NC Zoo

Last Friday a friend and I took our kiddies to the North Carolina Zoo! It is about a 2 1/2 hours away and we were prepared for a great day! It was just that! The kids did fabulously in the car and then were amazing all day in the hot sun! We walked and walked and walked. We played, checked out the cool animals and just enjoyed being free! No work, so responsibilities! Just fun! We are already trying to "plan" our next trip for the summer. We want to take them to a cool interactive children's museum about an hour away - but we are waiting for a yucky weekend day that we can't spend at the pool!
Totally Picking the nose of the Rino!

Ready to start the day!ot

Second time on there!! had to ride the eagle

Me and My little man!


Shut your mouth...

About my kid! I know how he is. I know he's a boy's boy and is full of energy. I know that he is hyper and excitable, especially when he has an audience! I know that he loves to talk (no idea where that is from - wink wink) and I know that he LOVES it when you laugh at him for doing something he knows he's not supposed to do - like burp, say "bad" words or shake his booty! Do you think I don't know all these things? Do you think that I purposefully let him get away with it? Did you not hear me try to politely "take care of the situation" in front of you by calling him out or asking if he would please not do that anymore? Because if you didn't, I understand a little itty bitty bit why you might think that it's totally ok for you to put your two cents in, but if you DID hear me, then please keep your comments to yourself. Oh, and furthermore, don't bring up the fact that there will be another one soon that "you'll have to deal with" and "what if the next one is like THIS too"!
I happen to LOVE him like this and I know that this is just him being entertaining. I am not saying it is right for him to "act out" but he's not hurting you and I've learned to pick my battles. I also know that I'll take care of it later. He will have a talk or possibly be punished for whatever his undesirable behavior is at this given moment - if it is deserving. He's FOUR!!!!!! He's a BOY!!!! And I love him no matter what. If I thought that the situation called for it, I'd yank his hiney right on outta there and give him a piece of my mind and if needed, take him home!
I'm ok with you maybe calling him out if he's about to hurt someone or doing something completely inappropriate (especially if I'm not there or unaware of what is happening) BUT if I'm present, please don't parent my child, even if you are parent yourself because they are all different and so are our styles.

More of me...

Literally! I'm just growing and growing!! This is a pic of me today at 26 1/2 weeks! I feel GREAT. Really! I feel pretty too! I know that sounds weird, but I do. I don't feel huge and slow and just down right gross like some mommies to be do! I LOVE pregnancy. I have offered to be a surrogate for people, but hubby says NO! Apparently the "attitude" is just not desirable and NOT to mention the "restriction" issue this time. SO, I guess no more babies!