Vacation Bible School

Really this code for Mommy's free time! Ok, seriously, LH is getting a great lesson every single night, playing with friends, learning new songs and having tons of fun, but while he is there, I get a couple hours of quiet time! There is nothing wrong with feeling good about this. Nope, no guilt at all!

NOW, if it were my home church, I would be volunteering, but its not because my home church still does VBS during the mornings when I'm working! So, he's actually never gone to that one. The one he is going to is from his first pre-school church. He loved it there, but it wasn't all day, so we had to find something else when I went back to work. I love all those people, their kids, and this will be his 3rd year attending their program! He looks forward to it every summer to see his old teachers and old friends!

In my "free" time so far, I've spent way too much at Lowes, caught up on laundry (yes, I did a lot of it myself), picked up the house, cleaned out more closets and just enjoyed some quiet!