Clean as a whistle!

ALL the laundry and I mean EVERYTHING except the clothes literally on our backs is washed, folded and mostly put where it belongs!
It is amazing to me that I don't really have enough room in all the drawers and closets for everything at once. I guess that's why dirty laundry piles up - so you have plenty of room in your drawers!
So, it has taken me a little over 2 weeks to get it all caught up. Hubby does a great job, but there were the odds and ends such as bathmats, shower curtains, and tons of sheets and towels set to the side for when we had time to do it!!! Well, I've made time. I was sick of looking at the piles!
I HOPE that now that it is all done we can do a load or two everyday to stay caught up!

Other than that, we are doing well!

A little funny: Little Hauss told daddy last night he wanted to watch a video in his room. Daddy asked what he would like, and Little Hauss said "Hawky". Daddy was very confused and asked him to pick out the movie that he was talking about. He pointed to "The Mighty Ducks!". Daddy of course corrected the word to "hockey" and removed all twanginess!!!!!
Seriously? Do we talk like THAT? I know we are in SW VA, but huh??? We need to get a grip on that!

Now that all the laundry is done, I'm off to do some shopping!


Kim said...

My dad's wife is from Illinois. She and her daughter used to make fun of how Tiny talks. They used to say he sounds so country. Good day, they should hear some of the kids up this way.

OurFamily said...

" except the clothes literally on our backs is washed".... that's too bad because I was totally picturing your entire family at the dinner table in your bathrobes!

JR911 said...

Oh, that would mean the bathrobes would be dirty then too (you'd certainly have to wash those then), and then you'd all be naked at the dinner table......eeeewwwww!!!!!!