Room Redo Plan

Baby #2 is not the only one getting a room makeover in this household! With LH getting ready to turn the big FIVE, start Kindergarten AND become a big brother (all within days of each other), we thought he deserved some speical attention too!

We bought a nice comforter yesterday ($20 -woohoo) at an overstock store that is only open on weekends for the next few months in our area. It actually matches his room already, but hubby is willing to paint if LH wants to. I'm pretty sure he won't as his room is already green (his favorite), but we are giving him the option -with some guidance of course.

He has a step 2 toy chest in there still and we are going to update it with a nice wooden toy box and some bookshelves as well as some baskets/totes for toys and such! We want this room to be a little more "big boyish" and grown up as it will last him through elementary school - hopefully!

I'll post pics soon at least of the before. We are still working on clearing out his closet/drawers of older toys, clothes and the like to make room for all his fun new stuff.

The best part, is he doesn't even know. He doesn't seem concerned but I know he will be super exicted about the upgrade!!!

Adult Swim

Oh my! Hold on to your hats!

This weekend is filled with lots of fun stuff and I was glad to get out for a while yesterday with my girlfriends for some relaxation and rejuvination! I had two events that I went to, so it made my evening extra special.

First I met the girls for Happy Hour! It's been a while since we've all hung out and I've missed them. With the warmer weather, we will be making this a regular occurrance I'm sure. After that, I headed to a special party!

It was a Tasteful Treasures Party! It's only my second one - well, the first one was only a half of a party since I had to leave early, but last night I experienced the full effect! It is an experience none the less and for me, it was very entertaining. It is totally understandable why the spirits are flowing at these parties as it helps loosen all your inhibitions and not feel so, well, uncomfortable. This stuff doesn't bother me, so drinking or not was not a big deal. The consultant was funny and made the evening enjoyable with her anticdotes and "un"testimonials. Apparently they aren't to give their personal experiences with products, but encourage anyone in the group to share theirs - and believe you me, there were some veterans of these products that were eager to share!!! All in all, it was a good night! You have to be willing to just have fun and ready to learn A LOT about your friends and neighbors (and their husbands!! hehe)!

I guess there is a line of work out there you can make good money and stay home with your kids in this rough economic time!

Oh, and if you are waiting for me to tell you IF I got anything or not, well, I guess you'll be waiting a while! I'll never tell!