Chaos is beginning again

Well, it's that time of year when things start picking up in our house. Trips, dinners, outings, baseball games, golf tournaments, birthdays, etc. I love it and hate it all at the same time...but mostly I love it. I love going and doing more than hubby but LH seems to like it too! We rarely will just sit around on a pretty day. We are always going and doing something.

Now, on top of the regular chaotic schedule upon us, we are adding another family member to the mix, so gearing up for that is adding more to our "to do" list! We love it though. It actually keeps me sane. Well, I won't say that I'm normally sane (nor will hubby) but it keeps me focused. I usually work well under pressure and when I have a deadline, so I should be very productive this summer!! But we will definitely make sure to have fun too!

So far, we have Mother's Day, Hubby's birthday, a trip to ATL planned for next weekend and we are going to see Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum; a dinner, a few birthday parties for LH, a trip to the NC Zoo, and that's only before Memorial Day!!! In June, I have a trip to Raleigh to meet my friend's new baby, family beach trip, a baby shower for me (yay!!), brother's and mother-in-law's birthday, and another birthday party for LH! I'm excited about all the fun stuff ahead.....and in the middle of all that, we will finish baby's room and prepare for our lives to change a ton!!! Oh, and POOL opens so all our other free time (ha) will be spent soaking up the sun!!!

Green Thumb?

Could it be possible? I might actually keep some plants alive this summer?? We shall see. So far, I've bought them and they're in a pot!

I'm very excited about the pretty flowers andthey really do brighten the front porch! I just hope I can remember to keep them watered. I'm hoping that LH will be a good reminder! He's always wanting to dump water on something!

Hubby went to get me some hooks for the hanging plants because the ones in the posts were too small to hold the large hook of the basket! So, I'll have potted plants AND hanging baskets!! I hope I can keep up. I even have some herbs - well, LH and hubby did those at Easter and they are growing nicely!

I think we might even go back this weekend and get some baskets to hang over the railings on the porch!! I'm loving the way it makes everything so festive!!!

I'll take some pictures!! So much fun!