Last night of freedom...

I pick up Little Hauss tomorrow! I'm going out with a bang too - a porch happy hour with the girls after work!

We've thoroughly enjoyed our week together and had so much fun. I appreciate the quality time that Hubby and I have had and vow to make more time for it when Little Hauss returns. It is such a blessing to be able to spend all this uninterrupted time with my best friend! We have date nights and late evening chats, but it isn't the same as days!

We are so excited to see our little man and hear about all the wonderful fun things he did with his Gigi and Pop! I'm sure he'll talk about it for weeks! We've chatted with him briefly on the phone but he's been more interested in playing with whatever cool toy or game Gigi had for him than telling us about his day! It is just nice to hear his sweet voice!

I highly reccommend a break from your child to reconnect with your spouse if you have the time and the help! It's great for you and them to spend some time apart every once in a while - plus he's gonna have to get used to it when we are in MEXICO for our cruise!