Sweetest Boss (and wife) ever

Today is a sad day in the office. I work for the Sheriff's Department and our Sheriff of 18 years is retiring and moving on to bigger and better things - we aren't sure they are better than us, but he'll figure that out soon enough - hehe!
I have the privilege of working in the same office as him daily along with 3 other awesome women! He loves every minute of it!!! He has to or he'd go nuts I'm sure! We are a special group and are spoiled rotten by him and his wife.
I've been here 2 years and in that time, we've all become close like a little family. My immediate supervisor even had her wedding at their house. I'm sure some people in the department think its crazy but we don't think of him as the "Sheriff" like someone that is untouchable or hard to talk to. Infact, its opposite. He's a great mentor, teacher and friend. He's like a father to us all, making sure his "girls" are taken care of.
His wife, Mrs. Sheriff, is the icing on the cake! She has us up to their house for lunches, holidays, and visits us all the time. She treats us with special soaps for the office bathroom, trinkets and just little surprises all the time! Today was no different. We had our "last lunch" at the office and she didn't disappoint. She also left us with sweet cards and a small gift thanking us for "taking care" of him all these years, when really we were thanking them for the same thing!
Officially his last day is Friday and we'll have a new Sheriff in town on Monday! He's not new really, someone from the Department stepping in, but it just won't be the same.
We will miss them dearly!

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