Two Wheels!!!

He's getting so big!!! He got the "big boy" bike, but within hours of that, he wanted to try his smaller bike without training wheels!!! He's a natural!!!! In no time, he'll have the big boy bike on two wheels I'm sure! Showing off!

35 Weeks

Besides resembling a giant lime or avacado, I feel pretty good! This shirt does't show much "definition" - I couldn't believe my ladies look small!! I think the shirt might need to be put up since it won't stretch much more than this and I'm just going to keep growing!!! 5 short weeks left!!! Maybe sooner!


WOW! I officially have cankles - you know...when your calf migrates to your ankle. They got really bad yesterday - I'm sure from sitting at my desk for hours on end and then going out to dinner last night. I finally got home around 9:30 and propped them up with frozen peas....Helped some, but they are still a little puffy today! I get off work around 11:30 and will be able to rest and ice them some more hopefully! I am really surprised that I've lasted this long in this pregnancy without them. I was swollen ALL over from about 4 or 5 months on with LH - you think I'm kidding but it was so bad, my lips were puffy!
This was the worst one....see the indention of my flip flps!