Spring Fever

Ok, I am still trying to wrap my stuffed up head around the fact that on Monday we had inches and inches of snow.....and this weekend it is 80 degrees!!! I know that March is in like a Lion and out like a Lamb, but in a week??

I really don't care as long as it stays around!!! It is absolutely beautiful! We've been at the park the past two days, cooked out, cold beer in my new monogrammed koozie, and just have completely taken in this weather! It's great!

Saturday morning Little Hauss and I worked diligently in his room and the living room sorting through toys, books and clothes. We had a trash bag (not very big!), a keep pile and a "baby" toy pile. We aren't ready to donate anything just yet.....never know when another one will come along! He did very well....much better than I ever expected! He didn't throw a fit or fight me on anything that we were planning to store in the attic. In fact, he loves helping put things in the attic so much, he was very excited to put things in the bags. All in all, his closet and toy box are cleaned out - just in time for new clothes and more toys I'm sure.

Sunday, Hubby's brother's family came in and we let the boys play for hours!!! We ate lunch at the in-laws and then ventured out to the park again. They had so much fun playing on the jungle gym while the big boys flew some kites! He fell out for a few hours after that and I took that time to get his Easter basket stash....even though I'll probably need a few baskets!!! I went a little overboard...oh well! We'll be at the beach, so I got him lots of fun stuff for that as well!