Pool (Rain) Party

Ahhhh, the memories of my childhood! Plan a pool party, get rain instead! Year after year after year! I think ONCE, I actually had the party at the pool! Oh well, still lots of fun!
It was no different for LH! We planned a joint party with a friend who's birthday is the day before LH's and of course, we had to plan it early on account of school starting, Labor Day and the baby's arrival!
The forecast was glum...especially for the time of the party, but we didn't reschedule, change our venue or have much of a backup. It worked out just fine! The day started off clearer than we expected, so we were hopeful, but about 25 minutes into the party, rain. No biggie, they are already wet, but about 5 minutes later, thunder. Outta the pool they go. The parents were huddled up under the only shelter packed in like sardines, but the kiddos were perfectly content doing mudslides, marching around the pool and eating soggy snacks under the tents! The sky opened up so fast and with such downpours, that we didn't have time to even transfer the food from one shelter to the other...therefore, sticky pretzels and soggy chips it was. They did enjoy some very cold Capri Suns! At least they were hydrated!
Finally, they were allowed to get back in, which was exciting to them, as we all watched from the shelter! We heard so many of the kids say what a fun and great party this was. Glad they enjoyed it. It was the most chaotic, yet stress free party I've done!
We got the kids out of the pool at the next bout of thunder, sang, and ate cupcakes! By the end of that, it was time for the party to end anyway. Worked out just fine!
So, here are some photos of our special day!!!
Food tables set up!!! Before the rain came!
Cute cupcakes...beach balls for LH and flip flops for our friend's little girl!
Starting it off right! With sun, believe it or not!

And then the rain came!
And kept coming!
Oh, and wouldn't you know it? After they were all gone, the sun came out again!!!

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