It's Super Bowl Sunday and I really do love this day every year for a few reasons:
  • The food - we usually have a spread that is yummy even if it is just the two of us - or we end up somewhere with tons of great food
  • The commercials - need I say more
  • The fellowship
  • Most of the time it is a really good match up and that makes for a good game - I am not a follower of NFL, so it doesn't really matter to me
  • It's the end of football season!

I love football! Really, but I am over it about December! I'm ready for something else and not losing hubby to the man cave every weekend!!! But then by August, I'm ready for him to have something else to do!!! It's a never ending cycle!

This year, I'm torn on who to pull for during the big game! I have a soft spot for Peyton Manning mainly because he's a great quarterback but also a really good guy. It would be sweet to see him win another Super Bowl, BUT, I always have had a thing for the underdog in ANY situation! I think after everything that New Orleans has been through, especially in the last few years and what a strong city they are, that it would be bitter sweet to see them win tonight - not to mention it is their first time! We'll see! More than likely, I'll pull for the Saints.....I just can't seem to help myself! So, in the spirit of the Saints - Who Dat???

What about you? Any favorites? or are you just in it for the commercials?

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nik said...

Eagles fan through and through..but since they weren't in the bowl, I am glad the Saints won!