Vanless, buttons and new loves

WOW, so much to share since last week. I totally was lazy on the blogging while I was in ATL. I took my laptop, but didn't really use it!

So, first of all, IKEA was a bust on cribs. I just didn't like them in person and couldn't justify spending money on something that I wasn't in love with especially when we already have a crib (not my fave, but it works). I thought I would want something that converts, but I would rather spend money on a nice twin bed than on another crib at this point. PLUS, I already have other furniture that I plan to use in the baby room, so I'd have to figure out something that would coordinate.

The fabric stores were huge - all 3 of them - but didn't find what I was looking for. How does this happen? I am so set in what I think I want, that I'm having a hard time just finding something that will no doubt be precious! It's clouding my vision and I'm going to have to restart and just go with a blank slate. Easier said than done....

It snowed!

I thought my car would be able to have a few days of breathing room without all the winter weather, but I was wrong! Atlanta got about 4 inches on Friday and I was there for it! Nice! I was so excited about getting away from it, that out of spite, it followed me. That's my conclusion. The worst part is that they don't have plows and no one is sure how to drive in it! SO, the roads are sprinkled with salt/gravel mixtures, but only on main roads, and neighborhoods are just left alone. Thank goodness we had 4 wheel drive and dad cleaned off the driveway. We stayed in Friday night - even if we had ventured out, nothing was open! We let the sun melt it a bit on Saturday, then we left the house around noon. Road were great by then, but there were tons of cars on the sides of the interstate due to sliding off or wrecks!

I came home yesterday due to another bout of snow heading in today at home. I didn't want to be driving in it through the mountains if at all possible and I'm glad I did because it only took me 6 hours and 15 minutes with 2 stops!! Fastest time yet and no, I wasn't flying. Hardly anyone was on the road, so I just set my cruise and had a nice drive. LH was an angel as well - which made for a relaxing trip - thanks to Gigi's dvd player and some new videos for Valentine's day! He watched The Little Rascals twice and laughed out loud both times....it was so sweet! I think it's his new favorite!

So, the van - or NOT!!! I'm still in the subie! Even if I did want to come back in something different, we barely had time to look. Friday was a bust after the snow came and we went to TN on Saturday to visit my grandmothers, so yesterday would have been the only day to browse. I'm glad we didn't. I wasn't sure what the lots would have been like after the snow, and I think we are just going to wait and see what we find.

I really want to look at ALL my options - SUVs, Crossovers, Vans and see what I like - LOVE. I have a few that I want to test drive, so we'll start that process soon. We have plenty of time! I do have a few things that I'm dead set on - like a dvd player and 3rd row. I also want to take the carseat and carrier with me to see how it fits behind the front seat and how much room the passenger will have not to mention the cargo room for the stroller and extra stuff you carry!!!

So here are some of my choices that I'd love to take a look at! And they are all silver in the photos - I guess that's the best option for websites...I don't know!

GMC Acadia Chevy TraverseChrysler Aspen

Chevy Tahoe

On a positive note, I can button my pants again. EVEN after I washed them~not sure how long this will last, but I'm enjoying it for now!


Tiffany and Jamie said...

Where are the pictures of the VANS!!!!! I'm telling you, the sliding doors is what makes life great :) Especially if they're automatic! Out of these, I really like the Acadia or the Traverse the best. Mainly based on looks, but I've seen them around town and I like them. Not a big fan of the Crysler or the Tahoe. I think the Tahoe is really big and a little tall for your short little legs to be putting an infant carrier in the back :) :) You wanted my two cents. Love ya!

JR911 said...

Take your time and don't feel like you HAVE to get a new car before the new little one comes along. I had a 1990 2-door Sentra with a 6'1" hubby, a 3 y/o, and a newborn. It worked a-ok for us with the exception of only having a 2-door (which was a pain, but given the cost of a new car, we could live with it). Now I have a 4-door Cobalt with a 5'8" teen and a fast growing boy. We all fit in it comfortably and the kids have a portable DVD that they can attach to the headrest in front of them if they want.

Hokie Girl said...

Well, we will need something b/c the carseat won't fit in my car with a person in the passenger seat and in the truck it's tight as well! We've actualy been thinking about another car for about 6 months anyway and I knew when I got this one I wouldn't be in it long! We will pay off the truck and then we'll still only have one car payment, so the good thing is we'll be able to save the payments until we find something! YAY!

Connar's Mama said...

Ok, you don't know me; I ran across you blog looking for something else but I wanted to add a vehcile to your list....the Honda Odyssey Van. I have one and can't say enough about it. It is safe and comfortable. The back seat folds down flat to hold all your baby gear. The hatch area is recessed so even with the back seats up you can hold tons of stuff. Take your stoller when you test drive a lot of the SUV's have tiny back storage areas.

Jamison Family said...

I think the chevy tre. got decent ratings but I heard that Tahoe didn't rate so well.