No She Didn't....

Oh Yes I did!

I've been getting into couponing a little more seriously and Kroger is having some awesome sales this week. So, when I combine my coupons with the sales, I can rack up and stock the pantry like you wouldn't believe for a fairly low price! It takes a little extra time to plan a shopping trip, but it is well worth it! I went yesterday for a big grocery trip and got $330 worth of stuff for about $155. It was ridiculous how much stuff I had - and I'm proud to say that I fit it all in one cart. However, with that said, all bagged up, it filled up 2 and I had help taking it to my car!! I don't know where the little bag boy went when it was time to unload it from the car, bring to the house and put up in the cabinets.....just like a man!

Well, I was excited about all the sales, so I went home and printed off more coupons for the stuff that I knew was on sale and planned another trip last night just to grab a few more things for cheap!!!

I got to Kroger about 8:45 and had my list all mapped out with exactly how many of each item I needed, so it took about 10 minutes to run through the store....all to come to a screeching hault at the checkout! ONE lane open! The self checkouts were open, but I had about 25 coupons, so that wouldn't of been practical! Well, I wait, and wait and wait for about 10-15 minutes for my turn to checkout! I watch all the groceries get scanned and roll toward the end (oh, not to mention, there is no one at the end to help bag), when the cashier sees all my printed coupons in my hand and informs me that they can't take those!!!! WTH? I just used them earlier today, I've used them in every shopping trip and have NEVER had any trouble. She says they can't take them unless a manager is there - all while still scanning my items! Well, with about 4 people in line behind me, I tell her no thanks, politely apologize to the people behind me, and walk out of the store!!!!!

I was furious! Don't you know that someone at Kroger is going to get an earful on Monday and I'll be checking first if a manager is on duty before I shop so I can use my coupons! Ridiculous!

I hope she enjoyed cleaning up her cashier station and reshelving all of my unbought items!