Not so fun weekend

Our weekend started out great. A night out to a family fun event that our local town puts on one Friday a month. There is a band, lots of bevies of your liking, and a little bounce house extravaganza for the kiddos! So, we let Little Hauss jump and slide to his hearts content while we sipped on some refreshing Bud Lite Lime - our new favorite!

Saturday morning was full of pancakes and lots of siryup (as Little Hauss says) until he spiked a favor (his term) of 102 mid morning! It came out of nowhere and he was out of commission the rest of the day. We laid around aimlessly all day until it was time for him to go to Gigi's for the night. He was all about it, despite the yuckiness and we had somewhere we were supposed to be (already paid for) so we thought he'd be ok. I no more than dropped him off, and got back home before we got a call that he had puked all over the place.....my mom's bed, floor, everywhere!!! So, needless to say, we picked him up and kept him with us the rest of the night. I would normally never leave him that sick with just anyone and would gladly cuddle with him all night even if I had somewhere to be, but since it was my mom, I thought he'd be ok......boy was I wrong! He just got too hot and yacked only the one time!!! Thank goodness for us! By Sunday, he was feeling much better, but the fun didn't stop there.

I tweaked my neck muscle AGAIN, and was useless last night and this morning. Hubby had to get up on his one day to sleep in to take me to work and drop off Little Hauss at school. I only lasted until about 9:30 and came home to a wonderful concoction of a heating pad, advil and muscle relaxers. That got me through the day (in and out of consciousness) and now I'm somewhat mobile.....not 100%, but getting there....another dose of that after Little Hauss gets to bed, and hopefully by tomorrow I'll be golden.