Test Prep...Finally

So, I'm 15 days (well, pretty much 14 considering today is almost over and I'm going out tonight) away from my test. I had a mental breakdown when I started "reviewing" the study guide. I basically looked at it, decided it was all foreign to me, then placed it back in my "office" (the room in our house that is refered to as an office, but really just holds anything and everything not needed at that moment) and ordered a book online to help me. The book should help me remember what all this stuff means and it should help me prepare for the test. So, I waited, and checked the mailbox anxiously everyday like the kid from "A Christmas Story" does while he is expecting his Ovaltine Secret Annie workbook thing! So, I was just as thrilled as him to find that what came in the mail was useless and not what I needed - ya know when he finally spells out the secret message and all it says is "Drink More Ovaltine." What a crock!
Well, this one was my fault, but I guess I just dind't realize that I ordered the WRONG book!!! I was loving Amazon for having it and when I was searching used, new, etc, I guess I accidently clicked on the wrong one. So, I immediately corrected the situation and reordered the CORRECT book and it got here pronto!!! It looks good and hopefully will be able to help infuse my old brain with all this math knowledge and get me through this test.
But not until tomorrow.....tonight, we party!