Off Course

So, I didn't get anything done today on my list. I had the perfect opportunity to totally clean out LH's room with him off to preschool, but we had other plans in mind! I didn't realize Hubby was off last night (he had training) so that meant we had a whole day to ourselves. He was beyond thrilled when I convinced him we were going to look at cars!!!
As much as we both didn't want to be spending our entire morning (and part of the afternoon) in a dealership haggling with the sales rep, we are one step closer to a new addition. We didn't purchase anything, but we know what we want (I want). We are still not on mark with our budget amount, but close. We totatlly were fine with walking away and thinking some things over. We went in with just a trade, but think to get the payment we want, we will end up putting some down, but we want to be debt free for a little bit before we jump into another car payment. (paying off truck). So, with 6 months to go until Baby #2 comes, we are in good shape. The other positive is that now we are sure of what we want and know what else we need to do, and we don't have to go through the long process again.
Hopefully, soon enough, we will be the proud owners of this:

The Dodge Journey - 2010
Now, I went into this process with only used vehicles in mind. I just assumed with our price mark and trade, we wouldn't be able to even think of something new. I was wrong. This is perfect. First, its NOT a van. Second, its brand spankin' new - so that means a few things - lower interest rates, rebate/discount offers, no mileage, warranty, and some other perks from the dealership. Now, with this choice, we had to sacrifice a few things for the new car smell (one of my favorite things), like no dvd player (but we have a portable, so that's not a major issue) and no third row (in this model). NOW, I was really hopeful for a 3rd row, but I really LOVE this car, so I'm willing to give it up. I can still have LH and 2 friends in it (minus the baby seat) if needed, but ultimately this is a car for me and for the family and for our needs, so I'm happy with our decision.
Hubby said he would prefer more bells and whistles, but to me, its got all kinds of fun things - considering I have an 02 Subaru Impreza. Its got cupholders in the doors, 4 power outlets throughout, 6 disc cd changer, volume and tuner control for the radio on the steering wheel, aux/ipod/mp3 outlet, storage compartments in the floor boards of the back (that can also be a cooler with ice if wanted), back doors open to 90 degrees for easy in/out, huge back storage space and another compartment underneath, luggage rack, sunglasses compartment, and dual glove compartment - one that has a chiller for drinks! So, even without all the "bells and whistles" that would be nice, it still has tons!!! Plus, its got wonderful safety features and ratings.
Can you tell I'm excited???? =)


Leah said...

Jenny, have you guys looked at the Chevy Traverse?? We bought one in November and we LOVE it!!

Hokie Girl said...

I thought of that, and like them, but price wise for what we want to spend, its a little out of our range. Also, I can't find many used even within what we are willing to spend.