Stir Crazy, Cabin Fever...whatever, I'm over it!

The snow. I can't stand it. If I want to be lazy and bestuck in the house all weekend, its because I choose to! I have had a few laid back weekends lately, but all by my doing. I don't like being forced to stay in! Sure, there has been laundry, reading, playing, movie watching, and eating of soup, but enough is enough. I just need out! Hubby was feeling it today too and went to Walmart! WooHoo, then picked up a few movies (which we've already watched today). I don't necessarily want to work tomorrow, but I'll be happy to atleast have a change of scenery. I'm sure my arse will appreciate a new seat!

Now, tecnically I could leave the house now if I really wanted, but then I'd have to warm up the car, get dressed in real clothes (I've been going from pjs to pjs since Friday night - don't judge) and not to mention get LH all bundled up then we could go somewhere...but where? Most places are already closed and we are not trying to spend money eating out. If hubby weren't taking his Sunday night nap before work, I'd actually contemplate taking a family drive around town.

I'm so ready for flip flops and warmer weather! BUT, just found out that we might not be out of the winter storm season yet. Supposedly, there could be another front coming in next weekend too! Bummer!

At least I got to drink a cup of coffee this morning! It was delish. I hope this is something that will stick around!


Muscle Car?

I love the Ford Mustang. I have always liked it, but I prefer the older models.
I saw this particular model the other day while I was driving and I couldn't help but think that they've ruined it! First of all, the screaming bright turquoise is just too much and then to add the fat stripe all the way over the car is ugly. A younger guy was driving it - about 18 maybe - and I thought really? Ddo you have a girlfriend? Are you trying to get one? If you are working on it, I'm not sure that this will help, and if you already have one, how does she feel riding around in that?
I think the car itself is great. Sporty, classic, a typical "muscle car"! BUT, with this color and that obnoxious stripe, it kinda of spoils the whole thing. I hope that he plans on driving it forever or investing in a paint job because I'm not sure the resell value will be what he's hoping for!

Maybe he's a huge fan of the Fast and the Furious movies....Who knows!


Back up Plans

This weekend, we have plans. It is the first weekend in about a month that we actually have scheduled things to do. I've been enjoying the laziness of the weekends and not having to go anywhere, but this weekend we were ready! The circus is in town! I took Little Hauss last year and he loved it. We only stayed for half of it because it was so late, but he was mesmerized! I was hoping that we'd be able to go this weekend and he could last for the whole show. I'm not even sure if we'll make it!

They are calling for more snow! MORE???? I've had enough this year. Plenty. I'm ready for sunshine and flip flops! We are predicted to get about 3-8 inches. It is supposed to start tomorow afternoon and get heavier overnight tapering off on Saturday afternoon. LH is so excited about the circus he keeps asking if its Friday yet! We had to level with him and make sure he understood that it could possibly snow and we might not go. He then asks how our friends will get to our house for dinner (we were going to have them over before to eat and then all go to the circus together). So cute. I have been trying to get him to understand that they might not be able to depending on the snow. Its a play it by ear situation, which he is completely unaware of what that means.

So, our back up plan is to have an indoor picnic and watch movies. We will try to make it fun for him and make him forget that there was even a circus to go to!

I'm still holding out hope that we will get to go and the snow will be minimal until later on in the night!



I ate beef. Twice - dinner and leftovers for lunch today! I LOVE red meat and eat it fairly often - probably more than recommended, but who's counting. Just lately, I haven't been into it! I even cooked it!!

I did have to go home to take a nap at lunch or I wouldn't have made it through the evening! Oh well, hopefully this phase of fatigue will end soon and I'll be out of my "funk" like Hubby calls it!

I reminded him ever so politely (as polite as a preganant woman with raging hormones could be) that my body was busy creating a human being so back off!


Perking Up

I'm starting to feel better. Not 100%, but a considerable improvement. I ate a real meal last week and even cooked over the weekend. I can't say I did much else, but that wore me out anyway, so there wasn't much energy left for other stuff!

I am enjoying my mornings a bit more and not gagging at the thought of brushing my teeth, so that's a positive, however, I do feel like I can't get my mouth clean enough. It is the oddest thing. I brush about 2 or 3 times in the morning before I ever leave the house, then I constantly chew gum and eat breath mints all day at work. I brush another 2 or 3 times at night. I can't figure it out but its a cotton mouth feel almost. This is something I definitely did not have with my first pregnancy!

I am finally eating meat again. Not much, but the thought of it isn't repulsive, and I even cooked chicken. I ate it too. I still prefer carbs, fruits and veggies rather than meat. Hubby is not liking this phase because rarely have I made anything of substance for dinner. Apparently mashed potatoes and salad are not a complete meal! I'm working on it. I am working on planning a menu for this week and hope to stick to it - but first I need to get to the store. I'm excited about shopping because we've been using up stuff in our freezer and pantry this month and haven't really needed a ton of stuff, but Kroger is having a huge sale and I have tons of great coupons to pair up with it, so I should be able to stock up for fairly cheap!


Weather (Wo) Man

I guess the correct term is Meteorologist, but whatever....it's my blog, so I don't have to be politically correct if I don't want to! HA! (I'm pretty sure there are some hormones kicking in there, but I digress)

So, I love the weather...well, not always, but I guess I'm fascinated with it. I check it daily online and before I used to stalk the Weather Channel with updates every 8 minutes. I can't do that now because having a satelite doesn't allow you to access our little podunk town on the national weather service station and I really don't care too much about New York and Miami. I don't know why, but I just am a little over curious about the forcast. This might go hand in hand with some of my OCD tendencies and the need to plan everything well in advance. hmmmm? Something to ponder!

Well, I have decided today that I might be more like my grandmother than I ever thought. She's OBSESSED with the weather. It's bad. She cracks me up too because she rarely leaves the house. At least once a week I know of to get her hair did, but other than that, notsomuch. SO, for her to be totally consumed by the weather outside of her bubble just baffles me. BUT, If there is something happening, about to happen or just happened, she knows about it and she'll call you to tell you about it, especially if you are driving!!! Hold on if you are on the road. She has 3 daughters and more grandchildren than I can tell you but she will call every single one if she knows that you are even thinking about starting the ignition in your car! It doesn't matter if you are only driving down the road to the store or like my parents and us, getting ready for a road trip to visit her. She will burn up your phone talking about the rain, the clouds, the fog, you name it. She probably called my mom 10 times yesterday as she drove from GA to VA checking in to see if she had hit any rain yet. And then, when you tell her that you are driving, she exclaims " In the RAIN?" It's hilarious, but I know she's just concerned. I guess she forgot that since she started driving, they have made a few adjustments to vehicles like anti-lock brakes, windsheild wipers, fog lights and defrost systems! All those will aid a driver in most weather conditions. She's a sweet lady and I love her to pieces, but she should have been a weather woman!

So, now I feel like we are connected on a totally new level. I actually called my mom about 4 times yesterday while she was driving and I bet every single time, we discussed the weather! Now, that's calling the kettle black!


New Shirt!

I have on a new shirt. It's borrowed from a great friend with great taste! I love this shirt and might not give it back anytime soon. Actually, said friend just had a baby girl about a week ago, so she's ok with me keeping it for a while. Also, the shirt is baby body friendly. I have some room to "grow" a bit and this makes me happy!

Why did I get a new shirt you ask? Well, funny, but worth it (did I mention I really like this shirt). Thanks to a sweet little 2 month old, Jackson, I aquired it! Sweet baby Jackson was born premie and is on a special formula because of this. This formula is calorie loaded and really good for him. I'm really happy about that....because as small as he was, he's got cute little cheeks now and is a growing boy. Backlash of the formula is that its a little smelly and apparently mixed with his acid reflux (part of being a preemie I'm told) is not a great combo. Jackson's sweet mommy is in town visiting the other friend with the one week old baby girl, Kylie, and left Jackson at the house to go pick up lunch. Well, not knowing the full range of his "spitting up", I eagerly picked him up out of his bouncy seat to cuddle him. We cuddled about a second and then BAM, it hit me. Literally, projectile spit up all over me - hardly any on him. I had it on my shirt, shoes, and on the floor. I cleaned him up and me as best as I could. His mommy came back and was very sorry for the incident, but in a way, I'm kind of excited about it - my new shirt!

I've been around a lot of babies. I have never seen such a little thing produce so much!!! It was actually impressive, but I hope that this one I have doesn't want to participate in that sport! It doesn't seem fun to deal with on a regular basis!

I informed him that this was not the best way to pick up the ladies. First impressions are everything right?


Hokie Hoops

We enjoyed our first Virginia Tech basketball game last night as a family! A great friend of mine is the head trainer and hooked us up with tickets so we could take LH! We also got to sit with my friend's dad, Mr. H! We had a blast. LH sat there the entire time and was very engaged! I think he enjoys it a little more than football, but shhhhh! don't tell his daddy that!!!

He was fascinated with the Hokie Bird and would try to find him all evening. Imagine his surprise when the bird came up in the stands and even posed for a moment with our LH!!! Look at the sheer joy on his face!!! Bliss!

He and his daddy enjoying the game!

Ok, most would think this is just a picture of the court, but really, there is a lady on a unicycle down there balancing all these bowls on her head - she would put 5 or so on her foot then toss them up to her head and catch them!!! Amazing! LH was mesmerized!! We all were!

Mommy and LH - so much fun!

And this was LH when it got really loud - which is ironic since he only has two volumes for himself - LOUD and LOUDER!!!

Overall it was a great night! We went up early to have dinner with some of our good friends and came to the conclusion that we should do that more often! I mean, its only about 20 mins away - there should be no excuse!
At the game, LH loved the cheerleaders and the Hi Techs (dance team). They were entertaining the whole time. One time he asked me where their shirts were? Huh? I said, those are their shirts which he replied with - those are tiny! Yes, they are, but one day you'll appreciate it - I'm sure of it!!!


Not quite there yet....but soon

I don't have anymore time to devote to my blog layout issues, but I had to resort back to the old site I used for templates and not the new one. It was not letting me change the design or have 3 columns, but now we should be good. I did lose some stuff, like all my buttons because I had to revert back to the basics and start all over again!

Hopefully I'll be able to fix it like I want it tomorrow!

For now, we are heading out to see the Hokies hoop it up with Miami! LH is so excited about going to the game!!! Should be fun!

Under Construction

I'm working on a new layout for the blog....Gotta change things up. I found a header that I love but need to edit it a little before I can put it up. Also, I lost my 3 columns. Not sure what I did there, so I'm going to have to play around and figure that out too!

Can anyone help me with that one?


Comes and Goes

The waves of nausea. I never felt like this with LH. I had a great pregnancy, minus the swelling - correction - my imitation of a blowfish! Really, it was a scary scene. I was so puffy - my eyes and cheeks and even lips were swollen! I didn't necessarily feel bad, I just looked bad. This time around, I'm already feeling the effects of my lentil bean taking a toll on me! That's what the books say it is....
I did manage to have some coffee this morning. About a half a cup with a sprinkle of sugar and splash of cream. I just needed something to get me going. I have really backed down on caffeine in general and it feels good to drink more water throughout the day (with limes of course).
The nausea is unsettling though - no pun intended. I mean, I am not sure if I would rather just get sick and get it over with or feel this way all day - which is how its been happening. I feel good for a bit, then BAM, it hits me! I have already consumed 2 slices of bread with butter and oatmeal this morning. I am still feeling like I need some crackers - unsalted of course - to settle my stomach.
AND, this whole low sodium diet I'm trying to follow didn't go so well last night when I had potato chips and some dip for dinner! I really am trying to do better about my sodium intake to prevent as much of the swelling as possible. Lots of fruits, vegetables, beans, grains and fish seem to be the key, except I can't eat a lot of fish! I don't love turkey and ham, bacon, sausage, and hotdogs are out of the question, so I guess I'll need to stick to lean pork and chicken! Maybe I'll just become a vegetarian for this pregnancy!
Ok, enough ranting....


Awella and her stinky stick

Little Hauss and I finished out the weekend with a classic - 101 Dalmatians! It really is one of my favorites along with Lady and the Tramp!
As we are sitting there watching, LH asks, where is that Awella and her stinky stick? Huh? Ya know mom, the mean lady with her stinky stick she puts in her mouth? HAHA...Cruella and her cigarette!
I love it!

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Hands down one of my favorites so far.
We did absolutely nothing. After my 12 hr sleeping spell on Friday night I would have thought I had more energy to get up and get moving over the weekend for some fun family activities, but nah, I just got geared up for some cuddly couch time!
It was so nice not having anywhere to be or anything to do. We were on our own lazy schedule and just lounged and napped at our leisure! It was fabulous! I did manage to get all the laundry put away, sheets changed, dishes done and vacuumed. It practically took me all day to do it, but it got done. I took some Facebook and tv breaks in between while LH played the Wii. I even made lasagna for dinner and stayed up past 10pm!
Today I actually left the house for the first time all weekend....only because I didn't want to cook breakfast! We ventured out for some pancakes and sausage and then stopped by Redbox to get a couple of movies for the afternoon! It really is bitter cold and no one should go out unless absolutely necessary. I couldn't wait to be back home snuggled in under the blankets! Brrrrr.
So, now its nearing dinner time and I'm in my pjs (a fresh pair) watching LH play the Wii again, and loving that I have a lot of leftovers and won't have to cook!!!
Too bad I don't have one more day....I just want one more....
Leaving the house will be difficult tomorrow morning I'm sure, but being well rested, I'm sure I can do it.



I woke up at 7:20 this morning. This is not unusal! LH has been accomodating lately on the weekends and sleeping past his usual 6:30 and giving us a few more minutes of shut eye. I am very grateful. Most of the time, I still wake up before him.
What is unusaul is that I slept for 12 hours! I totally settled in last night on the couch after dinner ready to catch up on some magazines and watch LH play Wii with Hubby and the next thing I know, I'm being hugged and kissed by the sweetest 4 year old whispering he loves me and good night! Whoa! So I thought, I can hang out with hubby for a little bit, maybe watch our movie we rented, and then again, got woken up by him around 11 asking if I wanted to move to the bed!!!!
I was so happy I didn't take a nap yesterday and got some stuff done, but didn't expect to fall out that early for the night! Hubby said LH even climed up and laid with me for a while as he was watching Hubby play the Wii. So sweet!
Today I hope to get lots of stuff done....might even take a nap so I can actually participate in family fun activities this evening! Sheesh!


Is there even a word for it?

There are many disorders, sicknesses, etc for the most random things, like the fear of characters/mascots is Masklophobia and the fear of garlic is Alliumphobia. Well my word is Ochophobia - the fear of vehicles but most importantly ONE vehicle in particular - a MINIVAN!

Really, I almost got physically ill just browsing them on the internet.

You are probably wondering why I'm browsing a minivan anyway, and you might be correct if you are guessing that we are going to have a baby!!!!!!!!

We are not terribly far along, but I feel like the whole world knows already, so I might as well blog about it! We are super excited and I feel great....with the exception of disliking coffee at the moment! I really hope this one goes away! Coke seems to be a great substitute for now, but I really miss my morning java!

So, back to minivan purusing. I can barely think about it without reaching for the trashcan! Ugghh! It's not like I HAVE to have a minivan, but the next few years flashed before my eyes, and I am thinking that my little Subaru Impreza isn't going to cut it with 2 kids and all the gear that goes with them to boot! PLUS, Hubby is a whopping 6'1", so he'd be cramped in either seat with a child behind him. NOW, I could make it work if I had to. Afterall, we do have a 4 door full size truck as well, but I was more concerned with other passengers! What about when LH want to have a friend over after school to play? Or my parents are in town or we are visiting them and we all want to ride together? Or if I decide to carpool with my friend who has 2 kids going to elementary school with LH? Then what? I have not ruled out the possibility of an SUV or SUV crossover with a 3rd row, but really, how much room do you really get in those? More and more, its pointing to the inevitable! I am just not ready to face it! BUT it really does seem like the most practical plan for the future!


Do you resolve?

I don't necessarily make resolutions - especially at the beginning of a new year. I try to make realistic changes throughout the year if possible. Reflecting on this past year, things I have changed or accomplished are:
  • Couponing seriously and practically changing my entire shopping strategy. I am at the point that I will not buy something unless it is on sale (and worth it) or with some sort of coupon/incentive to go along with it. It's become quite an obsession, but well worth it in our budget!
  • Planning weekly/monthly menus. Sometimes I can plan far enough in advance and premake some things to put in the freezer for easy cooking nights. It really does save time and money - not to mention using up what you have on hand!
  • Went to a cash system. We aren't total Dave Ramsey'ans but we are close. We decided to ditch the debit card and live on cash. Surprising it was the best thing we ever did and we feel like we have more money and do more things we want now than ever before.
  • Paid down our credit CARD. Yes, just ONE. We never have had more than one, but if you have 1 or 5, you use it. We are all guilty of it. We just stopped using it about 2 years ago, but still had to pay for the balance. With the cash system, we allocate more each month to pay on it, paying it off faster. We have noticed a big difference already and its only been about 8 months.
  • Spending more time with family. We still need our own time individually and our date nights, but we seem to be spending more quality time as a family and its been great. With hubby working nights and all of our activities, I didn't think this was possible, but we just make it work.
  • Reading more. Its been a long time since I could just sit down and read for pleasure, but now that LH is a little older and can entertain himself longer, its become easier to do.
  • More home improvement. We have really stepped it up this year and worked on our house. Its not a bad house and doesn't really "need" anything, but it just needs updating here and there. We have really accomplished alot.
  • Became more involved in our church. I have been going to this church for over 25 years and stayed really involved until about College. It took until last year to find that place just for us where we fit. We love our Sunday School class and have done more in this last year as a couple and family to help people in our community or church family and its an amazing feeling. We have met new friends and have made it OUR church and not just MY church. Its been a blessing for all of us.
Overall I feel that 2009 was a wonderful year. I have a few "ideas" in store for 2010, but I won't call them resolutions. I don't want to be held to something from here on out, but I will feel accomplished when these ideas turn into reality!

Ringin' in the New Year Family Style

We celebrated the New Year with good friends and their kids! The original intent was to have a family game night and play the Wii and shuffle board complete with good snacks and drinks. Plans changed a little after we found out our HOKIES would be playing in the Chick-fil-A bowl! We adapted....its not hard when you get to watch the game on a 104 inch flat screen and your kid is consumed with play!!!

Hubby was loving this TV!

Happy 2010! Cheers! Kids toasting their "champagne" AT MIDNIGHT! We got home and LH to bed around 1:30...he was hanging in there better than me! I was trying hard to stay awake come 1 am.

Go Hokies
Playing DS! Oh, that's Daddy Daycare!!! See, he's a natural!
It was the best way to spend the end of a great year - with great friends and family! Even though there have been some moments I'd rather forget, most of it was awesome and this next year is just going to be even better!