Sugar baby, Sugar glider, flying squirrel? Oh my!

What is this thing? Well, I call it a freak of nature, but some think they are cute enough to have has pets! Oh my! It is really a sugar glider aka flying squirrel (because it "glides" with its bat looking "wings"). Ugghhh! I think I'd pee my pants if that sucker "flew" at me!

So, why are we pretending to be Jack Hannah today with a new exoctic creature? Well, my friend is seriously considering getting on for her kids for Christmas! Ewwwwww! That's just me apparently because my other friend thinks they are cute too and has considered it as well.

They keep saying they are cute and small and cuddly. Um, they are small and have a cute looking face, but I do not want to cuddle with it. They even have little necklace/harness things you can wear so they are in a pouch like setting to keep near your body - kind of like a baby would be! Gross!

Now, if this was the only picture you saw of this critter, it is kind of cute. Small (almost too small for me) - never know where that thing can hide or end up if you aren't careful! We had the ginea pig from LH's preschool class one weekend and I barely let it out of the cage! Ugghh! This would make me a nervous wreck. And not to mention the dogs would think it was a toy!
So, if that isn't so bad, this will make you think different:

WHAT???? OMG. Wouldn't you just pee your pants if you had this flying "gliding" towards you!!!!!!!!!!! I know I would. I don't even like stink bugs!

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Kat Farrell said...

Actually, Sugar Gliders are not rodents like Flying Squirls. Instead they are a seperate animal all together and are apart of the marsupial family (kangaroos for example).

Also, a bat's wings are completely different from a Sugar Glider's. Frankly, a Sugar Glider doesn't trully have wings.

Before getting one, please do a lot of research (& double check your sources) as they are a unique pet with unique needs. And they are definitly not a pet for the squeemish at heart (though is any pet?)

Best Wishes,
A Proud Sugar Glider 'Mother'