Up in the Air

I guess that is a fitting title for this post as I'm referring to my plans to travel and the wind advisories in effect until late Wednesday! I'm so ready to get out of here and see something other than white on the ground. I'm ready to do some major shopping and have my mommy fix as my dad calls it! This weather is really putting a cramp in my plans...maybe.

I was worried about the roads being clear of snow and ice by tomorrow for me to head south, but now they are predicting up to 65 mph wind gusts through the mountains.....UM, yeah, I could either be smashed into the side of the mountain or blown completely off!!! My car isn't big and the mountain I have to go down is one of the worsts when it comes to wind!!! SO, it looks like I'll be taking the long way through Tennessee. It isn't too much longer, but safer is definitely more important!

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