Time flies...

I'm having sooooooo much fun with sweet baby girl, but time is flying by way too fast! I only have about 4 1/2 weeks left before going back to work. Boo! Now, I would love to spend more time at home but I'm not quite stay at home mom material really. I love working and having adult interaction, but I just love this time to bond with magpie and hanging out with LH after school! It is just so much fun! I'm blessed in so many ways.

So, things are good. She is a doll. Sleeping well and eating great - sometimes too great. I have been pumping to give me a break here and there because being attached to something that long sometimes is overwhelming. I have things to get done and places to go sometimes and just need it to be a quicker process. All and all, I love nursing, and I'll try to keep up as much as possible when I head back to work. Hopefully, I can keep up with her! She's getting so chubby, I love it.

She goes for her one month check up next week so we'll see just how well she's doing. I'm sure they will think she is perfect! How could they not!

LH is thriving in KG...he is having so much fun! He gets excited about everything, well, minus his weekly homework. He is getting better. We've shortened the one hour crying/whining fit to about 15 minutes and maybe some bribery of cookies, etc when finished! Whatever works as far as I'm concerned!

He had a playdate with a classmate last week and the mommies shared some coffee and chatting! She has a 3 month old little girl so we were in heaven hanging out with them while the boys played! She also passed on some cute girl clothes! Between those and the ones my college roomie gave me, I'll have a mini fashion show everyday just so she can wear them all!

LH did catch a bug this weekend and it wasn't pretty! He woke up around 4:30 am on Saturday puking...then it progressed to both ends all day! Thank goodness Hubby was home and could take care of him in the basement while the baby and I stayed upstairs. They practically lived down there for 2 days. He was pitiful...could hardly keep anything down for 24 hours! I was scared we might end up in the ER but he stopped getting sick as of Sunday morning! He still had a fever yesterday and wouldn't really eat, but could drink! He's home with us today just as precaution even though his fever broke early this morning! I wanted him to be well rested and healthy before going back to school! I just hope he stays that way!

Thankfully, the rest of us are well and haven't shown any signs of getting whatever he had!
Enjoy chubby cheeks!!!


Crazy Cuteness

Here is one of the pics from the photo shoot!! My friend's mom is a photographer and did a fantabulous job! If you are in need of someone that is very reasonable and takes great shots, let me know and I can send you her info. Her name is Donna Smith and she's in the Roanoke area!

I have a feeling that a lot of these headbands and hats with embellishments are going to be in her wardrobe!!! I hope I can find some cheap ones!!


First photo shoot

OMG....I mean, really, she was just too cute! Awake and alert the whole time, which made for a harder time to position her and get her to pose the way we wanted her to, but still got some great shots! A friend of mine's mom is a photographer and did an amazing job! She had the cutest headbands, hats and such with big flowers on them and little baskets and things to put her in! We couldn't do this when LH was born, but we can now, and I'm so glad we did! It will take a few days to get the pics, but wow, she was adorable.
I'm sure we would like any of them, but she'll be picky about them but I don't care! I can't wait to see the finished product. Miss priss didn't disappoint in making her own statement. She peed a few times and even had a little poopy!! Thank goodness everything was washable! We would have loved to get a few more poses with different outfits and props, but she was super tired and would not go to sleep, so we called it quits. I don't blame her, she lasted for an hour and a half! She was naked and manhandled so much, I doubt sleeping was on her agenda! once we got her dressed again and in the car, she passed out for a couple of hours!!
I hope I can show you some of the proofs..but not sure if I'll have access to any of the digital ones? We'll see...but I do know that I'm not on the hunt for some flower headbands and hats!!!

Just for fun...

I'll have a few more pics later this weekend but these are just what I have from this past week or so...

LH took this...but what a cute little smile??

LH, magpie, Gigi and Pop! A very rare occurance!

Another week flies by!

I can't believe Magpie is 16 days old now!!! How did that happen?? Wow. She seems so much bigger already and I just want to keep her teeny tiny forever! I would prefer her sleeping through the night even though she's been good to me in that department so far! I am really blessed that she has long stretches of 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours most nights! Momma is happy!
LH is adjusting well to life in Kindergarten and we still battle with some 'tude in the evenings, but overall we can't complain too much! The worst day is Thursdays because he actually has homework!!! I couldn't believe it, but he has a worksheet of words to trace each week and it takes about an hour and a few fits to get through. We bribed him yesterday with pizza day and ice cream! He usually packs lunch and buys only a couple times a week and is only allowed ice cream twice as well, so an extra day was a treat! He almost didn't make it though. Its rougher on us I think.
Gigi left last Sunday and I was so sad to see her go. She hung out everyday with us and helped out so much! I never once had to worry about LH, laundry, dishes, meals, or even the grocery store! Mostly we just chilled here with Magpie and chatted, watched shows and such! Nothing fancy but just enough! The MIL was visiting as well after work and brought dinner and they took LH out a couple times just to hang! We are so lucky to have such wonderful parents!
Hubby has been a terrific help this week since he took off after mom left. He has been doing the evening routines with LH and giving miss priss baths, etc. She's been alert and somewhat fussy around 9-11 some nights so he's been letting me sleep and hanging out with her. I will surely miss that help when he goes back to work on Sunday! He will still be up in the evenings, but he'll be gone for work around 10, so I'll be on my own!! I'm ok with that as she is a good sleeper so far and LH is in bed by 7:15 or 7:30 so it makes for fairly easy night times!


Miss Magpie ONE week!

A week has gone by already?? How did that happen?

Can you feel the love?

I mean, really? How cute is this???? He is obviously NOT flushing her down the toilet and is taking his big brother role very seriously!

A family of four!!!

Here we are! Blessed with two of the most wonderful children ever! I think they are pretty cute too! I'm a little biased though!


Oh, the places he'll go!

Off he goes to Kindergarten! He was so excited and ready for whatever came his way! I was not! I didn't cry though. I was excited for him. I was a little sad that he grew up too fast but I had a little one to keep me company! Let's not discuss how I'll be in another 5 years when she's old enough for school!

He's a car rider so here we are leaving to head to his first day!

Off he goes to the car!

Really? Can you just feel the excitement?

Barely got a picture he was so ready to get in there!

AND then he passed out! We could barely wake him up and yet, he still went to bed early!


It's a GIRL

I really was convinced it was a boy. I would have never guessed we could produce a girl! Hubby's family just doesn't make them....well, so we thought! It is the 2nd girl in 60 years on his mom's side (first one was just in April) and the first in 50ish years for his dad's side!! Talk about odds to beat!!!
So, we welcome our daughter, Magpie, to the family!
I didn't think she would get here as fast as she did, but I guess she was ready!
We checked in the hospital about 6:45 this am, got settled in our room, then at the shift change, our nurse started my IV, but didn't have pitosin as yet. She started that around 8:30 after the doctor checked in. I was about 2-3 cm at this time and se was -3 (so fairly high still). Around 10:00, he came back and broke my water - and I was still only about 3 cm. They hiked up the pitosin and things started getting more uncomfortable. About 12:30, I felt the contractions were back to back and a lot stronger. I seriously considered an epidural, but I'm so glad I didn't. I asked if the doctor could come back to check me because I knew if I had progressed far enough, I would just push my way through the pain. At this point, I was really struggling and finally my nurse checked me and wouldn't you know it, it was time to push!!!!!
She literally ran down the hall, called for the doctor to be paged, ran back with the cart and did a quick shout out to the grandmothers that a baby was coming soon! By the time she came in, the doctor was right behind her and I was so ready to go...but he told me to wait a minute so he could get ready!!! That was the worst!
Finally, he was ready and it was about 1:15. I pushed a few times and there she was at 1:23!!!!!
OMG...really? I just had a baby....and then I was in total shock for about 45 minuts that I had a girl!!! I was totally prepared for a boy!
So, here are her stats:
born at 1:23 pm
8 lbs 9 oz
21 inches long
We are in love and thinks she perfect. LH met her a few hours later and he's in love too!!!! We had a video of their first encounter, but hubby accidently deleted it from the camera....oh well, we have lots of pics! I'll be sure to post more as we get them!!! I'll also do a comparison of the two from when they were born....they are definitely siblings!