My way

Isn't it always, but really, I'm getting my way on basement floor dibacle!

Hubby and I had a very vivid discussion about the floors in the basement during the reorganization. Yes, he actually talked back and I let him have an opinion on this. I mean, it practically is his man cave, so he should have some say in what happens down there - some, not all!

Ok, so we have an unfinished and finished side. Unfinished holds laundry, dog food area, crafts and tool bench = concrete floors! Finished side holds couches, tv, desk, play area for LH = old worn out berber carpet. NOW, after this incident, the carpet is in worse shape than before. My conclusion is that dogs + berber = mess! Not only did they dog poo on it, the other dog has marked the back of my chaise lounge!!!!! YES, actually hiked his leg and claimed it for himself. We have cleaned it and the carpet around it, but its just so damn irritating! My blood pressure rises everytime I see the spot on the back of the chair. It's microfiber so when it gets wet or stained, it shows a darker area! Thanks - and to clarify, that is HIS dog! MY dog has the poo problem. I mean, its not rank down there, but its just annoying!

Well, obviously we want new carpet, but we aren't stupid, so we aren't going to get new carpet until we are ready to sell the house or have no dogs. We'll sell the house before we don't have dogs, so we are in a pickle. What to do with the basement floors?

Well, I came up with the idea of painting/staining the concrete under the carpet. I know its a basement and it will be cooler down there, but a few area rugs or remnents will take care of that. This is where our discussion got a little heated. My mom was there through the whole thing and laughing at us hysterically. We tried to get her opinion, but she stayed far out of this one! Hubby was trying to fight to the end about keeping the carpet and he said my solution to everything was just rip it up and throw it away. He may have gotten that idea from the unfinished side where there was a small reminent that I may of may not have cut piece by piece. What else are you going to do with the poo dog poos all over it? It was nasty indoor/outdoor carpet for the laundry area. The concrete looks much better and is a lot easier to clean - just bleach it! He agrees with this by the way! However, he wasn't sure if he'd love a cold concrete floor to walk on as he settles in for his lounging and football game watching!

Well, I won him over. He must have been doing a little diy researching and he sent me an email of a video of concrete flooring! And then we found a diy step by step on how to paint your concrete floors! I'm very excited about this project. It will have to wait until we get back from the cruise (which is in 12 days in case I didn't mention that) and have a few good days to work on it, but it's going to happen!!!!!! The only bad thing is that we just moved all that stuff down in the basement! Now, I'm going to have to take it all out again! Oh well, it'll be worth it!

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Kim said...

You are a home make-over fool!!! You love this stuff!!! I can't get anything done at my place. It's insane!! I do like your idea of staining/painting/dying the concrete. This crazy boxer I got did some sort of puke thing in my bedroom floor. It's more like bile. Bright yellow. And it ain't comin' out. Why must she do this on the carpet, why not spit up her bile on the hardwoods???