March out like a Lamb??? NOT

Really? They are calling for snow? Maybe not here but in places....I'm so over this weather! I want warm, sunny, and flip flops!!!!

My first day of "vacation" is rainy and its on one of the LAST few days of March!!! Ok, so it's not really a vacation. I really have tons to get done before I start my new job and mom is here, so I definitely want to hang out with her! I just wish I didn't have to skip over puddles to do it all!

Bittersweet GoodBye!

Yesterday was my last day! I can't believe it! I will surely miss these people! The past three years have been memorable!

Due to the nature of the business, not everyone could come to lunch (serve & protect right?) but here is a great picture of some of my work peeps!!!!

I love them!


Easter Sweetness

Black and white might not be typical for Easter, but after seeing the suit my parents got LH, this dress was just a must have!!! I will have to get him a different tie (yellow) to match the flower on her dress....

He will also wear this for her Baptism in April! I'm still looking for her dress for that!
Fashion aside, I'm so proud of LH for taking Lent seriously this year and giving up something just like I do. He gave up going to the Cafeteria to eat!!! This may sound wierd to some, but he really loves going there. He eats there at least weekly with grandparents and possibly more if he has the option! So, for 4o days, he's Cafeteria free!! So proud of him.
I gave up "out to eat" coffee and all sodas! I can't even get coffee from McDonald's!!! Thank goodness I can still make my own coffee and have tea!



This is what I got at work today!!!!!!!!!!From Hubby!! This is a rare occassion! I normally do not get flowers or the like from him. He just loves to surprise me though when I'm not expecting it!
It was just his way of saying how proud he is of me on my new job!!!
The strawberries were so big and sweet and the chocolate was heavenly!
I also got a huge new coffee mug, which is great because my new job doesn't provide cups in their effort to be more green!
Thanks Hubs for being you and being so thoughtful! Love you!



I got a job! A real, 40 hour a week with benefits J.O.B.
I'm terrified and excited. I needed this. We needed this for the family and just for more stability. Things couldn't stay the way they were forever. I wish I could have Fridays off every week until the cows come home, but it wasn't going to work!
My current job is delegated by the State and with budget cuts over the past few years, I'm lucky I still had a paycheck. There have been fears every July that I could be cut.
I'm going to miss all the people I've become friends with and I know they are going to have a hard time functioning without me! I hope my new coworkers will be able to handle all of this!!! Maybe I should ease my way in and not scare them with my big personality!!!!

And then there were FOUR

WIVES that is. I can't seem to stop watching the show Sister Wives. It's fascinating, disturbing and just addictive. I'm obsessed. I started watching it late last season and lucky for me there was a marathon on one weekend and I caught up on everything polygamy!
I'm currently in season 2 and if I wondered what other crazy curveballs they could throw into the mix, I didn't expect this one. So, long story short, all of them head to Wyoming (with a W not a Y) and visit grandparents. These are the dad's parents (Kody) and then all of a sudden, there is Janelle's (wife #2) mom. Um, ok, maybe she is there for a visit to help and see the kiddos. NOT, she's the second wife to the grandpa (Kody's dad)!
So, yes, if you followed, Kody and Janelle are married with children, and Kody's dad married Janelle's mom as well! I knew this lifestyle was qwerky, but really??? I mean, that just seems wrong on too many levels.
Wrong enough to not watch? Um, no.
On another note, the 4th wife, Robyn, is not my fave. I personally like Christine (wife #3) for whatever reason, but Robyn is different. She seems a tad immature and well, dense. I sound mean, but she just doesn't get it sometimes and I am not a big fan of him brining in a 4th when they seemed to have their crazy life pretty rock solid! Obviously, he didn't consult with me because I would have talked him out of it!
They all pulled over to take a picture on their road trip and tells them all to make a "Y" with their hands because they are in Yoming!!! Um, Mary (wife #1) totally called her out on the fact that it is actually spelled with a W!!!! Poor thing.
As weird as it all is, I am intringued by their relationships with their husband, each other and their kids. It is just so far fetched I can't help but stay tuned.


Took this with my phone and it is definitely a keeper!!! Had to email it to myself so I could post!



I couldn't take it anymore. I got my hair chopped. Short! It has been a really long time since it has been this short.
Hubby was shocked! I mean, my face was still really pretty and all (see this) but just way shorter than he expected. He said he needed more warning! I gave him warning...I told him I was going to get a haircut! What more does he need???
Here is the finished product and I love that it can be worn funky or more "normal" depending on my mood! Who are we kidding, it really depends on how much time I have in the morning!

I love it! It takes hardly anytime to wash, dry and "style"!!!!


Six Months?

How did this happen? It is totally inappropriate that M&M is already half a year old! I'm in denial.

If you can see, she has a sore on her forehead....and it keeps getting worse! It must have started as a scratch or dry patch and she's just rubbed and scratched it even more and it looks horrible! We have been lathering it witn neosporin and vaseline to keep it from drying out, so hopefully soon it will get better! It obviously hasn't upset her in anyway. She's still all smiles!!!
We went for her checkup last Friday and she did fantabulous as I expected! I doped her up in the waiting room with motrin, so I wasn't worried! Shots? No problem!
I got her stats but I can't remember her height (they are in the diaper bag)! Oh well, you can get the rest:
Weight: 16 lbs 14 oz
Head: 16 1/4 inches
Height: ????
Overall, she's in the 75th percentile of both height and weight. It is a whole new experience seeing her stats "inside" the curve as LH was always well above it!!
She was in love with the baby in the mirror! She talked to it and tried to grab it! It was hilarious. I thought I was prepared for the shots with motrin, then realized as I was half dressing her that her paci was missing!!! I thought that I would have a fight on my hands after she was stuck, but I was wrong. She cried out for a minute then just stopped! She's fabulous!
She slept for over 3 hours that afternoon but then was good as gold!