I am so not talking about the font! I'm talking about Hurr!

My mother had stick straight hair growing up. She would pay lots and lots of money to have perms and waves. She went through sets of hot rollers, steam rollers, curling irons, and not to mention tons of hairspray to keep all those curls in place - beacause hair like hers (and mine) doesn't hold curl long!

Then, BAM, at 40, she had curly hair. Really? What the hell happened? Now, she wears it curly (sometimes on the frizzy side if the weather isn't cooperating) or straight - with the help of a FAT curling iron or flat iron. I thought nothing of this miraculous (horrifying) event, until a couple of years ago - ok, so more like 3 years and 9 months ago (um when Little Hauss was born) because all of sudden I had this teensy weensy little curly-q at my hairline! Now, I spoke with my hurr girl and she said it was new hair, but just this little bitty strand that has a mind of its own. It never grows out into a full strand, well, it does, but just to be replaces with the same damn thing! It is sooooo bad in the summer or when it is unbearably humid out (um, did I mention I live in Southwest VA, so its freakin humid ALL the time), so all summer I have a curl. This would be ok if I had longer hair to cover it up or bangs, but I don't. I have a cow-lick too so bangs are not an option....and I've tried that - only to look about 12 years old again (um, wedding day hurr disaster). This curl (kind of reminds me of a piggy's tail) just sticks out, up, or anything in between! It is especially annyoing when I pull back my hurr in a clip or bobby pin and that stinkin' curl sticks up and with everything from water to hairspray, to gel, nothing tames it!

Well, I've just adjusted (whined constantly about) to this curl for all these years, just dealing with the fact that I'll have to get over it, until today! Today, I walked. Today, the humidity was high. TODAY, I had WAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not just the one curl, but waves.....sides and back where the glisten was presence (remember, girls glisten, they DON'T sweat). I am bummed. I am just looking into that big crystal ball and I can see the future....I can see CURLY hair in it! I am not excited! Humph!