride and groom will mind. I mean, everyone takes their own photos at weddings, so it wouldn't be out of the ordinary - not that anything else will be ordinary, so they probably wouldn't even notice.
Now, I guess we'll just have to help her decide what type of side dish to take. I really hope they give her a heads up on how many people are coming so she knows how much to make. She has some time for this, but its never to early to start pulling out the Martha Stewart's Best of Cookbook: Trailer Park Edition, to thumb through a few of your favorites!
This is a photo I found online. There is a whole slideshow set to a classic by good ol' Hank Williams, Jr., but I couldn't get it to post on here. If you go to http://www.youtube.com/ and search for redneck wedding, you should be able to find this fabulous video.
Oh, and yes, she gave me permission to post this. You can't judge too much, every family has "one". Billy Bob is hers!


Blister Pack

I might need one full of some good drugs here soon!

I have a blister on my heel the size of Texas! Ok, so it might really only be the size of Texas on a map in a Social Studies book, but it's still big and it hurts! Hubby says not to pop it but it is sooooo tempting.
I have been walking with some neighbor friends this week and have really enjoyed the arse kicking that comes along with the conversation - strike that, there is only conversation between them, while I am huffing and puffing and just trying not to pass out while trailing at least 5 feet behind them! One is at least 6 foot tall and the other is a good 5'8'' - all this compared to my barely 5'2'' frame and the fact that they are veterans on this particular route! We get back to the house and they are barely glistening and I am ringing my hair out and trying to see through the sweat dripping down in my eyes!
I tracked it today in the car and it is 3 miles. Not bad, but it goes up and down every hill possible in our neighborhood....believe me, there are plenty and they aren't small!
I've got to figure out how to push past this blister because I am not stopping now! My goal is to atleast be able to contribute to the conversation and walk beside them and not behind them!

Blogger Help??

I was hoping some of you fellow bloggers could help me out.

Other bloggers have me on their lists that links back to my blog, however, it isn't updating the feed to the most current post. I have tried to go through the help area on blogger but to no avail. I'm not liking this because it redirects them to an old post from Christmas! The crazy part is that up until that point, there wasn't an issue because that was not my first post!

Any suggestions?


Oh, the Fabulous Life Of....


I am only working until 10:30 this morning! I've rearranged my schedule for the summer to work full days M-W, then be off at 10:30 on Thursdays then off on Fridays (as usual)!


Are you jealous?


My new fave!

I'm in love with these fabulous metallic flats from none other than Target for about $18!!!! Seriously thinking of getting more colors - they have black, which is a given, but also an avacado green, tortoise and hot pink that are very tempting!
So, normally, I can't wear such cute and trendy shoes due to the fatness of my foot. I have wide feet and chubby toes. Really, they look like chicken nuggets. The one good thing I have going for me is that I have even toes - not that middle toe that is longer than all the rest! I know it's not something that can be helped, but it can be hidden! I'm not a fan of feet. I like for mine to look nice, but I really have some issues with people touching them - even pedicures. I have to read a magazine and completely ignore the fact that someone is rubbing all over my feet! YUCK!
So, these shoes are perfect for my fat foot.....the top isn't too "dainty" that it accentuates my fatness, it just makes them look cute - well, I think it does, and since I am not posting a picture of my fat foot in these adorable sandals, you will never know if the fatness accentuation is true.
Now, I'm sure I'm going to have some of you snooping around to get a peek at the fat foot, but really, you have better things to do I'm sure.
I love these shoes so much, I'm acutally planning my outfits around them! I feel like I'm in college again - when I would buy the shoes first then find the clothes to go with them!!! Oh, the glory days of fashion. These days, I'm more concerned if it fits - so basically wearing a version of the same outfit everyday! Black pants, simple shirt, and basic black shoes....well, not anymore! I'm back... I'm reclaiming my sense of style and am branching out into the world of color once again! YAY!

Hurry, time is running out!!!

For THIS awesome Lilly giveaway at Biscuits are never Boring! Check out this link or go to my sidebar to visit her blog for a chance to enter. But hurry, it's over today!!!

Happy Birthday Baby Brother

Ok, so he's not a baby, he's 27 today! He's all grown up now which makes me older - still not 30 (yet), but older still the same!

He and his girlfriend are coming over for a very low key dinner and some red velvet cake - which I just found out he liked!!! He's never had the sweet tooth - but I got it honest from my mom! He usually was happy with peanut butter and doritos - yes the whole jar or bag and you never saw the results of it on him - but I could look at it and I could pop a button off my pants! Not fair, but I still love him!

After work, I guess it's off to the store for some red velvet cake mix and cream cheese icing (store bought since I don't have time to make it from scratch) so Little Hauss and I can whip up some cupcakes for him!

Happy Birthday!!!


It's only money....

I'm seriously considering paying the $45 to reschedule my test. It is scheduled for this Saturday and I don't feel comfortable with it AT ALL. I'm weighing my options.

Original Test Fee - $130 (non refundable and way past the partial refund date)
Reschedule for July 25- $45


Take test this Saturday and schedule to take it again on July 25 - $80

Seriously I feel sick to my stomach.....I bet I've got an ulcer forming in there as we speak!

Monday Madness!

Well, I was all gung ho about walking during my lunch break and getting in some much needed exercise, but who turned up the heat? Whoa! Then it was mentioned to me to use the dusty treadmill in our back room instead of huffing it outside....smart girl that one!

So, I changed and got on the treadmill (it even has a built in fan) and started walking, staring at the wall because I was not prepared for this. If I had thought ahead, I would have stolen a gossip mag from the bathroom stash before Hubby realized it was missing so I could keep myself entertained and brought my mp3 player. Well, didn't really matter anyway, because 1/2 mile into it I moved that clip thing that was attached to the emergency safety stop thing and it cut off! I tried for about 2-3 minutes to get the dang thing turned back on, but to no avail.....so, I decided to trek it outside for a while to finish what I started. NOT AGAIN!

Reasons why I won't be walking during lunch:

I have to change
I sweat - A LOT
It's too hot
I have to change back into work clothes
I sweat - A LOT
My hair "curls" or whatever you want to call it
and I sweat - A LOT

I've been back inside for about 30 minutes or more and my head is still sweaty....hair all yuckified - not pretty! So, from now on, if I can't get the treadmill to turn on, then I guess I'll just have to walk at night.

Oh, and I had left over salmon for lunch....at least the stinch of fish covered up my workout stink....I'm sure the girls would tell me if I was too foul - because if not, then they just aren't as good of friends as I thought!

Rested Up

I spent a wonderful relaxing weekend Little Hauss and Hubby free in Raleigh and it was fantastic. I drove down to my MiniSoda's house on late Friday afternoon and enjyoed a kid free dinner with my new fave, Bud Lite Lime, then chatting it up until we were pooped! I slept in on Saturday morning untila bout 7:45, and yes, that is extremely late for me! We enjoyed some coffee (that her sweet Hubby made for us) and headed out for an early lunch at another fave, Moe's, before heading to our afternoon at the Spa!
We enjoyed a mini facial, pedicures, and manicures (which were ok - but the point was to be refreshed and relaxed, and my nail girl was all but that - high strung, off the wall and a chatterbox - which I usually could hold my own with! I think I've decided to go just stick with the run of the mill nail salons with asian speaking employees -first of all, they don't try to talk TO you, just about you and its way cheaper for the same service!) before heading to Swoozie's (an adorable stationary and gift shop) and Target for some shopping. I got a great gift for my MIL for her upcoming birthday later this month and then few things for Little Hauss and myself. I am in LOVE with these and will definitely be going back for more colors! Little Hauss racked up with some new t-shirts and some dollar bin toys - doesn't take much to get him excited!

I got home yesterday early enough to spend some time poolside and then enjoyed a cat nap on the couch before the grocery store run!

Now, back to the work thing and looking forward to meeting a new little baby boy tonight who was born last weekend!!! Can't wait!


Damn Rain....

That's all.

I'm in trouble....

Little Hauss had to go to the doctor earlier this week because of a planter's wart on his foot! Well, of course there is about nothing they can do for him and since it really isn't causing any pain, we are just letting it be - but this is not my issue!

They measured and weighed him. I about choked when I learned my child is 50 lbs and 45 inches tall!!!!!!! To put this in perspective, I am almost 30 and I am only 62 inches tall!!! He is 3 years old and 9 months! I'm in big trouble! He still wants to be held sometimes or for us to "swing" him when we are walking holding hands. I can't. This could be what has contributed to my shoulder and back problems....and the fact that I'm a little "top heavy" as the doctor said.

I knew he was big...not too big, but my goodness! I thought I'd have at least a few years before he started eating me out of house and home, but it's already happening! I should just drop the "little" and start refering to him as just Hauss! Sheesh!


Loving my playlist

So, I've become quite addicted to www.playlist.com at work. I's great. I have about 5 or 6 different playlists now and I just keep on going. I don't really have a favorite type of music, so this lets me choose my moood! I have everything from beach songs, country, classic rock, and even my own little guilty pleasure (teeny boppers). I know its crazy, but sometimes I just feel the need to jam to some old school new kids or backstreet boys! I'm not afraid to admit it! I'm sure my boss thinks I'm completely crazy since she can probably hear the sounds coming from my office....

Natural Alarm Clock

My body clock is so screwed up. It never fails that I have to get up to pee 30 minutes before my alarm goes off. I thought it was just a natural 5:30am thing, but lo and behold this morning I awoke to my urging bladder at 4:30am. Now, when I realized it was only 4:30, I thought, sweet, I get another hour and a half. Only when I was walking back to the bedroom did I remember I had to get up at 5 so I could be at work early for a meeting! Damn bladder!

This really puts a damper in my mornings. I'm just saying!


Preppy Giveaway!!!

Oh, the goodies and happies she has are great! Go to Preppy Paper Girl for this awesome giveaway. Her stuff is amazing and so girly and cute! Hurry up!!!


Not so fun weekend

Our weekend started out great. A night out to a family fun event that our local town puts on one Friday a month. There is a band, lots of bevies of your liking, and a little bounce house extravaganza for the kiddos! So, we let Little Hauss jump and slide to his hearts content while we sipped on some refreshing Bud Lite Lime - our new favorite!

Saturday morning was full of pancakes and lots of siryup (as Little Hauss says) until he spiked a favor (his term) of 102 mid morning! It came out of nowhere and he was out of commission the rest of the day. We laid around aimlessly all day until it was time for him to go to Gigi's for the night. He was all about it, despite the yuckiness and we had somewhere we were supposed to be (already paid for) so we thought he'd be ok. I no more than dropped him off, and got back home before we got a call that he had puked all over the place.....my mom's bed, floor, everywhere!!! So, needless to say, we picked him up and kept him with us the rest of the night. I would normally never leave him that sick with just anyone and would gladly cuddle with him all night even if I had somewhere to be, but since it was my mom, I thought he'd be ok......boy was I wrong! He just got too hot and yacked only the one time!!! Thank goodness for us! By Sunday, he was feeling much better, but the fun didn't stop there.

I tweaked my neck muscle AGAIN, and was useless last night and this morning. Hubby had to get up on his one day to sleep in to take me to work and drop off Little Hauss at school. I only lasted until about 9:30 and came home to a wonderful concoction of a heating pad, advil and muscle relaxers. That got me through the day (in and out of consciousness) and now I'm somewhat mobile.....not 100%, but getting there....another dose of that after Little Hauss gets to bed, and hopefully by tomorrow I'll be golden.