ONE more week (or less)

This post is dedicated to my husband!

I would like to remind him that we are having a baby in ONE week or less. As in NEXT Wednesday this baby will come hell or highwater. It might have slipped his mind that the blessed event was so close. He might have mentioned doing something NEXT Friday (for work) IF we dind't have the baby YET! Um, I politely (matter of factly) reminded him that I was NOT going to be in labor over 48 hours. This baby would be here by then and that most likely would be our first night home from the hospital.
He looked at me puzzled. And then tried to save his own arse by saying that I was just doing so well with this pregnancy, he forgot I was that far along! Yeah, ok.....just keep telling yourself that babe! Apparently he has a meeting on the 30th and thought it was further away than it really was so he didn't realize NEXT Wednesday was the 1st already. WOW!
I was actually speachless. I mean, how does that happen?
Don't worry, we are speaking now. He looked at his work schedule and it dawned on him that he was off next Tuesday - Sunday for baby! I'm glad that he figured it out!
And now for your viewing pleasure!