I before E, except after C

That's just one of those things you never forget and I still say it to myself when writing words that have and "i" and an "e". As much as it helps me in the everyday world, I think I might have needed a little more for my test that I took this morning. That's right, I've completed my first test needed to get in the teaching program for the fall. Well, I could go to the one in the spring if needed, which might happen depending on the second test.

So, the test today was reading and writing. Not my favorites or strongest subjects. Yes, I can read and write, but comprehension and grammar are things of my distant past. I can comprehend, but I read for liesure, so when asked questions about passages I just read, I almost always have to go back and reread it to find the answer. The writing was just as difficult. I had to correct sentences with proper capitalization, structure, punctuation, etc. AND there was always the option that the sentence was correct. That one always throws me off! I read it over and over and just go with my gut, hoping to goodness that I'm right!

I have to wait TEN days for my official scores. They will come in the mail and tell me if I passed or not. I got some "unofficial" scores today when I left. They didn't do a flyin' hoot of good for me. All the sites I've checked out for this test gives a number - like a points value - of a passing score for each section of the test. These results today were a percentage of the correct answers on all the multiple choice questions. I really don't know how to interpret them. In addition, this doesn't include my scores from the writing portion. So, at this point, I just wait and see. I'm just happy its over.......for now!