Already shopping for swimsuits

I actually love shopping for bathing suits - WHEN I'm pregnant! I don't know why, but I don't seem to care about getting in one and going to the pool when I'm carrying a huge load in my belly! I can't seem to find anything that I like though. I haven't actually been to the stores, but I'm not thrilled with the choices online.

First of all, I can't get over the fact that almost every single maternity bathing suit is a halter! WHAT? Don't they realize that the ladies get larger, heavier and just more uncomfortable throughout the pregnancy, so they should try to lessen that burden with some nice wide straps to support! I guess I'm going to have to design swimsuits now. Maybe I should - I really run into this issue every year when I'm looking. It HURTS - really bad!!! That pressure does not need to be on the neck! We already have enough issues as it is, so give us a break.

The other part is most of them are fairly cheap - which is nice because they realize that you will not be wearing it summer after summer, however, some are more expensive than regular bathingsuits. Of course their the ones that have nice wide straps and a cute pattern that I like! Isn't that how it always works out.

I'm hoping to do some shopping (in person) soon to check out what I've seen online. We'll see. I might have to wait until May when we go back to ATL and hope that I find something there. I would think they would have a better selection down there and there is an outlet mall that might be worth a try.

I know I don't need one now, but they are already selling them in stores NOW, with snow still on the ground and all. I just don't want to get the bottom of the barrel and have to wear some granny suit because I waited too long to look. Also, I did check out Ebay. UM, no thanks. I don't care to buy secondhand clothing or shoes or NWT (new with tags) or even NWOT (new without tags), but I will NOT purchase a swimsuit that someone has WORN!!! That's just a little too close for comfort for me and I can't believe people actually buy those! I would borrow or take one from a friend but not some stranger off the internet!!! Gross!

I loved my last maternity bathing suit because it had this tie at the bust and it seemed to "grow" with me throughout the summer. I could adjust it as needed and it never felt too constricting or tight. I gave it to a friend and never expected it back, but I wish I could find something similar or atleast something that I like!!


Tiffany and Jamie said...

Is that friend me??? Because it's funny that you mentioned it. As I was reading this I was like NO NO, don't go buy one..I have your teal one from before, plus I bought another one with Will, so I have two I can give you.

Hokie Girl said...

YES!!!! I figured you had passed it on or gotten rid of it. I just never expected it back, but that would be AWESOME!!! AND, a new one to add to it!!! Yay!! You rock!