Everythying but the Kitchen Sink

That is no understatement either. Ugghhh. We are heading to the Smokey Mountains of TN today and spending New Year's weekend with some friends in a cabin in Gatlingburg! I've never been, so I'm very excited, however, I haven't had to pack like this in YEARS!
We are completely spoiled when it comes to traveling. With my in laws owning a condo at the beach, it is fully stocked with everything we might need, complete with baby items! SO, imagine me trying to cram all the "necessities" in for a 3 day trip starting from scratch.
I forgot how much stuff one tiny little person needs! And that's not even the half of it. I'm also used to the basics being provided - dish soap, laundry detergent, condiments, etc., but now I have to make sure we take EVERYTHING that we think we will use.
We came up with a menu for every meal plus snacks so we could account for all items that we might need, but it is a ton of work. My kitchen table was full of stuff and now we've finally moved most of that to the car. I have a nifty storage compartment under the back section that we put most of it in. And don't forget the wine, champagne, beer and sparkling juice! Those were first on my list of course! In addition to packing the food we will cook, I made lots of stuff too. Last night I made a lasagna so we could heat up for dinner tonight, chicken salad, and a fun chocolate chip bundt cake (weight watchers recipe)! I'm trying to be somewhat good!
I was frantic all week because I haven't had much time to get things done. Hubby has been doing all the laundry (as usual - THANK GOODNESS) and he packed up LH's bag last night. We will pack our clothes and M&M's today before we leave. I was up until midnight last night (ughh) and up at 5:45 this morning with the occassional feeding, so needless to say, I'm tired! The best part is that we are hoping for a lazy weekend full of lounging and relaxing, so not much need for anything more than yoga pants and comfy clothes! I'm ready for a lot of sitting!
I hope all this work is worth it!


Merry CHRISTmas!

We hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Christmas. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus first thing this morning along with a cake and candle. It made us proud that LH told us he already told Jesus happy birthday when he woke up! We are so proud of the young man he is and can't wait for him to teach M&M about all (ok, most) of the things he knows! He is a wonderful big brother!

We attended the family Christmas Eve Service - one of my favorite nights of the entire year! Kids everywhere, giggling, talking, occassionaly cries and snickers! I love it. Well, I love it when it's not my kid being the loud one!!! LOL
Our complete family! Love them!

And miss M&M in her precious Christmas dress! I have way too much fun dressing her up! Hubby said she looked like a big ornament!!! MIL said it was A LOT of dress for her...I think she has the big personality to pull it off!


Thank God for little boys!

How anyone could not LOVE this face is beyond me. I could just eat those dimples up!
And for a potty break...this is when I'm thankful for a little boy!

All Done!

Pure sweetness!

I'm so in love with her more and more each day. Her daddy is the same way. He's too cute everyday and sends me pics of what he's dressed her in!!! She's got so many stinkin' cute outfits that we are constantly changing her!

This was the other night at LH's program for school. She was all excited to see her big brother on stage! I'm pretty sure he's the love of her life these days! She lights up whenever she hears his voice or sees him walk in a room! I wouldn't want it any other way!

Dear Santa

We are fortunate to have Santa come to us intsead of us going to Santa. We have never had to fight traffic, crowds and lines at the Mall to see Santa. My father in law is a member of a club that has Santa just for members and their kids/grandkids each year. We go, eat pizza, let the kids play and then Santa comes to see the kids, have them sit on his lap and he even hands out presents at the end! It is really neat and very stress - free! Exactly my kind of event.
The kids LOVE it and he gives them personalized gifts so they think that is the coolest.
I haven't always gotten the best pictures, but this year I thought was pretty good, considering LH was all sweaty from running around and playing and they both sat nice on his lap!

LH was full of himself as always! I have no idea what they were talking about!!! But whatever it was, he thought it was hilarious.


Down the Chimney he came...

Oh, LH was fantabulous! He did so well in his program at school! They were out last Thursday and Friday for snow, but rescheduled it for last night!!!! I think there were a lot of sad sugar plum faries last week. I'm so glad they got to do it! It was quite the production and the entire Kindergarten did so well!
I also got an early present from hubby. I got a Flip! He wanted me to have for all the fun events this week! So, now we have a full length video of Santa's debut! We are going to use it tonight as well when we take the kids to see Santa, and then on Christmas morning!!! He got it just at the right time as M&M is going to be doing all kinds of fun things soon!
When I figure out how to edit/download the video, I'll share his part!
He's already asking to watch it over and over!


Pre Snowstorm Shopping List

We are expected to get a little (read - ALOT) winter weather overnight. I'm not a fan. Never have been - only when I was in school and got the random day off but I hardly ever played in the snow. I prefer the indoor part of it - fire, book, hot chocolate. I can do without wet, freezing and numbness! Now, as a working adult, I really do not like it. I still have to get to work somehow and along with being part time, I don't have the luxury of taking time off that is paid. If I don't work, I don't get any bacon to bring home.

This is the other reason for not wanting snow. My Santa!!!!! LH is supposed to have his Kindergarten Holiday program tomorrow night!!! IF they don't go, I HOPE it would be rescheduled. I couldn't imagine them cancelling it. The kids are super excited and have worked so hard for weeks practicing! "Santa" has invited everyone and anyone to come see him! He doesn't speak, but he's got a big part.

I'm so lucky to have friends that teach at his school and can "spy" for me. This was the little happy I got in my inbox yesterday!!!

So, onto the post title....the shopping list. I went out to Kroger for a few necessities and first on my list was......WINE! I had to make sure they didn't run out! Forget bread and milk, I have priorities! Along with my vino, I grabbed some coffee and creamer (because that would just be sad),and some marshmallows! See, I know how to stock up for a big storm!


Sugar baby, Sugar glider, flying squirrel? Oh my!

What is this thing? Well, I call it a freak of nature, but some think they are cute enough to have has pets! Oh my! It is really a sugar glider aka flying squirrel (because it "glides" with its bat looking "wings"). Ugghhh! I think I'd pee my pants if that sucker "flew" at me!

So, why are we pretending to be Jack Hannah today with a new exoctic creature? Well, my friend is seriously considering getting on for her kids for Christmas! Ewwwwww! That's just me apparently because my other friend thinks they are cute too and has considered it as well.

They keep saying they are cute and small and cuddly. Um, they are small and have a cute looking face, but I do not want to cuddle with it. They even have little necklace/harness things you can wear so they are in a pouch like setting to keep near your body - kind of like a baby would be! Gross!

Now, if this was the only picture you saw of this critter, it is kind of cute. Small (almost too small for me) - never know where that thing can hide or end up if you aren't careful! We had the ginea pig from LH's preschool class one weekend and I barely let it out of the cage! Ugghh! This would make me a nervous wreck. And not to mention the dogs would think it was a toy!
So, if that isn't so bad, this will make you think different:

WHAT???? OMG. Wouldn't you just pee your pants if you had this flying "gliding" towards you!!!!!!!!!!! I know I would. I don't even like stink bugs!


Stats...not really

M&M is 3 months old!!! Well, she was on the 1st, but I'm a tad behind!
I don't have stats as they don't require a doctor's visit at 3 months and I wouldn't remember them much anyway if they did. Yes, I'm THAT mom! I mean, if they are healthy and happy and the doctor is fine with the progress, do I really need to remember how much she weighed and all that later on?? I never saved that stuff with LH because I didn't see the reason to. I have a genreal idea within a pound or so for medicine if need be, but other than that, who cares?
I put all the important info in the baby books! I'm just not that mom that saves every single thing. I can't stand all that stuff. I don't care how much I weighed and how long I was at 2 months old...are they going to? Doubt it!
I have a box of stuff for LH of all the favorites and memorable things he's done over the past 5 years. There is no good reason to save every single paper that he scribbled on at preschool and every single worksheet he does in Kindergarten! I let Hubby look at it and then it gets tossed. They keep a notebook at school, actually 2, of all the things they are working on. Writing, drawings, etc. So that will get put in the box along with the cards he makes me and fun ornaments! Those are keepers!


Saving Face

My new do! I got my hair did the other day and got the "wings" chopped. I had it at a severe angle and stacked in the back. The front was just getting too long and making some flips so I wanted them gone and viola, I have a cute blunt bob! Minus the tired eyes, I think it looks great!
Well, apparently, so does my husband! This morning, he told me that I was looking skinny (I've started weight watchers and have lost about 13 pounds - woohoo), but that's not the point. The next comment is the point. He looks at my much better looking hair than this picture and says "I like your haircut! It looks really good with your face!" HAHAHAHAHA!! We just looked at each other for a minute then laughed. No, it didn't hurt my feelings and I knew he meant it in the sweetest way possible, it just came out wierd.
So, the rest of the day, he was saving face and telling me how PRETTY I was!! Well, how pretty my face is anyway! Love it!

Dressed to Impress

This is why Hubby was concerned when he heard "It's a GIRL"! The shopping..the dresses, the way too cute clothes that I just can't seem to walk by in the stores!
Thank goodness Christmas is close and I feel less guilty for spending money on all this fun stuff because they are gifts!
Now, I will say, I didn't pay full price for anything because I'm not throwing out all my shopping rules! I had a coupon, shopped off the clearance rack and one was a gift! Sweet!

Gap Penguin Beanie! We have a thing for penguins.
Gap ruffled TUTU! Need I say more?

Gap animal print coat - um, again, do I need to explain?

And the babe's first Christmas dress! My mom's neighbor works at Macy's and keeps sending us stuff for M&M! This didn't even make it to the floor before she snagged it!!! I will definitely get some pics of the kiddos in their Holiday outfits!
So, along with some fun tights and shoes, she's going to be the best dressed little girl this season!



I am so sorry I have been MIA for wow, almost a month! I've actually started a few posts here and there and then they just ever got finished (can't imagine why not - haha)! For a realistic goal, I am going to try at least 3 posts a week...I can say this is most likely to occur due to the fact that I am at work 3 days a week!!! Yes, I'm back at work and it seems that this is where I get most of "my" stuff done. I actually get to eat lunch, not to mention, check and respond to emails, catch up on blogs, and most importantly, adult interaction.
I LOVE being with my babies, but I am not SAHM (stay at home mommy) material. Well, I could be if I could actually AFFORD to do what I wanted, whenever I wanted and NOT work. I need to work though. I really enjoy it too!
It hasn't been too bad coming back. The work part is great. I love the people I work with, so that part was easy. The hard part is learning how to juggle it all again. I am not back to "me" yet and that drives me crazier than anything else. I'm too type A to just "go with the flow"! I admit it and I don't care. I'll let my hubby be all "let's just play it by ear". But I also must admit that drives me bonkers too!
I'm now sleep deprived. I wasn't the first 8 weeks of M&M's life, but now I am. I was in heaven, living on love, blah blah blah and I was also waking up around 8 or 9 not 5:30! NOW is the hard part. Getting up at 5:30 to pump, shower, dress, feed her a bottle, change her, and cart her off to whoever is keeping her by 7 am and that still doesn't seem to be enough time. Usualy LH is up and ready to eat and get dressed by 6:30, so its just a juggling act.
I've actually forgotten I have 2 kids already. Really? I mean, I KNOW I have them, but when trying to schedule something or plan an outing for someone, I just blank out. For instance, I wanted to drop M&M (her new blog name fyi) off at the sitters AT 6:45 am on Monday so I could be at work by 7. Well, that's kind of hard to do when hubby doesn't even walk in the door until 6:45ish in the mornings!!! So, I had to readjust by 30 mins. Not a big deal, but I was ready to leave the house with her not thinking about LH still being there!
My friends tell me this part will get easier and I will return to myself eventually. I just wish it was sooner rather than later. And with the holidays approaching, it adds that much more stress in the mix!


Enjoying Life!!!

I'm so in love! Who knew you could fall in love over and over again!!! I'm done now by the way! Falling! First comes the hubby and I'm more in love with him everyday, then LH....then sweet Magpie!!! I hope I'll be okay when I have to go back to work. I have a little over a week left!
But, this falling in love thing is partially the reason I've been MIA lately. I have been really getting out and about and enjoying every minute of my time with sweet baby girl!
I feel good, rested and just giddy! Going from a threesome to a foursome was a little rocky in the beginning due to lack of sleep and all the changes we had in a short period of time, but now we are adjusting and getting into our new normal!
As much as I don't want to go back to work (well, maybe a little) I'll be a much better blogger when I do. Lunch breaks are awesome for that!!
See you soon, I promise!


Wish I could hold her back!

I didn't have a bumbo with LH....I borrowed this one from a friend and didn't think Magpie would be ready yet, but I was wrong!!!! WOW, she looks so big and grown up in this! So much fun though!

Van Gough? Monet? Picasso?

Ahhh, I'm so in love with this painting. I am so proud too! LH painted this for his little sister's room! It will hang beautifully above her crib and be the focal point of her room! He even signed it!!! I might have helped a little, but he really did the majority of the work all by himself! So Sweet! Love it!


Finally, some new pics!

Here are my favorite little people in the whole world!!!


ONE Month Checkup!!

Miss Magpie turned one month on Oct. 1st, and we had her checkup yesterday!!! She's perfect of course, but we already knew that!
I will post a picture today - PROMISE!!!
Her stats:
Head - 15 inches (grew 1 inch)
Weight - 11 lbs
Length - 21 3/4 inches
She had to get her second Hep B shot and did fantabulously! She only cried for a minute and then passed out for a while. I am not looking forward to her 2 month visit because she gets more shots. Thank goodness I will not be taking her as I'll be back to work! Daddy duty then!
Things are great. She is still sleeping wonderfully and having stretches of 4 to 5 hours most nights. She is a great eater and has reduced her time to about 20-25 mins so that makes mommy happy. We are getting out everyday (most likely shopping)! Today we are going to the fabric store. My MIL has offered to make throw pillows for our new couch! I have been searching for some but just can't find what I like and do not want to pay what they want for them. I'm so lucky to have such a talented MIL that is willing to make stuff for me all the time!
I'll let you know what I find!


Magpie meets some new friends

My roomie from college made a visit a couple of weeks ago and we finally got to meet each other's little girls!! I'm a little slower as her sweet girl Hi-C is already 5 months old!! Now we both have one boy and one girl!!! So much fun.

We need to work on her hostessing skills! Miss Post would not approved of her sleeping through this! But look at Hi-C's cheeks...cuteness at its best!
The big brothers were feeling left out!!!

And this is another new friend she met (well, maybe since she was snoozin' through it again) that our friends adopted in July! She's going to have such great girlfriends growing up!

A little bit Hippy!


Time flies...

I'm having sooooooo much fun with sweet baby girl, but time is flying by way too fast! I only have about 4 1/2 weeks left before going back to work. Boo! Now, I would love to spend more time at home but I'm not quite stay at home mom material really. I love working and having adult interaction, but I just love this time to bond with magpie and hanging out with LH after school! It is just so much fun! I'm blessed in so many ways.

So, things are good. She is a doll. Sleeping well and eating great - sometimes too great. I have been pumping to give me a break here and there because being attached to something that long sometimes is overwhelming. I have things to get done and places to go sometimes and just need it to be a quicker process. All and all, I love nursing, and I'll try to keep up as much as possible when I head back to work. Hopefully, I can keep up with her! She's getting so chubby, I love it.

She goes for her one month check up next week so we'll see just how well she's doing. I'm sure they will think she is perfect! How could they not!

LH is thriving in KG...he is having so much fun! He gets excited about everything, well, minus his weekly homework. He is getting better. We've shortened the one hour crying/whining fit to about 15 minutes and maybe some bribery of cookies, etc when finished! Whatever works as far as I'm concerned!

He had a playdate with a classmate last week and the mommies shared some coffee and chatting! She has a 3 month old little girl so we were in heaven hanging out with them while the boys played! She also passed on some cute girl clothes! Between those and the ones my college roomie gave me, I'll have a mini fashion show everyday just so she can wear them all!

LH did catch a bug this weekend and it wasn't pretty! He woke up around 4:30 am on Saturday puking...then it progressed to both ends all day! Thank goodness Hubby was home and could take care of him in the basement while the baby and I stayed upstairs. They practically lived down there for 2 days. He was pitiful...could hardly keep anything down for 24 hours! I was scared we might end up in the ER but he stopped getting sick as of Sunday morning! He still had a fever yesterday and wouldn't really eat, but could drink! He's home with us today just as precaution even though his fever broke early this morning! I wanted him to be well rested and healthy before going back to school! I just hope he stays that way!

Thankfully, the rest of us are well and haven't shown any signs of getting whatever he had!
Enjoy chubby cheeks!!!


Crazy Cuteness

Here is one of the pics from the photo shoot!! My friend's mom is a photographer and did a fantabulous job! If you are in need of someone that is very reasonable and takes great shots, let me know and I can send you her info. Her name is Donna Smith and she's in the Roanoke area!

I have a feeling that a lot of these headbands and hats with embellishments are going to be in her wardrobe!!! I hope I can find some cheap ones!!


First photo shoot

OMG....I mean, really, she was just too cute! Awake and alert the whole time, which made for a harder time to position her and get her to pose the way we wanted her to, but still got some great shots! A friend of mine's mom is a photographer and did an amazing job! She had the cutest headbands, hats and such with big flowers on them and little baskets and things to put her in! We couldn't do this when LH was born, but we can now, and I'm so glad we did! It will take a few days to get the pics, but wow, she was adorable.
I'm sure we would like any of them, but she'll be picky about them but I don't care! I can't wait to see the finished product. Miss priss didn't disappoint in making her own statement. She peed a few times and even had a little poopy!! Thank goodness everything was washable! We would have loved to get a few more poses with different outfits and props, but she was super tired and would not go to sleep, so we called it quits. I don't blame her, she lasted for an hour and a half! She was naked and manhandled so much, I doubt sleeping was on her agenda! once we got her dressed again and in the car, she passed out for a couple of hours!!
I hope I can show you some of the proofs..but not sure if I'll have access to any of the digital ones? We'll see...but I do know that I'm not on the hunt for some flower headbands and hats!!!

Just for fun...

I'll have a few more pics later this weekend but these are just what I have from this past week or so...

LH took this...but what a cute little smile??

LH, magpie, Gigi and Pop! A very rare occurance!

Another week flies by!

I can't believe Magpie is 16 days old now!!! How did that happen?? Wow. She seems so much bigger already and I just want to keep her teeny tiny forever! I would prefer her sleeping through the night even though she's been good to me in that department so far! I am really blessed that she has long stretches of 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours most nights! Momma is happy!
LH is adjusting well to life in Kindergarten and we still battle with some 'tude in the evenings, but overall we can't complain too much! The worst day is Thursdays because he actually has homework!!! I couldn't believe it, but he has a worksheet of words to trace each week and it takes about an hour and a few fits to get through. We bribed him yesterday with pizza day and ice cream! He usually packs lunch and buys only a couple times a week and is only allowed ice cream twice as well, so an extra day was a treat! He almost didn't make it though. Its rougher on us I think.
Gigi left last Sunday and I was so sad to see her go. She hung out everyday with us and helped out so much! I never once had to worry about LH, laundry, dishes, meals, or even the grocery store! Mostly we just chilled here with Magpie and chatted, watched shows and such! Nothing fancy but just enough! The MIL was visiting as well after work and brought dinner and they took LH out a couple times just to hang! We are so lucky to have such wonderful parents!
Hubby has been a terrific help this week since he took off after mom left. He has been doing the evening routines with LH and giving miss priss baths, etc. She's been alert and somewhat fussy around 9-11 some nights so he's been letting me sleep and hanging out with her. I will surely miss that help when he goes back to work on Sunday! He will still be up in the evenings, but he'll be gone for work around 10, so I'll be on my own!! I'm ok with that as she is a good sleeper so far and LH is in bed by 7:15 or 7:30 so it makes for fairly easy night times!


Miss Magpie ONE week!

A week has gone by already?? How did that happen?

Can you feel the love?

I mean, really? How cute is this???? He is obviously NOT flushing her down the toilet and is taking his big brother role very seriously!

A family of four!!!

Here we are! Blessed with two of the most wonderful children ever! I think they are pretty cute too! I'm a little biased though!


Oh, the places he'll go!

Off he goes to Kindergarten! He was so excited and ready for whatever came his way! I was not! I didn't cry though. I was excited for him. I was a little sad that he grew up too fast but I had a little one to keep me company! Let's not discuss how I'll be in another 5 years when she's old enough for school!

He's a car rider so here we are leaving to head to his first day!

Off he goes to the car!

Really? Can you just feel the excitement?

Barely got a picture he was so ready to get in there!

AND then he passed out! We could barely wake him up and yet, he still went to bed early!


It's a GIRL

I really was convinced it was a boy. I would have never guessed we could produce a girl! Hubby's family just doesn't make them....well, so we thought! It is the 2nd girl in 60 years on his mom's side (first one was just in April) and the first in 50ish years for his dad's side!! Talk about odds to beat!!!
So, we welcome our daughter, Magpie, to the family!
I didn't think she would get here as fast as she did, but I guess she was ready!
We checked in the hospital about 6:45 this am, got settled in our room, then at the shift change, our nurse started my IV, but didn't have pitosin as yet. She started that around 8:30 after the doctor checked in. I was about 2-3 cm at this time and se was -3 (so fairly high still). Around 10:00, he came back and broke my water - and I was still only about 3 cm. They hiked up the pitosin and things started getting more uncomfortable. About 12:30, I felt the contractions were back to back and a lot stronger. I seriously considered an epidural, but I'm so glad I didn't. I asked if the doctor could come back to check me because I knew if I had progressed far enough, I would just push my way through the pain. At this point, I was really struggling and finally my nurse checked me and wouldn't you know it, it was time to push!!!!!
She literally ran down the hall, called for the doctor to be paged, ran back with the cart and did a quick shout out to the grandmothers that a baby was coming soon! By the time she came in, the doctor was right behind her and I was so ready to go...but he told me to wait a minute so he could get ready!!! That was the worst!
Finally, he was ready and it was about 1:15. I pushed a few times and there she was at 1:23!!!!!
OMG...really? I just had a baby....and then I was in total shock for about 45 minuts that I had a girl!!! I was totally prepared for a boy!
So, here are her stats:
born at 1:23 pm
8 lbs 9 oz
21 inches long
We are in love and thinks she perfect. LH met her a few hours later and he's in love too!!!! We had a video of their first encounter, but hubby accidently deleted it from the camera....oh well, we have lots of pics! I'll be sure to post more as we get them!!! I'll also do a comparison of the two from when they were born....they are definitely siblings!


It's here....almost

Tomorrow will be the day I become a mommy again. I am so excited! I can't believe this moment is finally here. We are in complete disbelief that we will be parents of kidS (plural????wow). I just hope we can adjust quickly. It is bittersweet for both of us as LH has been our one and only for 5 years. That's so special to us and time that we both cherish so much. We are ready to make memories with this child as well! So much fun to be had!
I'll take a picture today and post it....my last belly shot!


ONE more week (or less)

This post is dedicated to my husband!

I would like to remind him that we are having a baby in ONE week or less. As in NEXT Wednesday this baby will come hell or highwater. It might have slipped his mind that the blessed event was so close. He might have mentioned doing something NEXT Friday (for work) IF we dind't have the baby YET! Um, I politely (matter of factly) reminded him that I was NOT going to be in labor over 48 hours. This baby would be here by then and that most likely would be our first night home from the hospital.
He looked at me puzzled. And then tried to save his own arse by saying that I was just doing so well with this pregnancy, he forgot I was that far along! Yeah, ok.....just keep telling yourself that babe! Apparently he has a meeting on the 30th and thought it was further away than it really was so he didn't realize NEXT Wednesday was the 1st already. WOW!
I was actually speachless. I mean, how does that happen?
Don't worry, we are speaking now. He looked at his work schedule and it dawned on him that he was off next Tuesday - Sunday for baby! I'm glad that he figured it out!
And now for your viewing pleasure!


Gearing up for Sleep deprivation

I have tried to go to bed early. I am actually even tired some nights around 9 or 9:30, but when I try to go to sleep, my body says no. I find myself feeling anxious, restless, and just uncomfortable. So, most nights I'm up until at least 11 and sometimes 11:30 after the news. I wake up at 6, so not much sleep is happening. Add in all the potty breaks and I'm really struggling. This morning LH was in my room at 5:10! WHY? I have no idea. Sure, crawl in bed with mommy for an hour, but really, he doesn't go back to sleep. He tosses, he turns, he cuddles up beside me (which I love but makes me too hot) and he rubs my arms, etc, etc. He does NOT go back to sleep. I finally told him to go back to his room, to which he cried and then I just left him in my bed and I got up. After going to bed at 11:45 last night that puts me around 4 1/2 hours of sleep.
I am just practicing for this baby and preparing my body to function on hardly any shut-eye! It's all worth it I know, but I would love a nap today...too bad I have to work!



There it went...my beautiful hot pink girly camera ...right into the dog's water bowl! I had just removed it from my case to put in my small purse for the night and when I sat it down to the side, it was on a slope and slid off the counter into the bowl! OMG....well, that isn't what I really said....I said Shit about 12 times in a row and I'm pretty sure LH was watching tv in our bedroom and didn't hear me. Oh well if he did!!! Drastic times calls for potty mouth!!! It could have been worse, but I wouldn't dare in front of him!
I immediately dried it off with a towel, took the battery and memory card out and then literally submerged it in rice! It is supposed to work for cellphones, so I thought it couldn't hurt. I even double checked it online and that's what I found. Um, it did NOT work!!!!! I've even tried my other battery (the one that is still dry) and nothing!!! I was almost in tears....well, I was in tears, but I had actually put make up on, so I had to pull myself together as we were already running late, I was driving and I had no time to freshen up my face! Don't even know why I really bothered as I knew I was going to sweat it all off anyway!
I guess my practically brand new camera doesn't realize all the important stuff I have going on in the immediate future! Birthday, baby, LH's orientation, first day of school, his 5th birthday!!!! WOW!!!!
BUT, thankfully with MY birthday this week, I got an early present!!!!!! Thanks mom and dad!!! I really might have gone postal if I didn't have one! AND we got the protection plan! Whew!

Moving on....new wheels!

For the hubby! I'm just relieved at this point that he got a bike...a mountain bike! He's been talking about it and doing research for weeks. I am not really sure where the idea came from, but doesn't matter, he has one now! Hmmm, wonder if this is how he feels when I talk about crap all the time -if he even listens to me!
He did thank me for "letting" him get it, ya know before baby and all. He was worried if he waited he wouldn't have gotten it any time soon. I reminded him I didn't "let" him do anything, that he practically just announced he was getting it, but then he rephrased it as thanks for not "bitching" about it! Ok, sure, you're welcome, I think!
He's been using it too. He's been riding around town, running errands, and going to the gym to lift weights. I'm happy he's happy except he was doing all this without a helmet! I threw a fit...probably a little matter of fact. I reminded him that he's on the real road with cars and if his son has to wear one, then he has to wear one too! LH and I got him one this weekend as a gift! His knees give him trouble and biking is great for that instead of walking and running or even doing the eliptical! He's trying to convince me that I need one too! Oh wow, all of us riding around town! I can see it now - actually, I can't, so scratch that!
It has been nice though, because LH thinks it is the coolest that his daddy has a bike too! They went for a ride Sunday morning....yay - "me" time! And, I guess LH thought he could ride his big boy bike like daddy, so they took the training wheels off!!! He's a pro now! Oh, and I would gladly show you pictures of the blessed event, however, my fun hot pink camera took a dive in the dog's water bowl......

Let's start with Matter of Factness

This is my new description of my attitude. It encomposes all aspects of my "bitchiness" and doesn't make it sound as horrible when you say it out loud! Now, it doesn't tone down the 'tude at all, but it sounds much more pleasant if I have to relive a moment of matter of factness. My coworkers are loving it - well, because I have not been matter of fact with them, so they still think it's hilarious. If you are on the receiving end of my matter of factness, you would not feel so giddy - pinky swear!
A few matter of fact occurances include:
  • customer service rep with Comcast after they jacked up my price for internet
  • dealing with a coworker's incompetence (he's a man - self explanatory there)
  • a few *minor* incidents with the hubby
  • admissions lady at the hospital for pre registration

Now, I'm sure there have been plenty more in the past couple of months, but I can't be required to recall all of them. These are just some of the latest (like the last 2 weeks).

I am not sure if I've always been this way deep down (I'm fairly certain that's a yes) but I've tried to keep my emotions and comments in check. But really people, I'm just over it...I'm blaming it on the hormones for now - we'll see how I bounce back after baby!


Things are happening....

So, last night I had some contractions. Minor, far and few between, and only lasted a few hours! It did kind of freak me out a bit. I didn't have these with LH. I basically went to my last doctor's appointment and they sent me to the hospital for "observation" which I now know means we will be inducing you! Of course I went into full prep mode last night. Putting yet more stuff in the bag, like baby clothes, baby book, etc. And then I wondered if I shouldn't lay down instead, so I did after dinner, dishes and giving LH a bath. I was passed out by 8:45! Guess I was tired! Wish I could do that every night! Most of the time I'm up until around 11! I slept great too! I am assuming once I was resting, the contractions just stopped because I never woke up with them. I think they must have been braxton hicks or my body is preparing for labor. Whatever, things are starting to happen. I hope I can hold out for atleast next week! I have a huge party that my father in law is throwing this weekend with a band and all our friends that I really want to go to!! Leave it up to me to want to party instead of have a baby!!! =)


Nesting or just plain neurotic?

I'll go with neurotic at this point. Nesting is full gear, but the things I'm thinking about now are just plain silly. Now, waking up in the middle of the night worried that my phone isn't charged, what if I go into labor with Hubby at work, who would I call to come over to keep LH, and wonder what "going into labor" really feels like, are all vaild concerns at this point I know. However, waking up at 4:30 am and wondering about wedding photos, notsomuch! I never got a real album. My photographer was great, but he gave me real pictures as proofs - not digital, which I'm actually happy about now since I can't find his website or contact info anymore. I made an albumn, but more of scrapbook. I just don't like it. I want something more. So, of course, as logical as it seems, I must scan in my photos and work on that tonight. I'm crazy I know. I've started to accept this! It's just something I feel I need to do.
Also, I've already started thinking about Christmas. Yes, I do this early anyway, but I've almost figured it all out. I am hoping to have most of the shopping done, if not all of it, by the time I return to work in the beginning of November. Not to mention Christmas cards. I will have to wait to get a great family picture for those.
I've catorgorzied my emails to make sure that the "list" is complete of who to send info to when Baby #2 arrives as well as a list of who to call/text etc. I've also worked on a list of people to mail actual announcements to. I am getting my hair did tomorrow night and a pedicure on Monday night! The bag is mostly packed...minus the last minute stuff I'll throw in before we head to the hospital. I've made arrangements for LH (and had done this prior to my panic attack a few nights ago) and the dogs. At this point we are ready for whatever whenever...except that I'm not really ready! I mean, I am, and no matter what, this baby is coming 2 weeks from today, but I've got stuff going on that I'd really like to do before its time!
So, nesting, yes, neurotic, definitely! Thank goodness Hubby love me for who I am and just goes with the flow!


Rarely do Hubby and I have a photo op...but we got one at the party!! I in all my glory (aka, no makeup, hair pulled back with lots of glistening skin) and he looking cute as always!

I'm surprised his lap didn't go numb after I sat on him!!! haha!

Pool (Rain) Party

Ahhhh, the memories of my childhood! Plan a pool party, get rain instead! Year after year after year! I think ONCE, I actually had the party at the pool! Oh well, still lots of fun!
It was no different for LH! We planned a joint party with a friend who's birthday is the day before LH's and of course, we had to plan it early on account of school starting, Labor Day and the baby's arrival!
The forecast was glum...especially for the time of the party, but we didn't reschedule, change our venue or have much of a backup. It worked out just fine! The day started off clearer than we expected, so we were hopeful, but about 25 minutes into the party, rain. No biggie, they are already wet, but about 5 minutes later, thunder. Outta the pool they go. The parents were huddled up under the only shelter packed in like sardines, but the kiddos were perfectly content doing mudslides, marching around the pool and eating soggy snacks under the tents! The sky opened up so fast and with such downpours, that we didn't have time to even transfer the food from one shelter to the other...therefore, sticky pretzels and soggy chips it was. They did enjoy some very cold Capri Suns! At least they were hydrated!
Finally, they were allowed to get back in, which was exciting to them, as we all watched from the shelter! We heard so many of the kids say what a fun and great party this was. Glad they enjoyed it. It was the most chaotic, yet stress free party I've done!
We got the kids out of the pool at the next bout of thunder, sang, and ate cupcakes! By the end of that, it was time for the party to end anyway. Worked out just fine!
So, here are some photos of our special day!!!
Food tables set up!!! Before the rain came!
Cute cupcakes...beach balls for LH and flip flops for our friend's little girl!
Starting it off right! With sun, believe it or not!

And then the rain came!
And kept coming!
Oh, and wouldn't you know it? After they were all gone, the sun came out again!!!