Love this!

I have occassionaly stopped on PBS to hear these women and tonight they had a special and it is wonderful! I love music. All kinds. I especially love harmonies and hearing all the voices interwine!

I'm really tempted to buy tickets to their show but Hubby probably wouldn't go. They aren't cheap, but we'll see!!

Check them out. Celtic Woman!


I'm buried under paperwork!!!! YUCK. I love to be busy at work, really, I do. I love to get that first cup of coffee, settle in, and then by the time you come up for air, it's been 3 or 4 hours. For me, that's half my day, so I get excited that I only have a few hours left.
BUT, we have a huge audit in less than 5 weeks and we are just swamped. We are trying to get all our ducks in a row now so we can concentrate on the rest of the "fluffy" stuff. Ya know, snacks and special treats for the auditors when they arrive. Making dinner arrangements, and the most important - where we will have our celebratory "meeting" after they leave! My vote is just next door to the pokey at a local restaurant/bar! I mean, its right there...we can walk!
Its getting a little tense though so we might have to keep a stash in the desk drawer!

Other than that, I'm just getting bogged down with everyday stuff. My car is past due for its inspection!! AGAIN. I do this every year, never fails. I mean, you would think being married to a man of the law that he would notice these things!! I've been pulled over twice for this!!! You would have thought I'd learned!!! Of course, I go after work today and they can't fit me in by the close of business, so I guess I'll go in the morning. Just hope I make it to work without the popo catching me! Really though, I think they have bigger things to worry about than my piddly inspection sticker....California's letting out all the bad guys....they should be concerned with that!

We are really busy at home too. We have something planned every week until pretty much September! Maybe not that drastic, but stuff is piling on! Weddings, showers, beach trips....its gonna all be here before we know it and then it'll be over too fast! Always is!

To bed I go.....Little man is missing his blankie so this could be a long night....If I get to sleep soon, then I should get some good rest before he comes looking for it!

Winter Wonderland

Baby Girl Zoey - her favorite is catching snowballs!
Can you see him? My snowbaby Zeus!

Little Hauss and Mommy being goofy!

Watch out!
Our House in Snow....
Well, its finally March! Time for blooming flowers, green grass, birds chirping and the beginning of flip flop season! Notsomuch! SNOW on March 2! Who would have guessed? I don't love the white stuff much, at all really! I mean, it really is nice to look at and when it first falls its so pretty untouched, but then, its just not fun!
Little Hauss really enjoyed himself and I was a good mommy going out in it even though I would rather not (cold and wet - not my cup of tea)!! Now, I was no snow bunny by any means....striped pj pants, hot pink hoodie, green scarf, gray gloves, black/gray stripe stocking cap, and the icing on the cake - Hubby's HUGE black rain boots!!! I was a mess! Thank goodness NO ONE saw me....I hope!
Little Hauss was dressed much better (for the snow as well as more fashionable) even though I didn't have any snow gear. I just layered him up as much as I could and sent him out....he's 3, he'll thaw out! Except, I didn't have any hot chocolate so it was just a hot bath!!
He didn't have preschool on Monday, so he got to spend the day with his Papa building a "snowman". I don't know how much Papa helped, and apparently the snow wasn't that great for forming big balls, so it was just a snow "creature". He had fun and that's all that matters! He also got a new sled and boots! I guess when it snows again we'll b prepared - but I have a feeling this is the only bit we'll get! I'm hoping for it!