Change in Seasons

If I thought my summer was busy, I'm in for it this fall! I can't find an empty place on my calendar through November it seems. Now, all of these things are not necessary (for some), but I'm a doer and goer so they are pretty high on my list.

With the change in seasons comes a whole new world of responsibilities and picking up where things were left off in late spring. Don't get me wrong, but I just can't get over how busy we are now, and we are only a family of 3 with a child in preschool. I often wonder how life will be when LH is in school and has all of those activities and committments that go along with it and possibly a baby in the mix. I see people do it and I know I can, but I can't envision it just yet. I think, how in the world do they even have time for dinner, let alone an evening to themselves, or even a weekend free to lounge in pjs and watch movies? It baffles me how we adjust and go on like nothing much has changed. It's our nature I guess...well, my nature to just change with the ebb and flow of life. NOW, that is in no way implying I am laid back and "go with the flow" because if you haven't already figured out, that is not how I am. I am uptight and controlling and down right OCD with most things. I know you think it might not be the way to live, but its the way I am. I love it.

My friend and her hubby, Daddy Daycare, have 3 kids. THREE! Now, I love lots of kids and think that I would love more than 2 (Hubby says never going to happen, fyi), but I see how they juggle everyday life and it amazes me. One in elementary school, one in preschool and one that is 5 months old! WOW. They have more things going on than I could even keep up with, but they seem to do it with grace and ease. Now, I know that is not always the case, but from an outsider's perspective, it seems so most of the time. It doesn't hurt she is kind of OCD like me. I guess that's how I know I'll be able to handle more when it happens.

Kuddos to all of you with one, two or even more children that keep it all together so well - or so i seems!


The Biggest LOSER

And I'm not talking about weight. That biatch Traci is a straight up LOSER in the true sense of the word. She's only playing the game to control it for herself and her own good. She didn't think of anyone else in that whole entire house except for her.
Now, I know its a TV show, but this is real! This is something that affects our everyday life. Obesity is everywhere. These people need this show and need this opportunity. They are all (mostly) kind, considerate, and genuinely concerned about the well being of their fellow teammates. They know who needs to stay and are willing to do what it takes to make that happen, even if that means they have to sacrifice themselves and their spot. She's not. AND after her weeklong stay in the hospital following the first challenge off the bus and having her partner pick up her slack just so she could stay in the house, you would think she understood. She doesn't.
YES, it is a game, I get that. BUT it is also life and she's toying with it by choosing to be in control. Then, she's trying to backtrack and be "honest" but she'll never be trusted again. I hope her partner Mo realizes who she really is and stop giving her the benefit of the doubt! He truly knows the power of forgiveness. He's a good man.

Ok...so I know I have no clue who these people are, but to watch the devastation of their lives and feelings be so raw and out there makes me feel like I know them.

Thanks for letting me on the soap box!

Not to disappoint...

My Daycare Daddy reader.....

He's one of the men that reads the blog! That's my nickname for him because I walk/workout with his wife and they have 3 kids that Little Hauss plays with while we are off doing our thing. He's had his, mine, and even a couple others at one time to supervise - so we joke that he should open his own Daddy Daycare.

Anywho, he was pointing his finger last night about it being over 4 days since posting.....I totally thought he was telling me it had been 4 days since I'd gone to the gym - which I defended that it hadn't....but he wanted more posts!!! Too funny - he's addicted to blogging! So, here's to you Daddy Daycare - a whole post dedicated just to you!

28 lbs

I would love to say this is what I've lost in weight, but it's not....but on a side note, I'm down about 8 lbs.

Still don't know? It's the weight of my suitcase!!!! YES, I've already started packing. I have to. I have to make sure everything fits in the carry-on so I'm not paying to check the bag! I'm that cheap. I have a few ideas what I could do with an extra $30, not to mention if we both checked bags! Sheesh - what a ripoff!

Now, this still gives me room to groove. I have to keep it under 40 lbs. I already have all my dinner outfits, excursion outfits, shoes, toiletries, exercise clothes, bathing suits, and pajamas! I am sure I can throw in a few more things - one of which will probably be hubby's size 13 shoes!!! Golly ned, those suckers take up a lot of room in a suitcase! And, yes, I will be exercising! Hubby is addicted to the gym and sweating and all that good for you crap, so there is no excuse for me not to join him! Plus it will help keep these 8 lbs off that I've worked so hard for the past couple of weeks.

I also have to plan for New Orleans. We are staying there Thursday night after we get off the boat. More clothes!!! I'm an overpacker by nature. It's not that I don't plan the outfits - hello - panner here, but I like options. I don't like being committed to one outfit before I leave - I mean, you never know what the weather will do and what you'll be in the mood for. So, I've tried my best to have a few versatile pieces to mix and match throughout the week! Watch it be like the beach, and you pack all kinds of stuff and live in a bathing suit for 5 days!



Is it totally acceptable that I treat myself with starbucks after leaving the gym? I think so!


Creatures in the Night

Are NOT my friends. Who am I kidding....creatures in general are not my friend or ever will be. NEVER!

I don't like any! I don't care if they fly, crawl, creep or inch. I don't want them near me. I know that some are pretty like butterflies and ladybugs, but still not my friend.

Last night, went to bed - LATE - after painting and got all cuddled up in the covers to watch the news. It was nearly over, so I turned off the tv and tried to fall asleep. I heard it in the blinds. Trying its hardest to find the light! It wanted out but its a window....all bugs haven't figured this concept out yet! So, I get up, turn on the light and ever so slowly move the curtain and the blind to see what it was....I was pretty sure it was just a big fly. Hell no, it was a big moth! It darted out of the blinds and started batting around the room like a crackhead in a padded room - oh wait, that was me! I even knocked a huge candle holder/wall decoration off the wall! It went clashing and banging and about gave me a heart attack as it was behind me when I bumped into it! That thing was trying to find a place to land and settle in for the night. I was sorry to tell that damn moth, but the only place it was settling in was the trashcan after I smooshed it! So, finally, where does it stop? My freakin' bed! Well, smart little moth - I can't smoosh it on there! Gross! So, I had to coax it off the bed into another flying frenzy and it finally landed where I could put me out of my misery. Yes, me - I don't care about that stinkin' moth's feelings! Sheesh! I'm not that girl that's all one with nature.

So, of course, the moth is in the trashcan along with the notepad that I smooshed it with....not even trying to clean that off!!! I can buy a new notepad - hell it was probably one that was given to me by some vendor at some expo! But, then, all I could think about was that stinkin' moth or one of its friends crawling out of the darkness while I was peacefully sleeping. Needless to say, nothing else exciting occured and I did end up passing out around 12:30.

I haven't told Hubby any of this, so I'm sure he will wonder why our room looks like a bomb went off and the candle thing is laid accross his dresser! Then, I'm fairly positive that will spark some sort of comedic reaction and he'll have a nice laugh at my expense. I don't really care so much because he already knows I am loony about creatures.


Paint or Stain


I've been researching the basement floor issue - duh, I research everything. Well, it's moved from an issue to a new project! Officially! We will be pulling up carpet on Friday and Saturday. Hopefully we will finish it Friday, but have to leave the Saturday morning as an option!

The removal of carpet is a definite. The finish of the floor is up for debate. We've heard good and bad things about painting. We haven't had a chance to visit any stores and talk with anyone about specifics or even look at color options. And, you know me, I've gotta have a plan. So, the plan is to remove the nasty carpet. Regardless of what we decide to do with the actual concrete, we will be getting some sort of rug or remnant so we can start looking at those. Even if we have to live with the bare floor for a few weeks, I'm okay with that and I think Hubby is too!

This will be my first major project in the house. I've never removed carpet and think it will be fun! Poor Little Hauss loves to help out and we aren't going to let him because he doesn't need to be breathing in fibers and dust and all that while we are working. I haven't told him he won't be helping yet, so yesterday in the car after a quick conversation with Hubby about the project, LH said "Mama, I don't know how to pull up carpet!" Too sweet! I told him I didn't know either, so it would be okay! He was fine after that!

Now, there are some pros and cons to painting and staining and we just have to find the right one for us. I hope to get a lot of answers this weekend when we can actually go talk to someone and look at the different products!

Inside Out

Well, you know it's one of "those" days when you put your undies on inside out......and don't realize it until after work!!!!
That was me yesterday - and I'm like an 80 year old woman in the potty about every 2 hours! Oblivious!


My way

Isn't it always, but really, I'm getting my way on basement floor dibacle!

Hubby and I had a very vivid discussion about the floors in the basement during the reorganization. Yes, he actually talked back and I let him have an opinion on this. I mean, it practically is his man cave, so he should have some say in what happens down there - some, not all!

Ok, so we have an unfinished and finished side. Unfinished holds laundry, dog food area, crafts and tool bench = concrete floors! Finished side holds couches, tv, desk, play area for LH = old worn out berber carpet. NOW, after this incident, the carpet is in worse shape than before. My conclusion is that dogs + berber = mess! Not only did they dog poo on it, the other dog has marked the back of my chaise lounge!!!!! YES, actually hiked his leg and claimed it for himself. We have cleaned it and the carpet around it, but its just so damn irritating! My blood pressure rises everytime I see the spot on the back of the chair. It's microfiber so when it gets wet or stained, it shows a darker area! Thanks - and to clarify, that is HIS dog! MY dog has the poo problem. I mean, its not rank down there, but its just annoying!

Well, obviously we want new carpet, but we aren't stupid, so we aren't going to get new carpet until we are ready to sell the house or have no dogs. We'll sell the house before we don't have dogs, so we are in a pickle. What to do with the basement floors?

Well, I came up with the idea of painting/staining the concrete under the carpet. I know its a basement and it will be cooler down there, but a few area rugs or remnents will take care of that. This is where our discussion got a little heated. My mom was there through the whole thing and laughing at us hysterically. We tried to get her opinion, but she stayed far out of this one! Hubby was trying to fight to the end about keeping the carpet and he said my solution to everything was just rip it up and throw it away. He may have gotten that idea from the unfinished side where there was a small reminent that I may of may not have cut piece by piece. What else are you going to do with the poo dog poos all over it? It was nasty indoor/outdoor carpet for the laundry area. The concrete looks much better and is a lot easier to clean - just bleach it! He agrees with this by the way! However, he wasn't sure if he'd love a cold concrete floor to walk on as he settles in for his lounging and football game watching!

Well, I won him over. He must have been doing a little diy researching and he sent me an email of a video of concrete flooring! And then we found a diy step by step on how to paint your concrete floors! I'm very excited about this project. It will have to wait until we get back from the cruise (which is in 12 days in case I didn't mention that) and have a few good days to work on it, but it's going to happen!!!!!! The only bad thing is that we just moved all that stuff down in the basement! Now, I'm going to have to take it all out again! Oh well, it'll be worth it!

Mission (almost) Complete

The basement and "spare" room cleanout/reorganization project is almost complete. LH's toys, notsomuch!
Hubby got the desk down from attic on Friday morning and I assembled it and got the computer and printer set up. I had to wait on the heavy filing cabinet, but that is finally down there now to bring it all together!
Mom and I cleaned out the basement - I think the last time I've seen it that empty was when we moved in 3 1/2 years ago. We purged lots of stuff!!! I love that feeling of getting rid of crap that you don't need. I ended up moving the craft corner into the unfished part because there is a section with an old countertop and more room. I can get messy in there too and not worry about anyone seeing it!
Sunday Hubby "helped" me with the rest of stuff. I say help loosely because it really means, he just followed orders all day. I mean he helped, but didn't have a say so in any part of the entire process. He told me from the beginning he was the muscle only....he wasn't making any decisions! NOW, you might think this is just the sweetest, but really he's just saving his own arse from any future ramifications. See, he's a smart cookie that one. He knows that inevitably I will whine or complain about something that isn't quite right or exactly how I want it or want to change something. So, this way, he doesn't take any blame for it since I made all decisions the first time around. Basically, he's saying it's no ones fault buy my own! I'm okay with it as long as he moves, pushes, lifts, and sets up things how I want them - over and over and over until it's just right!
He didn't once complain or ask to stop for something like a football game. He did everything I asked (ok, told) him to do without any hesitation! Love him for it!
Now, I still have some work to do. I need to clean out the dresser drawers and closet in the spare room since most of that stuff is office supply related or soemthing that will find a new happy home on our new shelves in the basement! I also need to put up the rest of the pictures, books and other nick nacks in the finished basement! Thank goodness this week is pretty light with stuff going on in the evenings and I can get it all done!
I'm very happy that things are working out the way I want them to. I have a few other decorative/cosmetic things I would like to get done too, but that might just have to wait for after the cruise - which is in 12 days!!!!! More to plan....Yay!!!!



Get your dirty minds out of the gutter....

I'm talking about my Sex in the City at 11pm. I watch it every night...well, apperently they didn't want me to, so they replaced it with Everybody Loves Raymod. What? Who watches that? Ok...so I do sometimes, but I am still pissy about my sex-less evenings!

I might have to write a letter!

Things are changing...

In the house....

I have a plan...as always!!! BUT, this plan hasn't been executed since I'm crazy busy with that thing called LIFE!!!

I know this plan is going to work out great and make my life more stress free! What? Who am I kidding...I'll never be stress free - in fact, hubby mentioned once (way back in the dating phase) that he wasn't sure if I was happy unless I was stressed out! NICE. But he has a point...a small one, but still! Moving on...

OK...my projects are taking over the kitchen table! I had originally thought about using the "spare" room (aka junk room) as my crafty room, but eventually that will be a nursery. Yes, I'm already planning the nursery - shush - it's my house! But seriously, it's gonna happen in the next year I hope, so why make it one type of room, just to turn around and change it - duh!

Mom is here and willing to help - aka, get my arse in gear!!! She is a great motivator...well, she just goes goes goes all the time and loves to do do do - especially around the house! Its wonderful for me who wants to do all these fantabulous projects, but just can't seem to find the energy or motivation at the end of the day! What about weekends you ask? Well, there are very few "free" weekends in our future, so the time is now! Nights are out for hubby to help because of his crazy work schedule, so this weekend will be productive, I just know it and hubby is preoccupied with training and football!

Things that are going to happen -
1- set up "craft" corner in the basement complete with some sort of screen or separator to "hide" my mess
2 - find shelving for the laundry/storage side of the basement (and actually assemble and stock with storage items)
3 - set up desk and "office" space in basement complete with all misc. office supplies from "spare" room
4 -sort through LH's toys and games and pack up those not in use anymore (this one might not be done, but it's on the list)

It's a short list, but should be lots of work!

Hubby likes "helping" me this way - by not being there! Sometimes it works so much better that way! He will need to retrieve the desk from the attic, but that's about all I'll use him for!


Oh Baby!

Oh, she's precious! She's got chubby cheeks and a little button nose with soft dark hair! I could eat her up with a spoon! I think she kind of looks like mommy but can see darker features like my brother.

There was a camera, but there isn's a usb cord! Pop left his camera but took the cord!!!! BOO! But, that's ok - I'm just happy that we got some pics!

I don't know if I'll get a chance to see her tomorrow but I will definitely be part of the welcoming party on Friday when they go home!

I'm in love!

She's here!!!!

Ava arrived on September 15th barely!!! She made her grand entrance at 11:58pm after a long hard day of labor for mommy! They are all doing great and just resting up. She weighed 8 lbs and 2.9 oz. No length yet because she had quite the conehead and they were going to wait to measure her this morning.

I was upset that I wasn't there. Hubby knew I wanted to be but couldn't get out of work last night, so I got a late night text message from proud Pop! Little Hauss and I are going to meet her this afternoon and I will post pictures - promise! I hope the person that I steal a camera from won't mind.....=)

I did get a picture via cell phone this morning and she is really cute! I think she looks like her daddy from what I can see but we'll find out today the truth! I know that she has dark hair though!

LH is very excited too - he asked me first thing this morning if baby Ava was out of the belly yet! So sweet!


Waiting on a baby....

Well, that girl is happy in that belly! I guess I would be too, but none the less, we are ready to meet her! My brother said that pitosin started around 8 and that they will break water around lunch if it hadn't already happened on its own! My guess is that they'll have to do it because she hasn't been on the agressive side this whole pregnancy.
Hopefully I'll have a niece to show off later today, but could be tomorrow! We'll see!!!! I'm just working until I get the call that things are progressing nicely!


Nobody puts Baby in a Corner!

Ahhh, I knew this day would happen. I knew the moment they announced that Patrick Swayze had cancer. I just didn't know I'd be so sad about his passing! As I was looking for pictures for this post, I found one of him in the recent months and it didn't even look like him! He fought hard though, so that makes it a little easier to deal with.

My all time favorite PS movie - Dirty Dancing
But let's not forget all the memories we have of him - Red Dawn, Ghost, Roadhouse, and Point Blank! I know there are more, but these are top of my list!


Yep, Dead on Arrival! My camera!!!!! We got to the surprise party for my MIL yesterday and the darn thing wouldn't even turn on! So, yes, we fooled with the battery wondering if it had just lost its charge, but nada! Finally, after manhandling it and banging the back of it (ya know like you do when the remote is on the fritz), it finally came on. Battery was fully charged!!!!! It made me wonder what was wrong with it - I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I just throw it in my bag without the case most of the time and/or that LH takes pictures with it and occassionally has *gasp* drops it! He doesn't play with it really - he actually takes good pictures, but maybe the dropping part is not so good!

Well, this couldn't come at a worse time....well, there really isn't any good time to have a deadbeat camera, but now more than ever!! With a baby on the way tomorrow and the cruise coming up in 19 days, I am just beyond sad!

Now, most of you would just go buy another camera, but I can't just run out and pick just any ol' thing off the shelves. Have you forgotten, I'm the planner who plans to plan, therefore, there should be much research and contemplation into such a grand purchase! A camera to me is like another limb. It goes with me everywhere and I feel lost without it! Not only do I want to make sure I'm getting a great product, but the fact that its not a cheap purchase! I want to make sure I'm getting the best deal possible for the product that we (I) want!

I am just interested in a point and shoot - I already have a very nice 35mm Nikon but its just too big to lug around all the time. SO, if you have any suggestions, please let me know. My last one was a Sony Cyber Shot!


Boys who Blog...

Well, they may not have a blog, but they read the blogs!

Besides the Hubby (who doesn't read by choice, but is sent email reminders every time I post), I can confirm that I have one other male reader!!!! Very exciting! Maybe he is trying to gain some insight into the wonderful world of women!!! Good luck!

It is flattering and very cool that a man reads the blog....actually I found out that his wifey, my "walking" friend as hubby calls her, can't catch up sometimes, so she relies on him to fill her in!!!

Too funny!

Are there any other males that read the blog? I'd love to know....leave me a comment!

We Interrupt this Marriage....

To bring you Football Season! I've seen it on signs, pillows and all other kinds of decorative items. The MIL has a a sign hanging in the hallway of her house - and she deserves it due to being married to a football coach for decades as well as raising 3 sons that all played the sport!

Now, I need one....

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE College Football! Really, I do, but I also have other things to do on a beautiful Saturday than watch football ALL day! Seriously, ALL day! Hubby informed me last night that with the new scheduling, he could literally watch football from 10 am until 1 am!!!! And that is just College!

So, I guess I will see him sometime in January - oh, wait, I'll see him for a week in October, but then bye bye again till 2010!

Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Well, yesterday I sure felt like I was....in math that is! I was as smart as an 8th grader!!!!

FINALLY, I felt good about taking that test and left there with a good attitude! I switched to Middle School Math and it was soooooooooo much better! I mean, there were questions on there that I actually understood, even to the point of knowing what exactly they were asking for, knowing how to find the answer, and more often than not, the answer I got was actually one of the ones on the test to choose from!!! Amazing!

Now, there were some that stumped me only because I couldn't recall the exact formula on the area of circle or exactly how many feet are in a mile, but overall it was something to sing about!

Now, I just have to wait the dreaded 4 weeks until I get my results!!!!


Spoiled Rotten

Me...that's who!

I am so used to having my Fridays off and having to work today is not fun!!! And, its only until 11!!!!!!! I know I had Monday off, but that was spent in a car driving home from GA. I love my Fridays - me time to get all that crap done that I don't do during the week or on weekends!

Hubby makes fun of me (he's jealous I'm sure of it) but he won't be joking this weekend when the house is a mess and there is no food in the fridge!!!

Oh, and baby isn't here yet, but momma was dilated to 2 yesterday so we are hoping very soon!!!!


Just What I needed Today

Lunch with a friend that I haven't seen in a while! I could have used the rest of the afternoon to catch up with her, but the hour was exactly enough time to help bring me out of my funk!

Also, other happies that are helping:

* met Sweet Baby Girl's little boy last night - 2 weeks old and cute as ever
* mom is on her way up here and staying indefinitely - brother's baby is due anytime now, and will be here no later than next Tuesday by induction
* get to hang out with my Little Hauss tonight just the two of us
* have a fun weekend plan
* AND the cruise is only 23 days away!!!

I just need to remind myself of all the wonderful and blessed things in my life and not spend too much energy on the curve balls life throws you because from where I stand, the good sure outweighs the bad!!!


Public Apology

If my mood wasn't arleady funky, now I've gone and messed up again!

Things happen and we move on - hopefully! I'm praying that this will be one of those things that we just get past!

I'm sorry AGAIN. You know who you are.


I'm in a mood! I am positive it has nothing to do with the piles of clutter on my kitchen counter, unpacked duffle from our trip sitting in the floor, baskets of laundry in the rooms, rain, getting home every night after 7, and the fact that we can't find the only cell phone charger left! The upside is that we get new phones this weekend! I just hope the car charger can get us through until then!

Little Hauss is moody too. I'm sure that has nothing to do with him being with his Gigi for a week, having his 10th or so birthday party, and starting a new class at school & all the excitement that goes with it.

Is there a full moon? It must be and I'm sure the change in the weather is a factor as well!

Proud to Announce

My new blog for my crafty adventures!! It is a lot easier to have everything in its own spot and keep up with this way, so check out Glitzy Creations and see what's going on. I will be working on some new plates and glasses soon and hope to get going on ornaments!
Check back often for new items, giveaways and much more!


Game On!

We didn't win, but had a great time!

Me and Hubby - all smiles (pre game)
Gigi and Pop - all smiles - they stayed that way to the end!!

Me and Sal - BFF from my childhood
Rivals - Gigi and me
Me and uncle Mal
Siblings - Gigi and Mal
Oh, and a LH and his faux hawk!


Birthday Boy!

Happy 4th Birthday Little Hauss!!! It's been a wonderful adventure being your mommy and getting to know you better everyday! I love you and couldn't imagine my life without you!

Coming home from the hospital! September 2005
First week at home! Already getting chunky cheeks!
I love you!



This is something I will see very soon!!!!! GO HOKIES!!!!!!!

We are Atlanta bound in about 30 minutes or so! I can't wait to get down there and have a mini vacation with my parents, uncle, and friends! I'm really super excited about this trip because my uncle from FL is heading in for the game and it will be the first time he's ever met Little Hauss!!!! They've only talked on the webcam, so this is going to be great!
Also, we are all going to the game but it will be a divided household!! Mom, dad, Uncle M, and Aunt P are all BAMA fans!!!!! Boohiss! BUT, we are sitting in the Tech section, so this should be interesting!
LH has already asked his Gigi if he can stay with her for a long time....like 15 years and if I could bring all his stuff! Hmmmm, if I let her, she'd probably keep him, but I won't!



Not just oh poo! But really, OH POO!!!!

Little Hauss made the trip to ATL with Gigi yesterday leaving hubby and I kid free again! We don't even have time to get excited about any quality time because I'm working like a mad woman to fit in my hours so I can have tomororw thru Monday off! I feel like the sacrifice is well worth it.

Well, that's how I felt about it on the first day! Getting to work at 5:45 am isn't fun, but when you look at the big picture - 5 whole days off - it starts making sense! Yesterday, I was sluggish! On top of my body thinking that staying up until 11:30 the night before waking up at 5 is ok, I have gone without make-up most of the summer! Even mascara! I know, it's crazy! I used to never leave the house without mascara! I've worn it a handful of times this summer and pretty much everytime, I've cried, so I thought it best to go without! Well, I guess I not only felt sluggish, I looked it - the whole shabang....puffy eyes, slouching posture, and just plain worn out! After all that, I didn't even get home until close to 9!

Today I felt more refreshed. I made myself go to bed at 9:30, which means about 10ishafter I laid there long enough to make myself drift off to sleep. It also means that I have done NOTHING at the house. It needs a good bitch slapping, but I just haven't had the energy or time to put into it. I KNOW that we are supposed to leave in the morning and I know that means laundry has to be done (ok, so hubby does this and it has zilch to do with me, but still), bags have to be packed, car needs to be cleaned out and gassed up, packed and stocked with snacks, pillows, books, and tunes!

Now, I can add cleaning carpets in the basement to my ever so growing list of things to get done!!! I totally flaked and forgot that hubby had a meeting this am at work, which meant he wouldn't be home at his usual 6:45am! Me, in my infiinite wisdom, left the dogs inside because I overslept thinking that it wouldn't be long until he was home and he could let them out! WRONG!!! His meeting wasn't even that long and he was home by 8:30! Enough time for "my" dog to poo all over the carpet leaving a mess for him to clean up! Great! He did the best he could with the handheld cleaner, but now I need to use the mackdaddy carpet shampooer to really get it out!

Needless to say hubby was NOT happy and now I've decided to leave work an hour early to try to accomplish at least the carpets before I'm supposed to be at dinner! I will get it done! I might be up all night getting the rest of it done, but knowing that I have a good 2 hours of uninterrupted time to accomplish some stuff, I am feeling much better about the ending of this day than I did about the beginning of it!

***Update on Poo Carpets***

They are cleaned and I managed to empty the dishwasher, do 2 loads of laundry, clean 2 bathrooms and declutter the kitchen (simply means I just moved it to the spare room!!!).

Now, off to pizza with the girls!


Summer Daze

LH and Wils (as LH calls him) are enjoying the last few pool days of summer!!!

Argghhh, my little matey is turning 4!

The party for LH was great! I had hats, eye patches and tattoos for the kids, but with 3 and 4 year olds, we never really got around to that until then end, but I did get great pics of all his little buddies that came to celebrate with him!

This was precious! We put this out to signal the party house, and we caught LH sitting and waiting for all of his "people"!!! It was so cute!
SP and Wils!
Sweet MB
Mis Madison!

The girlfriend!!!
Baby cakes!
Hangin' around!

My "walking friend's" little girl!

Gigi went all out!

30th Birthday Party

Here are promised pics from my birthday party! The one regret I have is I didn't get a pic with my parents or in laws! Enjoy!

Mommy and LH - he was such a good party man - entertained all of my friends!
This was towards the end of the night - notice the water spots on my dress! I was trying to sneak some water and they caught me and I spilled!!!! Also, notice the fabulous necklace!!! That was from my parents! They rock!
One of my bestest friends ever and the host of the party! Her and her hubby are troopers! They helped plan and even offered up their house last minute when plans changed!

Hubby's college roomie and his wife - btw who is almost 5 months preggers!!!! Can't even tell!! She looks fantabulous! Love them!

Twins!! What can I say, this color is IN! Love K!

Us with my college roomie and her hubby! They surprised me from Raleigh!!! Such a special treat!

My brother and Sherry! Can't wait to meet baby - who by the way, should be here any time now!!! Mommy looks HOT - all belly!!!

My "walking friend" as hubby calls her and good friend C! These are some very cool and fun chicks!!! We are celebrating C's 40th in September!!!

The other host!!!! Too bad I didn't get a pic of us with the couple!!! Oh well, they were busy making my special day even more special!!! Love them!