Language Barrier

Little Hauss is very vocal (no idea where he gets that from?) and has a great vocabulary for a 3 1/2 year old. He is a great conversationalist and really uses words in the right context. We are always amazed at some of the things he knows and says and the fact that he really KNOWS what he is saying!

Just a few things he says that might need an explanation:

Last mornin' = yesterday

Wammart = Wal Mart

For Me? (spoken really squeally like) = Is that for me?

Captain the hat = Cat in the Hat

Dvdv = movie/dvd

The mote = the remote

My beer = my juice (yes, he knows what beer is and he even fetches them for his momma!! - don't judge)

Poopy Head = well, this means exactly what it says! And he's usually yelling this at us when he is angry or frustrated. Such a sweet little angel dontcha think?

Baby Tater = Baby Tater Tot aka Cora (one of our friend's little girls who we referred to as a tater when she was itty bitty)

Beff, Kaffy or any name with a "th" in it is spoken with a "ff" sound - I am really working on this even though Beff and Kaffy don't seem to have any problems with this at all!

anything = nothing as in "what do you have in your hand?" - "anything" spoken very sly - hmmm...usually something that he's about to put in his mouth to get rid of the evidence

That's about all I can really think of for now....but he cracks us up everyday!!!!!! Love it! Well, except for being called a poopy head!


That's what I used to do in college. I wasn't all lets put a whole pot of coffee on the night before a final and not sleep a wink but I was a little bit of a procrastinator. Well, that's not really the right word....hmmm, I was distracted! That's way better! I would attempt to study and do my work and then something else would inevitably come along that was just much more exciting! For instance, roomie and me would watch a movie or two, pop us some popcorn and then eventually take a study break - ya know, to study!! Now, with such a busy life, I feel more determined to get things done more efficiently.
So, I did it. I signed up and scheduled my first test! I'm one step (and $130 poorer) closer to my goal. I am taking the test on March 26. This isn't the one I'm terrified to take, but I'm not thinking that it'll just be a breeze either. I have some practice test materials and will really study/prepare for it as best I can. After this one, there is another test that is concentrated on the subject matter you want to teach in. Mine is math. I'm a number freak and ironically enough, I don't watch that show, but anyhow, I am really nervous about that test! I was looking up the info on it tonight and its only about 50-60 questions but I have to relearn to use a graphing calculator!!!! What??? I just want to do algebra! Can't I just take a test on 5x + 3y = 2z?? I LOVE some algebra and long division! I'm strange, I know, but what I don't love is geometry and graphing calculators!! Oh well, I'll just need to suck it up and figure it out.
I guess now I'll be spending more time on studying and less on facebook!!!

Daylight Savings Time

Is not my best friend like it used to be - ya know, before mommyhood!

For all mommies....there are two weeks we dislike more than any other week in during the whole year - Spring Forward and Fall Backwards! It turns a kid into a monster most likely!

I do have to say Spring is a bit better than Fall only because wake up time is a little later, but their little body clocks are set in stone most of the time! Bedtime is worse only because its so late!
Now, after about a week, it gets back to normal - whatever that is? and we are on our way for another happy 6 months!

I personally like having longer days and the warmer weather, but this day kicks my arse every time! I can't manage to get to bed at a decent hour and then I'm dragging all day!!!! I'll perk up tomorrow I'm sure!