Change in Seasons

If I thought my summer was busy, I'm in for it this fall! I can't find an empty place on my calendar through November it seems. Now, all of these things are not necessary (for some), but I'm a doer and goer so they are pretty high on my list.

With the change in seasons comes a whole new world of responsibilities and picking up where things were left off in late spring. Don't get me wrong, but I just can't get over how busy we are now, and we are only a family of 3 with a child in preschool. I often wonder how life will be when LH is in school and has all of those activities and committments that go along with it and possibly a baby in the mix. I see people do it and I know I can, but I can't envision it just yet. I think, how in the world do they even have time for dinner, let alone an evening to themselves, or even a weekend free to lounge in pjs and watch movies? It baffles me how we adjust and go on like nothing much has changed. It's our nature I guess...well, my nature to just change with the ebb and flow of life. NOW, that is in no way implying I am laid back and "go with the flow" because if you haven't already figured out, that is not how I am. I am uptight and controlling and down right OCD with most things. I know you think it might not be the way to live, but its the way I am. I love it.

My friend and her hubby, Daddy Daycare, have 3 kids. THREE! Now, I love lots of kids and think that I would love more than 2 (Hubby says never going to happen, fyi), but I see how they juggle everyday life and it amazes me. One in elementary school, one in preschool and one that is 5 months old! WOW. They have more things going on than I could even keep up with, but they seem to do it with grace and ease. Now, I know that is not always the case, but from an outsider's perspective, it seems so most of the time. It doesn't hurt she is kind of OCD like me. I guess that's how I know I'll be able to handle more when it happens.

Kuddos to all of you with one, two or even more children that keep it all together so well - or so i seems!