Dressed to Impress

This is why Hubby was concerned when he heard "It's a GIRL"! The shopping..the dresses, the way too cute clothes that I just can't seem to walk by in the stores!
Thank goodness Christmas is close and I feel less guilty for spending money on all this fun stuff because they are gifts!
Now, I will say, I didn't pay full price for anything because I'm not throwing out all my shopping rules! I had a coupon, shopped off the clearance rack and one was a gift! Sweet!

Gap Penguin Beanie! We have a thing for penguins.
Gap ruffled TUTU! Need I say more?

Gap animal print coat - um, again, do I need to explain?

And the babe's first Christmas dress! My mom's neighbor works at Macy's and keeps sending us stuff for M&M! This didn't even make it to the floor before she snagged it!!! I will definitely get some pics of the kiddos in their Holiday outfits!
So, along with some fun tights and shoes, she's going to be the best dressed little girl this season!

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