Let's start with Matter of Factness

This is my new description of my attitude. It encomposes all aspects of my "bitchiness" and doesn't make it sound as horrible when you say it out loud! Now, it doesn't tone down the 'tude at all, but it sounds much more pleasant if I have to relive a moment of matter of factness. My coworkers are loving it - well, because I have not been matter of fact with them, so they still think it's hilarious. If you are on the receiving end of my matter of factness, you would not feel so giddy - pinky swear!
A few matter of fact occurances include:
  • customer service rep with Comcast after they jacked up my price for internet
  • dealing with a coworker's incompetence (he's a man - self explanatory there)
  • a few *minor* incidents with the hubby
  • admissions lady at the hospital for pre registration

Now, I'm sure there have been plenty more in the past couple of months, but I can't be required to recall all of them. These are just some of the latest (like the last 2 weeks).

I am not sure if I've always been this way deep down (I'm fairly certain that's a yes) but I've tried to keep my emotions and comments in check. But really people, I'm just over it...I'm blaming it on the hormones for now - we'll see how I bounce back after baby!

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