It's a GIRL

I really was convinced it was a boy. I would have never guessed we could produce a girl! Hubby's family just doesn't make them....well, so we thought! It is the 2nd girl in 60 years on his mom's side (first one was just in April) and the first in 50ish years for his dad's side!! Talk about odds to beat!!!
So, we welcome our daughter, Magpie, to the family!
I didn't think she would get here as fast as she did, but I guess she was ready!
We checked in the hospital about 6:45 this am, got settled in our room, then at the shift change, our nurse started my IV, but didn't have pitosin as yet. She started that around 8:30 after the doctor checked in. I was about 2-3 cm at this time and se was -3 (so fairly high still). Around 10:00, he came back and broke my water - and I was still only about 3 cm. They hiked up the pitosin and things started getting more uncomfortable. About 12:30, I felt the contractions were back to back and a lot stronger. I seriously considered an epidural, but I'm so glad I didn't. I asked if the doctor could come back to check me because I knew if I had progressed far enough, I would just push my way through the pain. At this point, I was really struggling and finally my nurse checked me and wouldn't you know it, it was time to push!!!!!
She literally ran down the hall, called for the doctor to be paged, ran back with the cart and did a quick shout out to the grandmothers that a baby was coming soon! By the time she came in, the doctor was right behind her and I was so ready to go...but he told me to wait a minute so he could get ready!!! That was the worst!
Finally, he was ready and it was about 1:15. I pushed a few times and there she was at 1:23!!!!!
OMG...really? I just had a baby....and then I was in total shock for about 45 minuts that I had a girl!!! I was totally prepared for a boy!
So, here are her stats:
born at 1:23 pm
8 lbs 9 oz
21 inches long
We are in love and thinks she perfect. LH met her a few hours later and he's in love too!!!! We had a video of their first encounter, but hubby accidently deleted it from the camera....oh well, we have lots of pics! I'll be sure to post more as we get them!!! I'll also do a comparison of the two from when they were born....they are definitely siblings!