Happy Early Birthday to LH

LH got an early birthday present from Gigi and Pop yesterday! We call it the green monster! He really just loves that it's green - his fave!

So, now, he can stop riding the tiny 16" toddler bike where everytime he pedals he hits his knees on the handle bars! Nice!

Now, for a little recap on the last few days.....what a doozy its been! Thank goodness for grandparents!

So, after LH was not feeling well and had the weird rash, we decided to take him to the Doctor Sunday morning even though my friend said it was a virus, we wanted to be sure! First of all, since he is hardly ever sick, we had no clue what the weekend office hours were!! Now we know, but hopefully we won't have to use them again anytime soon! It was a virus, one that sounds way nastier than it really is! It's Hand Foot and Mouth Disease! G-Ross! I mean really? Can't they come up with something else to call it? But, anywho, we are glad to know what it was.
Apparently, he was contagious/sick last week and like I said, mom of the year here, tried to treat his "allergies"! Great, but he's on the mend now! Lots of popsicles, lots of "stay home days" and a cool new bike! He's fine!

Brief Lesson: sores/blisters form in mouth and throat and that's where it starts/spreads to skin...red, bumpless rash on palms and bottoms of feet mostly - at this point, its almost over, but the throat stays sore until the sores/blisters heal! Only way to "treat" is pain reliever as it is a virus! BUT, good thing, it's like chicken pox, you should only get it once!! AND, another good thing, its mostly common in children 10 and under - so I'm fine to be around him!! Good thing as I doubled as his body pillow all weekend!

Dr. said he could go to school and pool and wherever he wanted but I kept him home yesterday and today since Gigi was here and could hang out with him and he could rest. I did call the school and they informed me there were no other cases of it, BUT thought it could have come from THE FAIR!!!! Damn fair....I knew it was nasty, but now I think I'll refrain from taking him there in the years to come!

Oh, and good thing we got a bigger bike as when we were at the Doctor's office, we found out he's 48 inches tall and weighs a whopping 60 pounds!!! WHAT????? Seriously, what almost 5 year old does that? And one more thing, he's already in a size 1 shoe! Where did my little boy go????