Life is Good

Our trip was wonderful and we had some really great weather! We enjoyed a few days on the beach and on the cloudy days, the MIL and I shopped while the boys played golf and did other boy things! Little Hauss was amazing the whole time - ride down and ride back and everything in between! We ate dinner out every night and I had enough shrimp to feed a small village!!! We also had nightly ice cream trips and I even got to read an entire book!!! We missed daddy lots and are glad to be back! Now, I guess I'll start counting down until my next trip!!!

Little Hauss checking out the water - FREEZING by the way, but he didn't seem to notice!
This was way more effective than using a shovel!

My future Heisman Winner!

The ONLY time I touched the water and did you notice my reverse flip flop tan? This is what happens when you spray on your sunscreen while you are still wearing your flip flops!!!

Little Hauss enjoyed about an hour or so nap under the umbrella and about 4 towels!! It was a little chilly in the shade!


I'm pretty sure he forgot his pants! Not sure what he was trying to accomplish with this "fashion" statement, but it wasn't good on any level!!! Oh, the things you see at the beach!

I'm almost 30 and lets just say, I'm very blessed with my "assets"! I've always had 'em, don't mind them, most of the time, and wear flattering things that depending on the occassion, flaunt them in the most respectable way!!! I have changed my fashion over the past few years now that I'm a married woman and a mother and it is NOT acceptable to be showing your stuff too much! I don't think that some of the people we saw on the beach got this memo. You know the ones I'm referring to - besides the grandpa in the above photo ! Now, I know I don't have the same body I did in my college days and even if I did, I'm not sure that I would run around in a string bikini - I wouldn't go so far as to say, that at my age, even being a mother, if I could, I wouldn't wear a modest two piece, but nothing that has barely there nipple covers and has shoestring straps!

I was embarrassed for these women that I saw and I didn't even know them.....grandmothers wearing the tiniest bikini you ever saw!!! High cut legs, or really low rise string bottoms leaving absolutely NOTHING to the imagination with either strapless - yes, I said strap LESS tops or itty bitty triangle tops - I'm sorry but after a certain age, you need SOME support! The one that I knew was a grandmother (because her daughter and grandson were there with her) was also wearing daisy duke denim shorts with a way too small tank top showing off her tummy! I found out later that she was a stripper - yes, the grandma - So I guess she thinks she looks good!