Panties in a Wad!

I used to work at Victoria's Secret (as an underwear model of course) in my college days. Well, really, back then, I probably could've, but after Little Hauss, no one wants or needs to see all this in a push up bra and some lacy thong! I'm not Heidi for goodness sakes! I mean, she must be a super natural being bouncing back to the runway weeks after a baby! And speaking of bouncing, no one needs to see that either!!!! I might hurt someone!

Ok, so VS is a good company and I always have had great experiences there.....working and as a customer. Notsomuch today. My friend had some cotton panties that were from there that are defective - elastic ripping away from the material and a hole! One pair was a gift for Christmas, but the other was purchased less than 2 months ago! So, she takes them back on Saturday and was treated so rudely by a store ASS-ociate and even the manager! They told her she didn't wash them properly! What the what? I'm not sure how they wash properly, but where I come from, you put em' in that white looking box with a lid, add some water and some there detergent and turn it on....simple as that! Or so I thought...but what do we know....we're just some poor ol' country folk who can't wash their undies properly! They told her that they couldn't take them back and that was all there was to it! Nada, end of story! Well, needless to say she was all smiles and rainbows when she left there - Not, she was pissier than an old woman having a hot flash!

She totally forgot to mention all this to me yesterday, but when she told me today, I was hotter than a jalepeneo pepper! Well, you know I couldn't just let that be it, so I called the store and spoke with another ASS-ociate, who pretty much told me that there was nothing she could do. So, I asked her why I should even buy the product. I mean, why even bother spending 3 times as much for their panties instead of going to the local Wal-mart to buy a 6 pack of Hanes Her Way? She really didn't have an answer (and yes, I really brought up Hanes Her Wa). She tried to tell me that they were NOT defective and if I still had issues I could call the Corporate Customer Relations number. Well, hell yeah, now we are getting somewhere! Then she did say that they might be able to help me with the pair that was purchased less than 2 months ago, but that the older pair was just past its prime...that even if washed properly, they usually don't last more than 6 months? I don't know what she does with her undies, but I have had some of mine for years!

Well, wouldn't ya know that I didn't even get more than a few words out to the Customer Relations lady and she started getting all kinds of info from me (pretending to be my friend of course) and now she has 2 coupons for free panties being mailed to her within 10-14 days! That's what I'm talking about...maybe we should still write a letter to the company. I mean, if they can't accept used, worn, washed or whatever panties in the stores (b/c that is there new policy no matter if you have the receipt), then they should at least train them on how to handle the situation when it does arise by giving out the number to call. There is a polite and not so polite way to do things, and they obviously need a refresher course in Miss Manners! Hmmmm, maybe I could send them a copy of some with the letter! Just a thought!