Boys who Blog...

Well, they may not have a blog, but they read the blogs!

Besides the Hubby (who doesn't read by choice, but is sent email reminders every time I post), I can confirm that I have one other male reader!!!! Very exciting! Maybe he is trying to gain some insight into the wonderful world of women!!! Good luck!

It is flattering and very cool that a man reads the blog....actually I found out that his wifey, my "walking" friend as hubby calls her, can't catch up sometimes, so she relies on him to fill her in!!!

Too funny!

Are there any other males that read the blog? I'd love to know....leave me a comment!

We Interrupt this Marriage....

To bring you Football Season! I've seen it on signs, pillows and all other kinds of decorative items. The MIL has a a sign hanging in the hallway of her house - and she deserves it due to being married to a football coach for decades as well as raising 3 sons that all played the sport!

Now, I need one....

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE College Football! Really, I do, but I also have other things to do on a beautiful Saturday than watch football ALL day! Seriously, ALL day! Hubby informed me last night that with the new scheduling, he could literally watch football from 10 am until 1 am!!!! And that is just College!

So, I guess I will see him sometime in January - oh, wait, I'll see him for a week in October, but then bye bye again till 2010!

Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Well, yesterday I sure felt like I was....in math that is! I was as smart as an 8th grader!!!!

FINALLY, I felt good about taking that test and left there with a good attitude! I switched to Middle School Math and it was soooooooooo much better! I mean, there were questions on there that I actually understood, even to the point of knowing what exactly they were asking for, knowing how to find the answer, and more often than not, the answer I got was actually one of the ones on the test to choose from!!! Amazing!

Now, there were some that stumped me only because I couldn't recall the exact formula on the area of circle or exactly how many feet are in a mile, but overall it was something to sing about!

Now, I just have to wait the dreaded 4 weeks until I get my results!!!!