Ashes to Ashes....

You think that it'll never happen to you. Always feeling so sorry for those other people far away that you don't really know or can't really see the ramifications. I'll admit, I'm kind of like that. I sympathize with families that struggle (more so than us) or I cry when I see the shows that rebuild homes after disasterous fires, floods, and the like, but I never really know what it's like. Well, now I do.

Hubby called about 12:30 this afternoon (which is fairly odd because he should be sleeping) and that should have been a clue.....
He informed me that the neighbor's house was on fire! REAL fire...like engulfed in flames and destroying everything in their life they had ever known right in front of their very own eyes. Something that I just can't even imagine for myself. What do you do? How will you live?
Everyone was ok, out of the house, including the 3 dogs that have now become our house guests! 2 Jack Russels and 1 Lab mix added to our 2 Boxers! Full house to say the least! He said that there were tons of Firemen, Police, EMS, you name it there to help. He called with updates all afternoon. It had taken the fire department at least an hour or more to contain just the outside before they even entered the house with hoses and such. SO, you can just imagine the smoke and water damage left behind from this ordeal. The one saving grace for today was that it was raining steadily, which I can only hope that aided in the putting out of the flames.
Hubby said they had to bust out the vent in the attic, the front door and some windows to get in. I am so glad I wasn't there to witness this tragic event. I would have been a basket case! I will now not only sympathize, but will have true empathy for my neighbors and everything that they have endured today.
Who knows what the future holds, but I bet they'll have to tear down the house and start from scratch. What a weird feeling!

Now, I've just got to figure out a way to explain all this to Little Hauss. If anything, it will be a great lesson in our blessings from God and how we can help a neighbor in need.

Please say a prayer for our friends as they need them so much right now.


I might need an intervention

Do they do those for over involved, compulsive, and obsessive mommies like me? I'm a little cookoo for the pirate party. Maybe I'll just dress up in some red feathers and be the parrot? Seriously, I've already got most of the menu planned, some of the games, the party favors and even a few cupcake designs I want to attempt - which of course I'll have to try out ahead of time to see which ones take the cake (no pun intended)!

If you happen to run accross a preview for the derranged mommy sporting an eye patch and bandana on the show Intervention on A & E, then you'll know it's me!

All hands on Deck

Well, after all my deliberations over which Super Hero Invitation and party ideas, we've completely switched gears and are now going with a Pirate Party! There is no turning back now because I've orderd the invitaitons from Vista Print and they will be here in a few weeks. Normally I would have made them, but they were so darn cute and so much cheaper (less than $10 for 20 including shipping) than I would have spent buying my supplies! AND, they come with free envelopes!
Little Hauss was all excited while I was looking at the invitations online the other day, saw the pirate ship and it was all over after that!
My friend told me today that she has a pirate ship play thing that kids can get in and play on and offered it up for his party!!! I think I can find some neat games for them to play and I've already thought of cute favors to give his guests! My next move is to find some cute cupcake decorations and pirate themed food!
Here is the invitation!


Sugar 'em up and let 'em loose!

Pretty much my motto of the weekend.

We were at home this weekend but with tons of things to do. Friday I took Little Hauss to the local After 5 festivities where he indulged in a sprite and sherbet then jumped himself silly in the bouncehouse, followed by an overnight stay at Mauggie and Papa's. (outta sight right?)
I picked him up Saturday after my test (2nd round) and we headed to an event at a local park where all types of trucks, motor cycles, and even some aircrafts were that kids could get in, climb on, and blow the horns! I am pretty sure he had about 5 gumballs (yes, the very sugary kind) before we went and ended up with some sort of fruit roll up and a cookie from his lunchable and maybe 2 juice boxes...it was hotter than all get out! After his (our) extremely long nap, we went poolside and where he finally ate pizza and abou a gazillion cinnamon sticks with icing around 9pm.
Today wasn't much different.....after some froot loops, we hit Target to purchase a birthday gift for the party this evening and I'm pretty sure there might have been some more gumballs in there too. He finally ate some veggies in his chicken pot pie and a few blueberries before taking another long nap. With no time for dinner, we headed to the party at My Gym and he ran around like crazy and he (we) ate ice cream cake and doritos. He did eat a granola bar afterwards in the car that had chocolate chips in it! which he reminded me that he couldn't have!!! Everyone knows LH doesn't eat chocolate pretty much ever! He can deal with sugar, but not the caffeine, but tonight, it was all I had and he needed something to get him through Vacation Bible School for the next 2 hours! Yes, I literally took him from the party and dropped him at church! Hope he's a bundle of joy for them!!!
I should get the Mother of the Year award.....I am fairly certain he has consumed maybe a whole serving of fruits and veggies this entire weekend! Oh well, we'll be back on track tomorrow!


As you can tell, I am changing things around again. I just can't seem to find a background I'm in love with! I think I'll be able to stick with this one until at least the end of the summer....but don't hold me to that!
Well, along with my new background, I've lost my poll! But I got a pretty good idea of which invitation was preferred - the last one, which was my favorite too! I'll let you see the finished product as long as nothing major changes - like the theme!!!

Speaking of birthdays, Little Hauss got invited to a party this evening for another little boy in his class at My Gym! We are still in need of a gift (just got the invitation on Friday) so we'll be venturing out for that soon -hope it goes better than last time....we were in Walmart for eternity debating on what his friend should have!

Hopefully we'll get in some pool time, followed by a nap and then Vacation Bible School starts tonight as well, so we have a busy day ahead of us!


Guilty Pleasure

I am not a reality TV junkie, but I do endulge in certain shows every once in a while. I have watched Survivor and American Idol, but those aren't the ones I choose if given a choice. I prefer the ones with some character and substance - oh, sorry, I forgot I was referring to reality tv. I used to watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 until well, it just got bad, and then I've always been a little intrigued by The Girls Next Door! Now, as a spin off, there is Kendra, which is not my favorite ex-girlfriend, but still I find myself attracted to the show. I have also been catching some episodes of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood - and yes, I've watched the two previous seasons as well!
So, last night, they were both on at the same time!!! I guess I've never realized it because I usually am passed out at the time its on - 10pm or I've watched one or the other about halfway through. Last night I stayed up the whole time and was flipping back and forth at commercials!! I think I have a problem! I mean, seriously, all I have to do is wait until this weekend and I could catch a gazillion reruns of each to catch up without missing valuable sleep!
I can't really think of any other reality shows that I like to watch - correction, that I'm sucked into! That's all it is...another way to suck precious hours of your life right out of you. I would say its a guilty pleasure, but in all honesty, its just shameful but I won't stop - they've got me now!!!!

Slim Pickins

Superhero Blue

Superhero Red

Superhero Stars/Cape

Superhero Dots/5

Pease take time to vote on the poll in the side bar of the following superhero invitations! I have decided to go with a general Superhero Theme. I might order them or make my own by using these as inspiration. I have also found some very neat superhero games to play and I thought I could let the kids dress up as their favorite superhero! I'm getting very excited and its still months away!

It only took 14 years....

To train the Hubby (with my superb planning skills)! So, I'm wearing off on him. Better late than never I guess.

Hubby and I work for the same employer, and our email server is a lot like Microsoft Outlook and has the calendar, tasks, etc that can be shared between anyone on the server. Music to my ears this morning when he came home and told me he set up a share calendar for us to use!!! This sure beats digging into his breifcase for his planner (that isn't always filled in) and adding things to it, finding out when he's off work, has training, etc, and sending lengthy emails about all upcoming events he must attend!!!

I thought he might have been ill and even checked him for a fever - but no - he just decided that things are getting busier and busier so we needed something a little more structured that we could both check, add to, change, etc and it will automatically share with the other person! Really, a man after my own, a-typical and anal retentive heart! Love you!

Side note - this is in addition the the desk calendar, wall calendar, planner, personal outlook calendar, and not to mention all the saved dates in my head I already use! I might have a problem!


Too Early? I think Not!

To start planning Little Hauss's 4th birthday party! You know me.....love to plan!
Really, all I want to get set is the date! We are already running into issues due to the fact that his actual birthday is on Labor Day! The reasonable thing to do is bump it to another weekend....before or after?
Well, I'm still a little selfish in the fact that my birthday will be falling before his and its a big one - 30 (on a Thursday no less, but you always want to leave the weekend open for possibilities of celebrating for days on end)!!! Plus, not everyone is off on Fridays (like me) so recovering from said celebrations might be difficult for those that have to work, so the best option is to have his birthday partay on the following weekend! Also, you want to ensure that everyone is in town and not still on vacays!
Now we come to the theme. He's been a little over the top about Spiderman for about a year, but lately, we've been going back and forth on other super heros and now Transformers.....hmmm? I know the logical thing would be to ask what he wants, but he's 3! He doesn't know, nor will he know if he still wants the same thing come September! Also, if you bring up the subject NOW, you risk living through torture for the next 8 weeks....trust me! I am toying with the idea of just a generic super hero party?
I do not love themey themes. That sounds ridiculous I know! I love a partial theme - like an overall theme, but not to be too matchy matchy! I just don't want ALL that goes with a said theme! I don't mind a cute invitation, maybe a napkin or cake, but I would rather fill in the rest with solid colors. Besides the fact that it is just too much of a headache looking at all of the matchy stuff, it can't be reused! At least with leftover solid plates, cups, etc....you can reuse for other occassions!
So, now, what's a girl to do??


Do you need another reason?

To see "The Proposal"? Ok, so it really was a good chick flick and belly laughing funny at times, but this is really the best reason to see the movie:

And, yes, you get to see all of that!!!


Amped up Smores

I just read a fellow blogger post on this not too long ago and thought, hmmmm, I bet that is a great treat! Well, I finally got to see what all the hpye was about last night.

Hubby and I hung out with some friends - very low key, just some kabobs and cocktails on the porch. Dessert was supposed to be smores and I'm such a fan! Really, how can you go wrong with those wonderful flavors all meshed together in one messy sandwich! I wasn't sure it could get much better, but it did! It was sooooooooooo tasty with a reese's peanut butter cup instead of the regular hershey's bar! Oh my goodness. It was heaven! I'm pretty sure I'll never go back. The hershey seems so plain jane!

I'm still craving them....good thing we don't have any of the ingredients!!! I'd be in lots of trouble!


Bon Appe-Feet!

Definition: Open Mouth, Insert Foot!

Yesterday, I demonstrated this move and that's all I'm saying!


Parting Ways

I have a cowlick! It's been the pain in my hurr ever since I went to a shorter cut (um, senior year in high school maybe - or first year of college). I have always parted my hurr with the cowlick....well, it just parts itself actually.

Well, my hurr girl asked if I had ever gone the other way (with my part - dirty minds - stop it now)? I had not I told her. She suggested I try it. It might help with hiding my cowlick and that funky kink I have (partly due to humidity, mainly due to pregnancy - thanks Little Hauss). So, I've been in training for a few days. Training is going well and it is a nice change - I mean, there's not a whole lot you can do with my mane when I basically have the same cut all the time!

So, in the last few days, I have recieved more compliments on my new hurr cut - or new do', even though I got it cut a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, it looks really good this way! I just wanted to thank all of you for noticing and boosting my self esteem - but I just have to ask -

If I looked so horrible before, why didn't you tell me???? Geez!


Little snot...

My child needs an attitude adjustment at the ripe ol' age of 3 1/2.

My mom is in town and offered to pick him up early from school to play with her and then I would just run by after work to get him, but he had other plans in mind. He told her he didn't want to go home with her. He wanted his Papa. Well, Papa isn't picking him up today, so now, he was left at school by his Gigi and will be picked up my his notsohappy momma! Hope he enjoyed his extra hour of playtime with his friends, because he's not gonna love when I get there!

I could care less about him staying at school longer, but he will find out soon enough that he doesn't get to make those decisions.

Rules of the road?

What is the rule for mopeds??

I know how to deal with pedestrians and bycyclists, but mopeds? Seriously, if you can't reach the speed limit on whatever mode of transportation you choose to use (motorized), the get off the road! Don't wave me around you after I've been carefully trailing behind you at 10 miles LESS than the suggested limit for a couple of miles. Geez...

Listening Ears?

Are yours on? This is a typical question in our house.....usually aimed at our son, but I almost asked the Hubby last night.

I left the house in the morning giving him details of the evening events - not to surprise him - I thought I was being considerate and thoughtful as things would indeed be different from normal evenings. WRONG.....I think everything I told him followed me out the door because when I came home, he asked all kinds of things that I had already told him and acted like what I was saying was crazy!

Hubby, I love you dearly, and I do love to talk, but sometimes, despite what you think, there are important details that come out of my mouth that I would appreciate you giving half and ear to!

Ok, I've said my piece! Please forgive me for blog bashing you - his words, not mine!

I'll spare you....

Anymore countdowns for at least........a month!!! I can't completely stop it or I would risk you not remembering my birthday! I know some of you will be disappointed, but you'll be ok - I promise!!!

So, the test.....let's just say, the countdown for the next test continues!


Tick Tock

Test results are in...................1 day
Next test (if I failed 1st)........12 days
7th Wedding Anniversary.....21 days
Girls Beach weekend.............24 days
My 30th Birthday..................45 days
Little Hauss's 4th Birthday...56 days
CRUISE...................................81 days (I didn't count this, my dad did!!)

YAY!!!!!! Except for the test!


We've gone and done it!

We have a fair that comes to town every year. It's one of the biggest on the east coast and it's here for about 10 days each summer! I used to go with my friends to just hang out and walk around in high school, but haven't been back sense. Oh, well, maybe ONCE about 5 years ago I literally walked in to get a funnel cake and walked right back out! Well, after we had Little Hauss, I mentioned it to the Hubby! I thought we should take him a couple of summers ago when he was almost 2! Wrong! Hubby and I both work for a local establishment where we see all sorts of people and usually on one of their worst days so Hubby was less than thrilled to go and have a possible run in with any of them....especially with having his family with him.
Now that Little Hauss is almost 4, he's very aware of the HUGE Ferris Wheel in his backyard and wants to go see what its all about! I don't blame him - what kid wouldn't be attracted to the lights and rides? Oh, and it doesn't help that all the kids in school are talking about it. He came home everyday last week asking when we were going. We took him on Friday evening (hubby had already agreed that we should and he would just man up and be a good daddy!!!!). It didn't open until 4, so we got there a little after the gates opened and walked a loop so he could take it all in - and so we could scope out the rides he could actually ride alone. Lucky us, he met the height requirement for over 15 or so rides. With tickets costing a pretty penny, it was well worth it for us to purchase the wristband and let him go on as many as he wanted - which was ALL of them!
He LOVED it. He went down the slide over 5 times and rode some others twice! He was so excited and in awe of all the scenery - we were in awe of some of it as well! I still can't figure out where these people come from.....and this seriously must be a vacation for some of them. It is easy as pie to drop over $100 in an hour at this place....games, tickets, and food! We had a limit for Little Hauss. He got all the rides with the wristband, one snack and one drink. He was having so much fun though, we had to force him to stop and eat (and knowing him, you know that is a hard feat because he eats everything all the time)!
And on a positive note, we didn't see any riff raff that we knew! It was a good day, but we're thankful it only comes once a year!!!!!

This is why it was all worth it! He's in awe!
View from the top!

The Sea Lions

Chowing down on a corndog!

Probably the 3rd or 4th time down the slide!

Getting ready to spin the apple!

Ready for take off!


Where do we come from?

Little Hauss never ceases to amaze me with his charm, knowledge, and most of all wit! He's quite the funny guy and knows more than he should at this age! I really never worried about "those" conversations or having the "talk", but I didn't expect it until about age 5 or 6! He's not even 4 and is catching me off guard more and more these days!

This week I got stuck in one of those moments! Little Hauss asked me how long the Hubby and I had been married (which is just crazy from a 3 1/2 year old anyway but nonetheless). I told him almost 7 years which he replied to with "when I was a baby?" I told him no, that he wasn't born yet. He said, "oh, when I was in your belly?" I told him no again and said that he wasn't in mommy's belly until a few more years after that. He then dropped the bomb on me. He asked "How did I get in your belly?" WHAT? Ok, So I really did have a simple answer for this...but before I could even answer him, he sneaks this out - "Mom, how did you get me in your belly? Did you eat me?" HAHA! I really was just on the floor laughing. He got me good! But then he sucker punched me one last time......He asked "how did you get me out?"

And that marked the end of the converstation!


Zip It

My mouth that is.

As most of you know or have realized, I talk a lot. I have lots to say (whether you want to listen to it or not) and I'm very straight forward. I try really hard to think before I speak, but sometimes that doesn't always happen.

I have a tone. You know that tone. Sometimes I don't even know I have it until someone takes offense. Puh-leeze! Some people are wound too tight for their own good and can't just let it be. Some people should get a back bone and say something to my face if it bothers them.....obviously I say it like it is, so they should be able to return the favor. Most times, I'm not mad or upset, but just simply stating a fact or an observation. Other times, I am a little peeved, and yes, you will know it. I have no problem telling you if I'm irritated. If I'm really mad, you'll definitely get the picture - or Stella will tell you, but hopefully it doesn't reach that point.

Either way, I'm sorry to anyone I've offended by just being me and saying things that always come out of my mouth! I'll try to work on that!


Low Key Holiday

We tried....not the best photo, but we got one!

This was after we let Little Hauss sleep until 7ish (at the pool until at least 4) with the hopes of him staying up for the fireworks and not being a total grump. We ate, watched a movie to pass the time before the festivities and then WOKE up to the booms! Yep, we all fell asleep on the couch! BEFORE 9pm! I apparently was so gone that I didn't hear the fireworks, and Hubby was waking me up dragging Little Hauss out to the porch to make sure they didn't miss anything. I caught up a few minutes later and we got to see a great show. Usually they are around 10, but it started to drizzle, so we guess the wanted to go ahead and do them before the weather wouldn't allow it!

All in all it was a great day of time spent with friends and family. Hope you all had a great holiday!


Happy 4th of July

This was one year ago! We had no idea this was one of the perks of buying the house, even if it is only once a year!

This is the view I'll have around 10pm tonight from my front porch with a cocktail in hand and my two favorite boys beside me!
Now, off to breakfast with friends, lounging by the pool, some good ol' american food, and finishing off with some fireworks!

I hope you all have a great Independence Day!


Last night of freedom...

I pick up Little Hauss tomorrow! I'm going out with a bang too - a porch happy hour with the girls after work!

We've thoroughly enjoyed our week together and had so much fun. I appreciate the quality time that Hubby and I have had and vow to make more time for it when Little Hauss returns. It is such a blessing to be able to spend all this uninterrupted time with my best friend! We have date nights and late evening chats, but it isn't the same as days!

We are so excited to see our little man and hear about all the wonderful fun things he did with his Gigi and Pop! I'm sure he'll talk about it for weeks! We've chatted with him briefly on the phone but he's been more interested in playing with whatever cool toy or game Gigi had for him than telling us about his day! It is just nice to hear his sweet voice!

I highly reccommend a break from your child to reconnect with your spouse if you have the time and the help! It's great for you and them to spend some time apart every once in a while - plus he's gonna have to get used to it when we are in MEXICO for our cruise!