Down the Chimney he came...

Oh, LH was fantabulous! He did so well in his program at school! They were out last Thursday and Friday for snow, but rescheduled it for last night!!!! I think there were a lot of sad sugar plum faries last week. I'm so glad they got to do it! It was quite the production and the entire Kindergarten did so well!
I also got an early present from hubby. I got a Flip! He wanted me to have for all the fun events this week! So, now we have a full length video of Santa's debut! We are going to use it tonight as well when we take the kids to see Santa, and then on Christmas morning!!! He got it just at the right time as M&M is going to be doing all kinds of fun things soon!
When I figure out how to edit/download the video, I'll share his part!
He's already asking to watch it over and over!

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