Stats...not really

M&M is 3 months old!!! Well, she was on the 1st, but I'm a tad behind!
I don't have stats as they don't require a doctor's visit at 3 months and I wouldn't remember them much anyway if they did. Yes, I'm THAT mom! I mean, if they are healthy and happy and the doctor is fine with the progress, do I really need to remember how much she weighed and all that later on?? I never saved that stuff with LH because I didn't see the reason to. I have a genreal idea within a pound or so for medicine if need be, but other than that, who cares?
I put all the important info in the baby books! I'm just not that mom that saves every single thing. I can't stand all that stuff. I don't care how much I weighed and how long I was at 2 months old...are they going to? Doubt it!
I have a box of stuff for LH of all the favorites and memorable things he's done over the past 5 years. There is no good reason to save every single paper that he scribbled on at preschool and every single worksheet he does in Kindergarten! I let Hubby look at it and then it gets tossed. They keep a notebook at school, actually 2, of all the things they are working on. Writing, drawings, etc. So that will get put in the box along with the cards he makes me and fun ornaments! Those are keepers!

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